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Fizz Build Guide by Fyreffect

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fyreffect

They see me Fizzin' and they hatin'

Fyreffect Last updated on November 19, 2011
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Well this is my first attempt at a guide and since Fizz is new and love him i thought id toss out my guide and see what people think

Fizz is a great champion and great as a get in and get out quick champ this guide may be kinda sparse but its my first one and ill try to get as much info as i can in there

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-Great for quick attacks
-Great in long fights
-Has the equivalent of 2 flashes
-His Ulti has a multi CC (semi stun, slow and knockback)
-Very good DoT (grows stronger as enemy is weaker)


-Squishy early game
-Terrible laner especially early game
-Easy to be Bullied till mid game
-Dependent to be fed or farmed to do great late game

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Runes are kind of your free reign to find whats best but this is what i use to help out.

The CD Glyph runes help for in those long fights to spam that Q and E to DPS them down more and more and often times you will find yourself getting the last shot in with your Q just as the CD finishes.

Since Fizz scales off of AP you will want either AP/lvl or AP Seal Runes just to get that extra advantage especially with my build making you more tanky

AP Quint is kinda a give away so shouldnt need to explain that.

Now the Marks are to help capitalize on your DoT to cause that quick basic attack damage and then have the DoT pick up on that to increase your damage further and combo that with Q and you will do a lot of damage

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Fizz is a generally slow champ to begin with so Boots are first to save your behind and you can also buy 3 HP pots to help stay in lane longer to get that XP and any gold you can manage before you go to buy your next item.

Once you get Catalyst you can at least have a bit more survivability especially during the lanning phase with that HP and Mana regen at each level.

Next you grab Berserker Greaves to give you some attack speed and help your DoT for your lanning and any other things you run into in a fight.

Now that you have your basic items out of the way you can grab that Rod of Ages to get your HP and some more Mana going.

Now you can grab Malady to get your last Attack Speed item and give you more AP to Make it easy to lane now combo'd with your W and you will be able to use your DoT to its fullest now.

Now this is where if youve been farming and careful you will be come very very good.
You now start to build your Warmogs and by the time you buy it you should have over 3k hp and when its stacked with bonus hp around 4400 HP in total which can give you a ton more survivability and now you can last a while in a fight and use your E and Q to the fullest.

With Sunfire Cape its all meant to capitalize on your DoT at the same time (you will see a ton of damage streaming across their head)

Now this last item is if you rather do DPS or Tank sicne the Lich Bane will increase your damage greatly and even boost your basic attacks OR you can grab ANOTHER Warmogs and get around 5500+ HP and be a tank yourself (which i do soemtimes for the lolz).

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Skill Sequence

The most important thing to know is that Seastone Trident is your friend it will help more than any other skill early mid and late game and the fact that the more HP that the enemy is missing + your AP and a set amount of damage into a DoT is very very good you will enjoy watching them run and you get away as they die.

Playful/Trickster is another great great skill its equivalent to a flash and it also slows. So you can jump through the jungle and/or you can get into the middle of a team fight slow them all and then you can use other skills to decimate a team and break them up ex: would be to jump in and then ulti the middle of the group even if you dont have it bind to one person it will knock them back and spread them apart as well as stun them for aprox .5 seconds for your team to jump in and ulti or wtv and still does a good amount of damage with the AP.

Urchin Strike, now this skill is great you can combo your Playful/Trickster and your Seastone Trident together with this and dive an enemy even if they are on a tower ex: you Q and dive at him as you press W for the grevious wounds from Seastone Trident then you just tap him once with your basic attack and at this point the enemy turret shoots a round at you then you use Playful/Trickster just before it hits you to dodge that attack and jump away to safety and in most cases onto their creep wave behind you and damaging them as well

Chum the Waters is a fantastic ulti, it not only slows, but has a hint of a stun and it also knocks back its not a ton of the latter two but it all helps especially in a team fight or chasing someone. Another use would be for a way to end a chase say you or a friendly are being chased into the jungle you can easily toss it down a road and block it with that shark for 2 seconds which will either deter or slow the enemy advances if anything and they flash over it it will give you that much more room ahead of them cause with the recent flash nerf it is a little tougher to not get caught by that shark's binding ability and slow

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Summoner Spells

With Summoner Spells this one is still a toss up in the air for me you can go ignite and exhaust for pure just trying to kill them at all costs

Or for late game purposes or defense grab exhaust and teleport

If you have issues with those spell builds then you can always grab ghost for the extra move speed and combo that with your E to get out

Feel free to combo any other spells you wish these are just the only ones ive tried so far.

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Now Farming will be extremely difficult unless you solo lane even then it can be a major pain against ranged champs or someone like Sion all in all the main goal is to just survive cause it can be very easy to feed early game, if you are dual laning with someone you will probably want to pull a ranged champ with you and count on him to get you your first few lvls and to help kill /harrass the champs

Later at about mid game you should have your Malady and then you can easily lane but it is still slow since it takes around 2-4 hits per minion even with your W so keep that in mind when pushing a lane.

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With all that said please leave a comment and rate id like to know how my first Guide goes and see if i could maybe make a few more for my other fave champs. Have fun out there ganking and in those team fights.