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League of Legends Build Guide Author guyman609

They see me rollin, they hatin. Tips for aggresive rammi.

guyman609 Last updated on May 17, 2011
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Hi this is my first build and i'm doing a straightforward tank Rammus with a twist. While the top rated Rammus guide will tell you everything you need to play a good rolling ball of death i believe that there are some aspects to Rammus that have been overlooked especially in early game lane battles. So this is to give some new perspectives on playing a Rammus and score some kills while not dying at the same time.

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This build differs from most in that i don't buy potions at start. I always go for the ruby crystal at the beginning to give me crazy lvl 1 health (800+) but almost no staying power. This makes it extremely hard for me to die in a 2 v 2 pre minion fight but you will need to go back for health if you get reckless farming your lane. Another good point for this item is that it quickly builds into the heart of gold so you get money from that even faster then normal.

The rest of the items are fairly normal although i get the Sunfire cape much earlier then most but i do this for two reasons the first the the amount of health i get makes it really hard to kill me in a team fight and the passive plus defense curl will clear a build up lane almost as fast as your ult making farming much easier and giving you more gold and xp to work with. I will also build my aegis of the legion late to see if anyone else wants to build it first giving me a chance to make a guardian angel or Thornmail for a phys damage heavy team.

The order typically never needs to change other then the situation i just said and will give you a good defense against everything. With your defensive curl to take most the burst i have never had a problem being killed by anything after getting Force of Nature. Expect around 85%+ damage reduction with defence curl on and 75 - 80% normally.

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Early game lvl 1 - 6

To start any match but you one item then powerball to a lane you will usually be first and Rammus can work with anyone however some are better partners then others. I like to start by hiding in the bush as close to my enemies as possible to see who i'm up against but i will back off if i see they have a skill shot that can hit me otherwise i wait for my partner there and when they face check let them run into a powerballed rammus and if they are squishy chase for the kill otherwise this will put them on the defensive at least for the beginning of the match. If they ignore the bush it a free gank where with your health you wont lose. For all battle situations pop ignite as necessary to insure your kills happen.

Also know that Rammus can solo if necessary but i don't suggest it against ranged opponents.

If you are playing with the item build above it is very important to not get poked in your lane. This is where you partner comes in if they have some ranged attacks GREAT have them poke the **** out of the one with no heal while you dodge their attacks against you. If your partner is melee only panic you have two options play defensively and let the tower back you up or go all out from the start by focusing the squishy champ on the other team.
It is important to know how and when enemies will attack you so being able to estimate range and to stay out of it so when your enemies move up you can move back. For skill shot opponents always try to zig-zag back when retreating/staying behind minions.

Once they get to 40% health and you have a taunt either hide in a bush to charge a powerball then when you can hit them and your partner can hit them roll out and taunt pop the ignite and they should die you can follow them and flash last hit only if the kill is assured by it but help your partner if he is getting hit as a priority DO NOT tower dive without minions that let you get close before getting tower aggro. Similarly if you are in a good minion position where your tower wont get hit for 20 sec and you have 40% health or less b fast with two powerballs you will be back before anything bad happens to your tower.

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Mid game lvl 7 - 12

If your lucky by now you should have about 2-3 kills/***its and your lvl 2 boots so what are you going to do? Well if your team is doing good push the tower some more, with your ult you can now almost solo non tanks from 50% health down so let the good times roll on.

If the other lanes are struggling however you should strongly consider ganking just powerball their back then taunt if they try to run and they should try to run you should ping the enemy your taunting before hand your your allies can assist with some damage/cc of their own.

You should note that ganking with rammus is typically a one shot deal where you pop all your abilities on them and usually run out of mana in the process. So don't try it without at least enough for a powerball taunt combo and flash to gtfo if things turn south fast.

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End game lvl 13 - 18

Hopefully at this point you will have 8+ or so take downs and the team battles should at least be starting if not started when you were lvl 10.

On a good game with even teams the team battles would go on with you powerballing into that dps who was a little too far up and taunting him so your team can push in for the kill starting a chain reaction of death that you are not at the center of anymore.

If you are good this means you had 25 - 30% health and everything on cool down when you flashed right out of the middle of that mess you started so that when the dust clears you have a powerball ready and enough health to chase someone down or run away fast.

This is the best case however and in most fights someone will make a mistake that you will either need to cover with a taunt and then run away to regroup and try again.

In a team battle your role as tank means you need to initiate but it is tricky if you go to early without your team right there ready you will die no matter what opportunity the enemy gave to to taunt a squishy you will die. On the other hand if you wait to long afraid to take some damage or trying to find the carry hidden at the back your team will try to initiate before you and bad things will happen again. So as long as you know your team is there to back you up take any opportunity no matter how small to start the fight.

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Many of these strategies have been effective for me throughout the 100+ Rammus games i have played. In some cases this has given me the most kills on the team and in others almost none but still a lot of assists. I can not say this guide will work for everyone it takes some skill in predicting opponents in lane battles and timing during team battles to pull off successful kills/assists without dying. Above all else practicing with dodging skill shots and knowing when to enter team fights will help you with any character not just Rammus. So thanks for reading this and i hope it helps you in your future lol battles. Honestly half the reason i made this was to name a guide this.

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2nd build

After some testing that new heart of gold dosent seem to help any after the first in lane fight. so if your lane is dedicated to farming or you are soloing getting the health regen item will help more in the long run. Also taking offense masteries will make more difference late game then the utility ones and i recommend trying them at least once.