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The ultimate guide for AP Master Yi for dummies

Last updated on April 10, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys, this is my first guide, so i decided to write a simple guide for simple champ. My build (up) may look strange, but i will explain it later.

Master yi is the most awesome champ in League of Legends. It allows to play every creature in whole world. ******ed people can also make it, just pressing q is not difficult to anyone. Even your pet can play it, just put some food around the Q button and let yours dog to own game :)

At first you should know one thing. Theres no longer "early game, mid game, late game..." for you. The only decision you have to made is if you need kills or you want to assist your teammates a lot. I will explain it later.

And the best of this champ :) You dont need to care about your lane. You can deal with mid, top, jungle, even bot. You are counter to everyone and nobody counters you.

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Base tactic

I am not going to write long, boring article about abilities. I will just explain when you need to use them (of course, you can own the game just by facerolling, but i guess its not what you waht to do when you are reading some guide).

Q-use it whenever you are not on cd, dont care about situation or anything.
W-use it when you are screwed up, you will become immortal and you will heal yourself usually to full hp.
R-there are 2 options. Use it while chasing someone, you will gain around 50000 movement becoming immune to stuns, slows etc.. 2nd option is escaping. I recommend to use W at first and then R. You will probably never die. Seriously.

You might notice i didnt put any shoes to recommended items. Well, you dont need shoes. You will not chase anyone, cuz dmg of your basic attack is ****py and you can hit q independently of movement, so you really dont need shoes. And of corse, you got your ultimate making you as speed as rammus after ectasy.

During lane phase just keep spamming q. Im serious, you dont need to do anything else.
In teamfights you have to do the only decision of master yi. You can just keep spamming q, but it will just help your teammates, actually you will not have any kills. Ofc, your dmg will be the highest, but without kills. Second option is wait while your teammates gets enemy team on low hp and then use q to take well-earned pentakill.

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Advanced tactic

There are not advanced tactics with yi. If you want to use brain while playing lol, you are reading guide to bad hero, or you just missed click.

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I hope you find my guide useful. I tryed to tell everything about master yi in simple way, so you dont need to read tons of boring text.

In fact, i hope you will never play this "hero" because you are not enough stupid to play it. How do i know that? Because you know how to read. It means you are too smart to play master yi.