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The Ultimate Sivir - Xena the Warrior Princess

Last updated on November 23, 2010
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Tired of losing?[/h3]

I got the answer for you just beyond the gate! Philosopher stone Sivir! With this build, it is almost impossible to lose games, unless you go full ******. There were many unbelievers who thought this build was ******ed, but once they tried it out, THEY WERE SAVED BY THE MESSIAH OF VICTORY.

Summoner's Spells

I put clarity because I like to harass early game and help my lane partner too. You don't have to get it. Ignite, exhaust, flash, clairvoyance, and teleport are other good choices.

What isn't a good choice? Cleanse, unless you are a big noob who doesn't know how to use Sivir's spell. Other bad choices include heal, and all the rest. Clarity is pretty bad too, but it can be helpful.


I went 21/0/9. You can go 0/21/9 too. Actually go whatever you want. Just make sure you get the gold per second mastery.


Make sure you get 1 philosopher stone first. After that get your boots. I put Ninja Tabi as the main, but if there is a lot of stun, slow, taunt, obviously you get Mercury Treads.

Get your philosopher's stone as soon as possible. After you get that, you should NEVER be returning to town for heal.

Once you reach over 4k gold, go back to town and buy an infinity edge. This should help you a lot more in farming/killing. But before you buy it, you should already have like 4 kills, unless you're a ******.

After that, wait again until around 3k and get Stark's. These are the core items for this build. The rest is situational. You can get Frozen Mallet for godmode slow, or you can not get it and get red ring.

If your team needs a tank, go tank. Warmog, Guardian Angel, etc.

If your team needs a DPS and the opposing team has a lot of tanks, get Madred's.


Early Game:

Grab Faerie charm + 3 or 4 HP + 1 MP. Don't bother using your Q from level 1-3 to farm. Just last hit your minions. Try to use it to harass your enemies and farm at the same time. NEVER get your W spell until later on. It's a waste of mana. Once you reach about 2k gold, head back to town, get your boots, and 1x philosopher's stone.

Whenever you have enough for philosopher's stone, go back to town right away and buy it. Time is money and money is time. Learn it. Once you have at least 2 philosopher's stone, you are going to be one of the most annoying champion in the game to deal with. You can stay laning forever without going back. If they have Warwick in their team, and he ults you. Say "Thanks for healing me Warwick" and run away. He won't be doing **** to you early game.

Mid Game:

By this time, you should have 5x philosopher's stone if you're a noob. If you aren't, you should have at least 2 kills by now. Grab your Infinity's edge. Once you have it, you should be dealing some pretty swell damage. Don't bother ganking unless your team is doing horrible. Stay in your lane, farm, and kill whoever is near you. You should be able to face them right infront of their tower (But not close enough to get hit by the tower). Just shoot your Q and run back. Move your Sivir in the same opposite direction where your enemy champion is to hit them again. When you reach 2-3k, go back and grab your starks.

Once you have your starks, game should be over by now because you should have been destroying their towers.

End Game:

If the game goes on, you suck. Go get situational items or just follow my build.


Whenever someone is about to cast something on you. Just press your E and then do /t or /l.

If you have more than half your health left, just run away enough to be in a safe zone. Within 5-10 seconds, you should have full health + mana.

Pay attention to your surroundings. If your enemy isn't visible in the map, RUN. They are obviously trying to gank you because Philosopher stone sivir is so BOSS.

Ending comments

Watch as the unbelievers call you a noob and things like that for getting 5x philosopher's stone. It's okay, let the haters hate, because when the game ends, everyone would want your pee pee. But let us be reality, you are playing my build, so they want my pee pee and you want mine too.