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League of Legends Build Guide Author wtfholycrap

The ultimate Master Yi

wtfholycrap Last updated on September 23, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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OK so this is my first guide - The ultimate Master Yi, i hope you find it helpful.

-Summoner abilities-
GHOST: This is pretty imba coupled with Highlander (which sometimes won't be enough to lose your pursuers). I also spec into improved ghost, but this talent point can also go to Nimbleness.
FLASH: My prefered second skill, has saved my skin countless times, and helped me get some nice kills (with this you can turret dive if you are an agressive player).
EXHAUST: Exhaust is great as well, as it blinds your target, this is GREAT against other physical dmg players, but I prefer to have more survivability.

Because I build a physical damage build i skip the AP dmg talents such as Archaic Knowledge, which is not required for this build.

Armor penetration is great for Yi, especially in early game, there are no better runes at this time.

I always play on a lane.
What you must know when playing with Yi is: You WILL be able to kill enemies at lower levels, especially squishies, but you WILL die if you are greedy. Playing defensively is always better for Yi in early game, whatever you do.. Dont die. If someone is overextending, and you are laning with a partner that can stun - that enemy is good as dead. First point goes to Wuju Style. It is in my opinion Yi's best ability and should be leveled asap. If you are having problems on your lane, i.e. facing 2 ranged champions, you might want to pop 1 point into Meditate, just to stay in the lane longer. With this build you are also equipped with 2 Health and 1 Mana potion in the beginning, together with Boots of speed.
As soon as you hit 1370 gold, port back to base and get your Berserker Greavers and Emblem of Valour - this will just give you enough lifesteal and AS to stay in your lane longer, and also maybe venture to mid or other lane to gank. Still don't go rambo just yet, play defensively and don't die. When you get your ulti, you should be able to 99% get your first kill, especially if your lane partner can stun. Try to coordinate attacks as much as you can.
About now you should have enough money to go to base and buy Stark's Fervor. This is one of the best items for Yi atm, since Malady sucks (honestly...). With this item you will be able to kill golems for buffs thanks to the lifesteal, and also support your lane partner with the imba passive. The next item I like to build after Stark's is Phage. It's passive coupled with your ulti and maybe even ghost will guarantee that there is no escape.
After that, there are more options, if your team is raping and you aren't dying, get Zeal first before finishing the Frozen Mallet, else get that asap, it will dramatically improve your survivability and provide a great slow effect. If you are doing good, you should already be building your Phantom Dancer, if not, that's ok, just be aware of the map, see if there is someone soloing - you can pretty much solo !ALMOST! anyone, just be careful of tanks mostly, like Garen and Morde - they can make your life suck.
Now you should finish your Phantom Dancer, after you do this you are pretty much imba - just be careful not to go rambo - you will still die fast, try to pick off soloers - or - in team fights, wait for the fight to start, then activate Wuju Style, Alpha Strike to enemy, Highlander and beat the **** out of him, the preferable targets are squishies, especially if they have no stuns or have already used it. If you see your team is losing the fight, Highlander + Ghost and hightail it out of there - if you are winning just beat the **** out of everyone - nobody is getting away from you because of Mallet and Highlander.
If the game is really long you will be able to build your Inf. Edge, after which you will really be RAPING! The game usually does not last this long for me, but if you are still in game, the final item should be Bloodthirster, which will give you nice damage and lifesteal.

-You can harras early game using Alpha Strike, just be careful.
-Yi's passive is GREAT - since it is an attack speed/damage build, you will be procing double strikes ultrafast. You can also take advantage of this and Alpha Strike to an enemy when double strike is ready, and smack him in the face early game.
-Yi is a great pusher. If you see the enemy team pushing a lane, and you feel like your teammates can hold them back, start pushing another lane. When you reach a turret, and you know you are safe, pop Wuju Style and Highlander, and turret go byebye very fast. Mind that enemies might redirrect their attacks when they see you smashing stuff in their base, so always look at the map, and be ready to escape and port back if needed.
-Yi isn't a tank. Always let someone else go in first, maybe wait for stun, then Alpha Strike and chop chop chop. If you go in first you will probably die in 1 second, maybe 2 if u are lucky.

I will update this build later. I'm open for creative criticism and questions. GG.