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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sammich001

The Tank that'll eat your Face

Sammich001 Last updated on November 25, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a tank build that has a decent damage output even at later levels.If played correctly you can easily kill a person of your choosing in a team fight while simultaneously controlling your opponents and supporting your allies. The rune set for this build is weird but, it works. GO DO A PRACTICE MATCH if you've never played him before get the feel for his abilities because I wont be giving a detailed description of his abilities you can get that else were.

The Basics:(feel free to skip if you know how to play cho i.e. you don't die a lot =P)

You are A TANK get that through your head! Don't think you can take on an entire team and kill them alone. This build can take down most champions if you start off on even ground however your main role is a support character you'll get kills by helping feed your carries and yourself when you can.

Early game you are squishy! You are a ****ty tank, get used to it. However you do a lot of damage early game via Rupture and Vorpal Spikes (which will now be referred to as Rup and VS respectively) especially to squishies. Use this to your advantage to keep them hurting, at a distance, ot to help another character in a gank. Ranged characters can easily shut you down if you don't have counter support so if your forced to lane against one try to exchange lanes or play under the tower. the potions are meant to keep you out there a long time play smart and stay out there as long as you can. You will run out of mana early game, suck it up you have VS. Last kill minions with VS to regain mana and health to keep you laning longer with fewer returns. Also make it clear to your allies that you can not use Rup on demand early game because of this so planning for a gank is necessary.

Mid game is a nightmare, you MUST keep your stacks of feast, play conservatively your going to have to stay laning a bit longer to max out your Warmog's passive effect(killing minions/champs increases your hp permanently) so it's a bit awkward since the game is starting to become gank heavy just be careful and have A LOT of mini-map awareness and team communication.

Late game you are a beast! As long as you can keep your stacks so make sure to tank but get out of there alive!!! Cover your squishies with your size and Rup for those who pass you by. Never push alone! You may be big but with enough enemies you will get taken out easily. Don't be afraid to tank lone turrets with your teams backing, they should take it out before you lose more then a 1/3 of your hp otherwise your team is doing it wrong.


-Keep in mind Rupture will knock an enemy airborne which will keep them in place for a little while (every now and then it'll glitch and they'll stay in the air for a long time so if they disappear, just wait) and then immediately slow them upon landing.
-Use exhaust to slow an enemy down and rupture them just before its up and then Nom(feast) on them right after that and they should be missing a huge chunk of hp
-You can also exhaust and enemy right after you rupture them.
-Against a Trynamire(or champs who have a revive effect) try Rupturing them as they are running away via endless rage and spinning out, this will normally lead to an easy kill.
-for quick characters at full health or those with flash/jumps you can normally hurt them a lot and make them run but you wont catch them in most cases so! gank with someone who can slow them or stun them on top of your abilities.
-use exhaust on those attacking you under a turret, rupture them just before the exhaust preferably and then fortify and wail on them. its a simple strategy that works often when your getting tower dived on low health. You can normally drop the exhaust or Rup from this combo and do enough damage to make them run and give you enough time to go heal but you'll leave the tower exposed after that but deny them the kill.
-a lot of ranged squishies(the magic kind) will snare you and then stay in place to hit you, rupture them and then use a combo and chase them down if they survive or run if you need to.
-Remember stay classy especially as gentleman cho, its just a game enjoy it sheesh.


-Master Rup, get the timing down as well as predicting enemy movements to trap them with this ability; if you can't do this you wont ever be a good cho
-Blue buff is always nice! try to steal the enemies or take your own if no one needs it.
-Remember feast does TRUE damage which means it does a flat 300/550/800 against a champ and ignores all armor! but not shields with spell immune!
-feast does 1000 true damage to minions at first lvl so you can go kill jungle creeps prety readily.
-If you want to jungle you can do so pretty ready at lvl 4 though i would do a practice match to get the feel for it before you go and do it because you need to know your limits well to be a good jungler.
-You may want to switch the order you build the Force of Nature and Thornmail if your facing a melee heavy team.
-Once you have your Warmog's KILL MINIONS there a lot easier to kill then champs and it'll pay off big time late game.
-Be flexible with the build! Versatility is a great ally.
-Use VS to hit as many minions as possible maybe even champs, reposition yourself when necessary
-keep on the move as much as you can, your a slow character as is so its hard to dodge any skill shots or AOE stuff unless your already on the move; Your a lot harder to hit as well if you don't have a pattern to it.
-this is a work in progress if you have something to say or ask then comment on it or something.

Reasoning for build:

The Rune set is to increase dodge and crit chance, which is wierd for a tank but! late game they are a lot more useful then health runes are. You end up dodging 1/5 of attacks which is a lot of damage you don't take, you crit every 1/10 hits or so and this increases your physical dps just enough to make most regret attacking you and end up running away going oowwww. Health runes are nice early game but they are a drop in the bucket late game once you have a maxed out warmogs and feast stacks

The last two item are weird but honestly even in a long match its rare to get more then the first 4 big items as cho. So those last two are more like suggestions because if you have the cash for them you either doing very well or playing an amazing defense and your going to need them to break the stalemate that is keeping that game going so long. However take them as a suggestion because I obviously don't know who your facing.

Taking rup early on will help you gank and get early kills but VS is what will help you last hit minions, do more damage, and get you exp so that is why I suggest focusing these, Feral scream is nice but seldom are you that close to a caster who isn't already about to be dead for the silence to be useful and the damage bite. however is can be used effectively against certain melee champs but it's just too situational to be that useful when Rup will do the job in the case of meele champs.