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Things You Have to Know to Have Success In Dominion

Last updated on September 23, 2011
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Well day 2 of Dominion is over and boy was it a long one. I've started making new strategies to figure out which work best. Here's just some things I've noticed. If you have any tips, please comment. (note: windmill is the tower at the very top of the map equal distance from the two bases.)

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Getting Control

The best starting method is to go 4:1. This means send 4 top and 1 bottom. The one solo bottom can Easily capture the bottom tower closest to your base with no problem. The four top split up. One goes to the upper tower closest to your base, and THREE go to the windmill. Whoever gets windmill at the beginning of the game is a heavy favorite to win. Fight for control of windmill to start the game may be the most important part of it. The one person bottom should just focus on defending the tower, especially if the other team tries to send two bottom (which should give your team free windmill since you will have a 3v2). If the other team only send one bottom you're bottom can even try to push the minions towards them, they just have to make sure they dont die to give up a free bottom tower. If the other teams bottom goes and try to help top, you get another free bottom tower. Now, the one top person who grabbed the tower closest to base should immediately go help the top fight over windmill once they get a capture. A lot of times they can clean up the extra scraps if the other team barely wins and you're team can still gain control of windmill early.

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Securing Control

As the game progresses I've seen a lot of people overextend. The goal of the game is to have more towers than the other team. Many times I saw one team have control of 3 towers but keep trying to push to get a fourth. This usually leads to the other team ganking them since they are so close to their base, and being able to get a tower or two while having a 4v5. A better strategy is to try to get control of three towers early and make the other team become aggressive in trying to tower dive you to get a tower back. Most of the time, even if they do get a tower back, they will be so low that you can either easily kill them or make them go back to base, giving you time to recapture the tower. So in conclusion, don't become so aggressive trying to completely control the towers so that you leave your other towers vulnerable. Obviously, if you are down, you have no choice but to try and take control of their towers quickly by backdooring (taking towers without your minions there).

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Keeping Control

Once you have control of three towers, it is also VERY important to defend them. If you have the two towers on your side of the map plus top middle, make sure to keep someone close enough to each tower to defend it from a backdoorer on the enemy team. Many many times I saw someone capture windmill, and then go bottom because a team fight would be happening. You should never have all five of your teammates near each other. By trying to gank the other team with all five people, someone on their team can easily go top and capture the top tower while you are chasing them around the middle of the map. If the other team sends all five people bottom, whoever is defending top can take one of the towers near their base while the rest of your team is using the aid of the tower to fight off the other team. If your team does die, you've still got control of top tower and one of the enemies teams towers, and as soon as your team comes back to life, they can easily take back the two towers near base and you have the advantage again.

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The best champions seem to be dps assassins. Tanks roles are weakened because you will rarely have 5v5 team fights. Most of the time it will be 1v1 or 2v2. Some of the best champions I have seen are ones like teemo, xin zhao, vayne, akali, master yi, tryndamere, and gangplank just to name some. I know I'm leaving some off but you get the point. Other good champions I have seen are ones with large map control like Nocturne with his ult as well as GP with his ult. With GP's ult you can stop an enemy from taking your tower because if you hit them with your ult while theyre capping a tower, it will stop their capture as well as make the tower attack them. Rammus is also extremely good for dominion because movement speed can win games. I'm sure we'll find out more about which champions are good for this style in the next few days.

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If you didn't feel like reading this, in summary:
1) start by sending 4 top, 1 bot. 3/4 top go to windmill, other goes to closer tower. guy from closer tower helps fight for windmill top after he's captured closer tower.
2) dont overextend. if you have 3 towers, dont get greedy and try to go for more and die, giving them a free tower
3) defend. don't group up trying to kill the other team. stay spread out so someone from your team can always stop the other team if they try to backdoor and capture one of your towers.
4) dps assassins win games. there aren't any 5v5 fights so no point in trying to have a tank to take damage for squishies as many times the squishies will be off on their own.

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Please add your tips. If there's anything good I'll add it and I'll be trying to think of more tips myself to share with you.