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The Unkillable Ninja Assassin - Zed build guide

Last updated on November 17, 2012
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Hello, and welcome to my first champion guide. I decided to make this guide because I feel that Zed is a fairly underestimated champion or is not often played to his full advantages. Most people don't seem to understand how Zed can be played to his full potential. This isn't to say that I am the best Zed player around, or that any of the other top guides are worse than mine. I wanted to add my own input to the Zed build guides. I hope you like it.

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Notes On This Build For Zed:

Zed is a hero that is often played very glassy, in that player build entirely for damage output, rather then for any survivability. Because of Zed's passive and his W his damage out put can effectively be looked at as doubled on a regular basis as it is (tripled if the ult is used effectively), which most players do not look as as an advantage to build more survivability. Building Trinity Force allows for again, the extra health and attack-speed while also a doubled burst damage capacity with Sheen's unique passive. Plus the cool down on E being 3 seconds and the unique passives cool down being 2 it allows for a continuous use of its extra damage. Warmog's along with Atma's is a perfect combination for building tanky damage with Bloodthirstier for life steal and high damage, then finally Maw for the damage and the shield for that extra little advantage.

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Pros and Cons:


He scales well in both early game and late game.
No Mana, only Energy.
Incredible burst and sustain damage.
Survivability. (with this build)
Easy to close the gap and keep enemy hero's from running with slows.
Is a Ninja.
Looks like Shredder.


Short ranged.
Can be squishy early on.
Can be hard to play. (for some, at least at first)

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Summoner Spells:

Preferred Spells


Exhaust is useful for both when you are turret dived and when you are going on the attack, allowing you an extra advantage to stop running players giving you more time to get the kill. Helping Zed more then Ignite as Zed's passive and burst damage make him deadly to already low health champions.


Is there really an explanation needed for Flash, you should always be taking this spell, as it is the best utility spell of them all, use it for escapes or to chase them down, whatever floats your boat.

Other Options


If you like Ignite and find it more suited to how you play and what you like then feel free to take it over Exhaust.


Teleport is a very good option if nobody else in your team has it, and if it fits the style of game play you wish to adopt.


Ghost is a very useful spell, take it if your Jungling if you wish to help with both getaways and ganks. it has many uses and used with Flash can make you inescapable or uncatchable.


Heal is useful, I wouldn't advise taking it, but it does have it's uses, however, once again it is up to your own preferences and styles.

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The Masteries are very self explanatory, going for the damage out put and grabbing what useful survivability you can for the early game, Armor, Health and Magic Res.

The jungle Masteries going for virtually the same deal but with the addition of life steal (extra sustain), the creep resistance and extra damage to them.

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Well, I hope you enjoyed this guide and this build and that it works for you. As i said earlier I don't think that I'm the best with Zed nor do I think this is one of the best guides, but I just wanted to share my Zed style of play and hope that other people will appreciate it too.