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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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The untargetable mess of death, snowball guide.

Last updated on August 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Akali, the when, the how, and the why.

I picked up Akali, due to her W mostly. I felt that even though it was very highly counterable, that at the point in time that they start trying to counter it, you should build tank*ier.

Good items for this includes spirit visage, warmogs. Both item's themselves will give you incredible damage absorption and damage as well, it doesn't take much for akali to get going, around 3-4 kills.

Akali has what I consider to be the most adaptable ultimate in the game, it is a 3 stacked charged single target ultimate with 1/3rd the range of nocturne's ultimate after nerfs.

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Runes, Masteries, Spells.

I would like to say, generally, my energy runes scaling ap and ad runes are what I take, however due to general dislike of my choices, I will be using my pre akali passive change runes and masteries. This will give you high killing potential at level 2-10, however she starts to fall off unless properly fed.

I take 9 AP 1.2 blues. Activating passive a good amount
I take 8.5 AD reds Activating passive a good amount
then 14 armor seals. If planning mid, consider taking something else that will benefit more, however armor seals are good for mid ganks against you.

My masteries are the standard AP assassin build, minus hybrid penetration. We are going for huge damage at level 6 with this build.

I usually take either Ghost, or Flash as my "defensive, offensive mobility" spells. In some situations when the enemy team doesn't have any gab closers, I will wave the ghost and flash for boots of mobility for exhaust/ignite. Otherwise, generally I will take ghost/ignite with the offensive mastery bonus.

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Akali seems easy, but is it?

the problem with akali is, if you don't either retain a kill or an assist with your ultimates, then you are left dry in a team fight, so always, always focus down one target at a time, this is the big thing with akali, don't let a enemy go if they are low, if you kill them, you get a refresh on a essence, (ultimate cost).

Akali generally has 15 second recharge on her ultimate at level 18.

Akali demands very little mistakes on combo's or her damage will be considerably less. Q, R, Auto, or if out of auto range, hit E, and it will generally hit them.

However, unless you managed to take out 40% with a false combo, then you have two choices, commit to your kill, or twilight shroud and walk away looking for another victim. however, generally, I will always commit to a kill if I am sure that I am in a safe area from other enemy champions, however, if I am at 3 charges of essence and I used one, but another one is about to come up, I WILL go for the kill, and the kill on the carry. If I can take out the target I was already on, then I have even more essences to use for more damage.

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Akali laning phase.

Laning phase is really the drag point on akali until level 6, literally.

you will be playing an assassin pre-level 6 with very little killing potential on targets that know how akali operate.

Akali however, has a zoning ability in her kit, you just throw this on the minion wave's caster minions, then you stand in it separating your minions from the enemy champion

I want to clarify, akali is very capable of hitting Baron from the up ground, I will be posting a picture of the range and position to be in to hit Baron. If you learn to master this, you will be a regular lee Sin. However dragon is impossible to hit as his frame isn't big enough.

Well, when you hit level 6, you should at least have hextech revolver and ignite to go for a kill, if you have both of these items and spell. You are in a good shape for a good kill, simply Q, wait for it to be about 1 second-2 seconds off CD, and then ult in, and auto the champion, then q again then ult with E.
This will typically leave the target in ignite range, however please realize that if the target champion has health potions, it is a very good idea to ignite the target a full HP to get the most of the grievous wound.

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My akali is surpreme.

I will be making video's of how I play my akali, because this guide will eventually be my completed guide on how to pentakill akali some games. (it involves warding and positioning)

My style effectively 2v1's champions, while taking minimal damage, then being able to switch targets at will with proper warding.