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Gangplank Build Guide by LeSocair

Top diamond

The Ultimate 1mill+ Masters(S9) Gangplank Guide [10.16]

By LeSocair | Updated on August 12, 2020
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Gangplank
    Toplane, Good Choice, Definitely Not Insane
  • LoL Champion: Gangplank
    Midlane, Unlucky or Jackass (General Notes in the other one)

Runes: Grasp + Insp

1 2
Grasp of the Undying
Bone Plating

Biscuit Delivery
Time Warp Tonic

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Win 48%
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Champion Build Guide

The Ultimate 1mill+ Masters(S9) Gangplank Guide [10.16]

By LeSocair
About Me

Hello, I am a Masters (Season 9 Peak) Gangplank Main. I used to stream sometimes, now I'm trying to be more consistent with my stream schedule(this was before the pandemic), be sure to check my channel out, it helps out a lot and I have a lot of fun when people join the chat! Although I can't ensure you I'll be playing GP when you join, since I'm not an OTP anymore and I like many champions.

As a note, I'm trying to get a camera so I can stream with cam, so yeah, it's not that I don't want to show my face, it's just that I can't afford it atm.

I was one of the Coaches in the GPMains Discord/Reddit.

I am also a musician and screenwriter.

These are some links to my media:

Twitch Channel
Youtube Channel (Music)
Youtube Channel (Games)
Facebook Page

I've played in NA, EUW, BR, and LAS, currently on the later for geographical purposes. I don't really mind about region skill difference anymore since I'm not a 12 year old, but if I'm being honest, there IS a slight difference in average skill per elo between them, I can't say it's as big as people make it to be, but there is a difference mainly with attitude overall.

If you want, you can send a Friend Request to my PBE ACC "ImHighOnCaffeine". I rarely ever log in to PBE though, but if I do, I will accept the Requests, no problem.
Pros/Cons of Gangplank Back to Top
+ Strong Level 1 in most matchups
+ Amazing power spike at 13
+ Amazing Teamfighting
+ Outscales a lot of other champions
+ Tons of extra gold
+ AoE damage
+ Global pressure
+ He's a lot of fun!
+ Monster wave clear
+ Melts towers down
+ Amazing anti-diver
+ Cleanses everything (Except knockups)
+ Many cool skins!
+ You can show off your superior GP skills to other players
+ You: "Hey, you know, I'm a Gangplank Main"
She: "Do you have a Million Mastery Points on him?"
You: "Yes"
She: [Wets Panties]
(My GF approves).

- Needs items
- Relatively hard to master
- Lots of hard matchups
- No dashes SMH
- One of the hardest champs to be good at consistently in the game
- Very easy to gank
- You have to play League to play Gangplank FeelsBad
- Your botlane feeds SMH again
Gangplank's Abilities Back to Top
Hover over the Icons to see what each ability does
You will want to abuse this ability as much as you can, as it will allow you to move insanely fast and it also deals tons of damage. During trades, always try to hit the enemy with Trial By Fire before destroying the next Powder Keg.

This ability (As of the latest nerf to Gangplank's Q) costs a lot of mana in the early game, because of this, you will want to have a Corrupting Potion on your inventory, this way you will be able to spam it more carelessly.

Abuse Grasp of the Undying, try to use Q on the enemy champion only when you can proc the Rune, otherwise it's kind of a waste of mana.

Remember to prioritize CS'ing in case you're having a hard time in lane, use it to kill minions instead of poking.

Eat the oranges and you'll be OK. Don't be too precocious, time it right, use it to avoid death, heal up in lane if you can and if it's not a waste of mana.

I would suggest not to use it when you get CC'd unless it's life threatening, since the long cooldown gives the opponent quite a big window. You can totally use it to cleanse a stun during lane phase though, specially in trades, this tip I just gave you applies mostly to ganks, or against champions with really low cooldowns on their CC, like, say, Riven, in which case you will want to save your W to avoid death, not to cleanse her CC.

Also, in fights that you think will be long, it's better to use it only in THE LAST CC that the enemy applies to you, save the CD until that, otherwise you'll be caught with it on cooldown and with no way to escape.

The kegs, the most important part of Gangplank's kit. The health of the Powder Kegs will decay every 2 seconds from level 1 to 6, once you reach level 7, the decay rate drops to 1 second and at level 13, it will decay every 0.5 seconds. This means Gangplank reaches a strong power spike at these levels. Learn how to use the barrels at each level.

