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Jax Build Guide by gasparatan

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author gasparatan

The unbelievable Jax(Hulksta)(SoloQuenonranked)

gasparatan Last updated on April 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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(NonRanked bec i dont have experience in it)
(English isnt my native so please dont ripp me bec of typos i try my very best.)

This Jax build is supposed to be a safe-build where you can grab the attention of the whole enemy team while staying alife long enough to take out the carry and escape or return to fight and suicide.
I read many guides sofar but im a safe player. I couldnt finde a build that showed a balance between staying alife, serving the team and Dmg.
Jax is incredible strong and doesnt need much more Addmg or Magdmg than in this build in my opp. He is supposed to be a carry killer and should be played like one.

First rule focus the carry everything else (if he survives) is bonus.

Casual carrys will focus on Dmg, that means you have a known HP-pool (differing in 400-700 or 1300 hp+) you need to destroy, commonly the ad carry will get a 1.8- 2.0 attckspeed with (on normal resists) 600-800 crits. means you would get smashed if you build a glaskannon.

But the common Carry wont have any good resists and could even if he trys only focus on mr or armor bec he would loose to much dmg if he trys anything else.
That again means you just need a small amount of addmg/magdmg(good thing you can chose to switch between dmgtyps if needed bec you are the mighty jax) bec you already have much dmg in your skills to smash him (if your resists are high enough).

So your only reason to be on the battlefield is to kill the carry and survive, if you cant accomplish this you are useless.
My build focuses on allowing you to be competetiv earlygame and enables you to carry in lategame (even if your dmg numbers arent as high as in other builds).
and that´s it so far i wont explain my itemchoice bec i think it mostly explains itself.

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The only thing i have to say is:
Dont change the buyorder for trinity force. Phage alows you to life much longer and Sheen bursts your first hit dmg which makes you a very competetiv opponent.

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Well Runes,

These Runes just feel right for me but i would trade the Quintessence addmg for vampirism (if i could no ip atm)
Im a safe Player and like high resists earlygame. they let you live longer :D.

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Common ap masterie build with the lifsteal exeption (bec jax is hybrid XD).

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Skill Sequence

I start with Counterstrike bec my masteries enable me to do relativly high physikal dmg earlygame.
Im playing toplane and can avoid minion hits and autoattcks with aktiv Counterstrike.
I were pretty competetiv against Renekton dunno how it would looklike against Udyr Olaf or Ire but well should be managable.

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Summoner Spells

Its a matter of taste what kind of summonerspells you use, ignite may have some benefits against high amounts of lifesteal but exhaust does the same job while adding a surviving abb to that(reducing dmg). ghost on jax ... yea thats questionable but it allows you to survive battles or chase fast carrys like corki or ashe (with 2 phantom dancer).

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Its my first guide, i dont know if im qualified with my 550 wins to do such a thing but well you can vote it down and noone will see it again.
Im a save player even if my favorite champs are pretty offensiv (Jax, Fizz, Xin) but i try to serve the team as much as possible.
Jax is perf for this task and with this build nearly impossible to kill in my Opp. But he wont do pentakills, he is highly dependant on his team while it can depend on him to tank everything long enough to whipe the enemy.
NEVER play him mid and endgame as solo bruiser he has no counter too cc and will get annhiliated if his team wont come to aid him.
Stay in group, initiate fights, take the ults, and hope that your teammember know how to focus.

Im sorry for every typo i did but english isnt my native language. Feel free to correct me anytime.
Comments are highly wellcome