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The tough guy - Support Taric, now with damage and health!

Last updated on October 16, 2010
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This is the way I play Taric. I know there are a lot of other Taric builds out there, I just wanted to share mine with you. Im not gonna go through the abilities, since I assume you are already familiar with Taric.

Taric is a support hero. That is why you should play him like one. Many people like to build Taric by stacking all kinds of different auras, but there is one little flaw to that. Your main support skill, Imbue, scales with AP. If you go with soul shroud, innervating locket, starks fervor and all that, you will heal for pathetic amount. Also your health will stay pretty low, and you will die pretty quick, since Taric is usually the number 1 target in team fights. With this build you will have a lot of AP for high heals, lots of mana to keep your ulti up for a long time and around 3k health. Not bad for a support hero, eh?

Summoner spells
Ok, so my summoner spells are Clarity and Exhaust
I feel that clarity is a must for Taric. It can help you stay at your lane for ever, help you keep your ulti up for like 5 more seconds and fill the mana bar of your fed Kassadin so he can keep at raping the enemy.

The other one I take is Exhaust. This is due the simple fact that your stun has a long CD. With exhaust, you can keep to your target while your stun recharges and it can also be a life saver when that Tryndamere jumps from the bush on you.

Exhaust isn't that much of a must as clarity. Other good alternatives for exhaust are ghost, flash, fortify, rally and teleport. Do not take smite, heal, revive or ignite.

These runes are just an example. Many other rune builds might and will work better than this, but this is the one I use. It has AP for bigger heals, mana to keep my ulti up and CD reduction for, well, shorter CDs.

Pretty basic stuff with these masteries, reaching deep in to the utility tree to get short CD on clarity, a little shorter CDs and a nice movement increase. I also like to take greed since Taric rarely gets kills and does not have a proper ability for last hitting. Also reaching for shorter CDs and magic pen in offense tree for some higher damage. You need to be able to take care of yourself when needed, too.

Skilling order
Taric is tough one to find a good skilling order. I like to get 1 rank of shatter, then level imbue and dazzle to max by lvl 13. This is better than leveling 1 rank of dazzle and then imbue and shatter, because its good for the stun to do a little damage too. It can make or break a kill for your team. Imbue is a must to level to max by 13. It'd be madness not to.

I start off by bying a ruby crystalfor health to survive early battles and a nice start towards Catalyst THE Protector. After Catalyst I get my shoes. Boots of swiftnessare my choice, to chase someone for a stun, to get out of or in to battles faster and just for the general mobility. The only reason you would like to get some other shoes are if the enemy has lots of CC. Get mercury treadsif they do. After the boots I finish my Rod of Ages. It gives you all the stats you need. If the enemy has a stealther, get Oracle elixir at this point. If they dont, go straight for Archangels staff. Then get Rylai's stickfor more sweet HP and AP. A nice passive too. Now, you should have a lot of mana, health and a nice chunk of AP. Time to get those cooldowns out.. Done.
If the game still drags, which it probably does not, get another Rod Of Ages. After this, all there is left is to upgrade Glacial shroud into Frozen Heart. It is very unlikely for a game to last this long, but if it does, you'll know what to do. If the game still drags, just buy elixirs and try to win the game. And go for a walk afterwards ********it.

That's my way of playing Taric, hope you got atleast something out of it.