Levels 1 to 6
At these levels you should put barrels on you and stay around them to zone the enemy and prevent dangerous trades, every time you place a barrel, hit it once so it decays faster. Placing barrels on bushes can be a good strategy too, depending on the situation.

Levels 7 to 12
These are the good levels, you can pretty much trade safely here unless you're behind. You will not need to hit the barrels once you place them to make them tick faster. At this point you should memorize how fast they tick and how to time your AA's or your Parrrley to destroy them.

Levels 13+
This is the ultimate power spike, by now you should have decent items and damage. You should DEFINITELY know how to time your Q's and AA's at this point, I will explain how to get started with Ghost Barrel combos later in another section of this Guide.

Gangplank's Ultimate, during lane, you should always look at the map to see if Ulting somewhere can make a difference. It does tons of damage, and sometimes you can even use it to clear huge waves.
The order of the Upgrades can be found in the "Items" section.
Runes Back to Top

Obviously, this is the Grasp rune page. Grasp functions very well with Parrrley. You'll just choose this because there isn't any other option atm.

Only good option here, also, it feels really nice to use it.

You will most certainly need this to survive early trades.

As an option to Bone Plating, you can pick this instead if you feel like you're gonna get poked hard, but I've almost never used it on GP so I'm not entirely sure of it's effectiveness.

Revitalize isn't going to make your W heal insane, in fact, the difference is not even noticeable, so, pick this instead, there's a big difference between having it and not having it, and you can easily notice the bonus health by min 20.


Free Cookies! Actually pretty strong early.

Instant restorations for clutch saves. It is at these moments when you type in all chat: "ez top lol" and then you get camped.

Just for the 5% plus CDR, in case you're a nostal*** elemayo.


More mana sustain in lane and increased mana regen later on.

10% free CDR and AD according to exceeding CDR.

If you fight a heavy AP burst mage.

7% more MS from boosts and 1% increased base MS.

Free AD every 10 minutes.


Adaptive Force
Adaptive Force
Armor/Magic Resist

The 15 bonus health is just worthless, if you need more resistances just change the second row's Adaptive Force for Armor/Magic Resist.
Laning Phase Back to Top
Laning Phase against certain champions is explained in the "Threats" section, but these are some of the basics basics:

- Never use triple Powder Keg combos, it is not worth it, since the cooldowns aren't exactly short, you're basically giving your enemy a wide window in which you can't zone them out or escape with barrels if need be.
- Always keep a Powder Keg up in the wave to zone the enemy, again, to do this you will need barrels up, and triple combos will leave you out of barrels.
- Always stay close to your Powder Keg to avoid all ins in the case of fighting heavy traders like Renekton, Trundle, Riven, Talon, etc...
- Be careful with your mana and use your Corrupting Potion properly.
- Always have a Control Ward and/or a Warding Totem watching the river/s! And try to deep ward into the river or enemy jungle to track the Jungler and/or the Scuttler.
- Csing is very important at this point of the game, if you can't kill, don't try to force it!
- Watch lanes once you get Cannon Barrage!
- Prioritize safety over kills.

- Use your bushes.
- Abuse your Grasp of the Undying as much as possible, taking advantage of the abundance of melee matchups.
- At Level 1, when you reach the lane, instead of wasting your Trial By Fire on the first Creep, try to trade with the enemy with it, you can out-trade almost anyone at this point.
This would be the order of events:
Trial By Fire - Parrrley - go away to CS the first 3 Minions, already created an advantage (Works against most melees, specially a Riven without Valor and Irelia)
- During the early stages of the Laning Phase, there's this very powerful thing you can do where you build up your wave, and when you have tons of minions, you crash the wave into the enemy tower and harass the enemy under it, timing the turret shots to Q them without getting hit and creating an insane hp advantage, as well as making them lose creeps and also creating an opportunity to dive, in order to do this, you need to be very aware of the enemy Jungler's position!

- Safety above anything else.
- Use Kegs as bait and blow them up on them but don't go in just after, this is not the same as the Toplane, they're not melee.
- Don't try to abuse your Grasp of the Undying on them, but do try and test them, who knows, they might actually suck at their champion.
- The midlane has the most ganking options, be mindful of this.
- The enemy will try to roam often, taking advantage of your early uselessness in this matter, call for mias all the time.

- Do not delay your Crit Chance if you're having a hard time, it will only give you an even harder time, just try to be as quick as you can to get Essence Reaver and Infinity Edge.
- Sterak's Gage isn't the best option right now, I would suggest instead (as seen above in the Items section) buying a Phantom Dancer, and if the game has a heavy burst enemy, you can choose between Death's Dance and Spirit Visage, although lately I've been buying a lot of Death's Dances, given the changes applied to it, it's a pretty solid option right now.
Mid Game Back to Top
At mid game there are plenty of things you can do, but mainly you can rotate between these decisions:

- Split
- Shove/Farm side lanes then group
- Steal enemy camps if ahead
- Secure objectives with your team
- Group up if you have a hard initiator
- Keep splitting and shoving side lanes then grouping

These depend on the situation you find yourself in.

It is very important to try reaching level 13 at this point

Remember to decide which lane to push according to your Teleport status, if it's up, push the lane contrary to the objective you're aiming for, if it's down, push the lane closer to it.

This does not apply if you run Ignite/ Exhaust, in this case just push the lane closer to the objective.
Late Game Back to Top
Don't be a puss and FIGHT!

A single Powder Keg combo does the trick at this point, works better when you decide to go full aram with your teammates and siege the base.
A single ghost barrel on the enemy marksman/mage while sieging is cooler though.

The same works while defending, you are a pretty good anti-siege champion, the only way they could siege effectively against you is with Baron Nashor .
Warding Spots (Needs Update) Back to Top
-Control Wards are RED
-Warding Totems are YELLOW

Overall these are good Warding Spots.



Note: Always put the control ward as deep as possible into the river, in the corner of the bush, to maximize vision.


Always put an "Anti-Invade Ward" at the start of the game before you go to lane to help out your Jungler.



Note: The reason to put the Control Wards in that place is to keep it hidden more efficiently while also providing good strategic vision.


Note: Just an inverted version of the Blue Side.
Tricks Back to Top

First off, enable the QuickCast option in the Hotkeys menu.

Note that you usually do not want to have EVERY single key on Quickcast, to only enable the desired keys into Quickcast, use this arrow below the specific key.

The easiest way to get started is, obviously at the Practice Tool, this is the way to learn and doing it:
  1. Place a Powder Keg far from you, how far? Further than Q range, between Q range and E max range.
  2. Use Parrrley on it from outside of Q range. This way Gangplank will walk into range to activate the ability.
  3. As soon as the Parrrley animation starts, you put the next Powder Keg and that's it!
  4. Repeat until learned.



This is effective when used in the early levels in the Toplane, just put the first in a lane bush and wait for the enemy to go for a CS. Although I just rather go the normal way and put a barrel on me and blow it up with an AA when the enemy comes near.
The enemy AD is escaping? He is close but just NOT QUITE close enough for you to do a normal combo? Do this.
When Riven-Stuff happens and you need a barrel on you ASAP but you put the barrel away from you thinking that the enemy would not just engage (Or maybe just to surprise).


You are an amazing tower-melter, use your Trial By Fire as much as possible when hitting a tower.

To do this, you try resetting the CD by blowing up Kegs, ideally you want to combine this trick by clearing up the upcoming enemy wave.

You want to combine these things with Sheen/ Trinity Force so you take as much advantage of your resources as possible.

This is how to do the tripple passive combo:
  1. Use your first Trial By Fire if it's already up, if it's not up, place a Powder Keg and hit the turret with Sheen.
  2. If no minion wave is coming, you can reset your passive and hit the turret with it, if a minion wave IS coming, place a second Powder Keg.
  3. Blow the Powder Keg and hit the turret IN BETWEEN the explosions, your Trial By Fire will reset just after you hit the turret and you will now have it up again.
  4. Hit again with Trial By Fire.

Only use your Remove Scurvy to activate Sheen if you're safe from ganks or the enemy laner.





You cannot use Remove Scurvy to remove knockups, but you can use it in the air and Flash afterwards before you land to get away!

You can use Remove Scurvy to activate Sheen in a fight while taking advantage of the cleanse.

Remove Scurvy's heal has a small delay, learn this cast-time to know how to perfectly time the cleanse or to not die before you use it SMH.

Future Additions Back to Top
Some day I will add Wave Management and Jungle Tracking sections in here, as well as Visual Support and different specific scenarios a Gangplank must know how to react to.

Have fun.


League of Legends Build Guide Author LeSocair
LeSocair Gangplank Guide
The Ultimate 1mill+ Masters(S9) Gangplank Guide [10.16]
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