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Aatrox Build Guide by LDrago123456

Thou Shall Die to My Bladeth... A comprenhensive Aatrox Guid

Thou Shall Die to My Bladeth... A comprenhensive Aatrox Guid

Updated on August 25, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LDrago123456 Build Guide By LDrago123456 4,725 Views 4 Comments
4,725 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LDrago123456 Aatrox Build Guide By LDrago123456 Updated on August 25, 2013
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HELLO!! I am LDrago123456 and this is my official first guide on Mobafire! I absolutely LOVE Aatrox lately and my passion has won me a pentakill! (send me an e-mail if you want me to prove it). In this guide, I will show you how to play Aatrox and master him. Aatrox is a melee DPS champion, which utilizes his passive for Attack Speed, so he can have a lot of sustain and dish out a lot of damage.

Enough about the intro, it's all about Aatrox!!

And yes I am only a 13 year old kid who gets excited over pentakills :P
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Pros and Cons of the Darkin Blade

Powerful Pros: Brute Force
- Great burst damage
- Powerful Early game
- Good CC
- Good sustain
- AoE Ultimate and AS buff
- Ultimate grants e=increased range
Condescending Cons: Exhaust
- Long cooldowns early game
- Healing not really impressive early game
- Auto-Attack Dependent (jax will kill you :P)
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Early game, you should try to establish Life steal and AS and not so much AD. This is because early game, getting W procs is worth around 5 auto attacks early on.

Mid Game gets a lot better, since you should be like Jax and having a load of AS, so you should be able to take turrets like a cheetah. Always have Blood Thirst on so you can take harass and kill creeps. Take jungle camps especially red buff, since you will add a better slow in addition to your E: Blades of Torment so you can get more W procs.

Late Game will be your domain ( Trundle reference anyone??? lol). You should have a blood thirster so you can heal WHILE you deal damage. If you are winning really badly, build crit chance. Your team mates will think your trolling, but if you can crit WITH a Blood Price proc, you can deal around 1000 damage :P.
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Sorry for this, this is my first guide, but i was absolutely confused with how to put the runes onto the little text box.

SO! If you would kindly go to the rune section i have put in above, you will see that I go with AD Marks, these will really help out your Auto attacking since, your W is your only way of healing and it needs auto attacks. I take Armor Seals and MR Glyphs, because you never know who your fighting unless it's ranked, and you might be against a Talon mid or something along those lines. I take 1 Quint of Armor Pen and 2 quints of AD, this is so I can deal more damage.... enough said...
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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I Max W first which is your blood thirst/blood price and it makes your laning phase a breeze, you heal just by last hitting, so you get a heal and gold (double win!!) plus it is a key to your ultimate burst. I Max E second Blades of Torment, just in case i am fighting a hard lane and i need to poke with long range or farm at long range, E is also good because it gives you time to AA them when their running away. I max Q Dark Flight last because all game round, you really just need Q for the knock up, plus it deals the least amount of damage in your kit anyway.

I always put one point in my ultimate Massacre when ever i can, because without this, you lose the Auto-Attack range and the AS buff. Therefore beingVERY IMPORTANT!
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Abilities (in detail)

Passive: Blood Well
This is your passive and it is LOVELY. It is a rebirth passive which doesn't give you full health on proc, but it gives you Attack Speed and your INVULNERABLE during the animation, so it is better than annivia and Zac.

Q: Dark Flight
This is your best CC in your kit and sets up ganks very nicely. This is your Engage and Disengage spell and can jump over walls, so it is almost like a flash. The sad thing is, it can be interrupted, but that doesn't stop you from escaping or chasing, because you have Flash. You Max this Last as you can't do much with it, it deals the least damage and has a pretty long cool down.

W: Blood Price
Your bread and butter so to speak. It heals and deals damage! and ALL IN ONE, because you max this first, you have to build Attack Speed to make it usefull, so his passive is wonderful. (see Passive) early game, it can't do much, since all it can do is heal you about 50 health but 150-200 health below 50% of maximum health. So you can't do much early game, but the damage is INSANE early on, I dare you to get the active up and hit the enemy champion with it, you will laugh out loud at the damage this deals.

E: Blades of Torment
Your only ranged spell and has a good amount of CC with it, it slows people so people like Miss Fortune can't run from you. This is great because the cool down isn't that long and the slow makes it so that people can't run away from you, but if people like Ezreal keeps running from you, get Frozen Mallet and auto attack plus your E and they will be so slow you can just run up and proc your W.

R: Massacre
In my opinion, if this ultimate was put on a Auto attack DPS champion other than Aatrox, it would be the most broken ultimate ever. Think about Tryndamere with 100% crit chance attacking 3 times a second, he would get a pentakill after hitting level 6. This gives range, and hurts all nearby champions AND gives you an AS buff, so you will proc W so many times, you will out damage any AD carry in the game IMO. I suggest using this in the middle of the team fight or during 1 v 1s a LOT. because the AoE doesn't weaken for each champion hit and hurts them all a LOT.
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Only do this when you hit level 3 or level 6: ALWAYS HAVE BLOODPRICE UP
Dark Flight-AA- Blades of Torment- Massacre-AA-AA....

This is your combo all day long, but if you just want to hurt they guys, because they have flash or some get away ability, but if you know they can't get away, proceed with ultimate. ONLY ULTIMATE WHEN THEY CAN'T RUN, if they can get away, your combo is: Q-AA-E-AA...

Flash- Dark Flight-AA- Blades of Torment- Massacre-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA-AA-GG

Your ultimate gap closer killing combo, if you fail this, there is no turning back, your only option is to kill or be killed. people always have a dealyed reaction to flash because of our brains can't process such speeds. so randomly flashing in and knocking them up with your Q goes a long way from not flashing.
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If you don't know, the only counters Aatrox really has, would be people that burst and dodge/blind. Ranged champions like Syndra isn't really a problem later on, when you start carrying, but people like Jax with obliterate you. Teemo isn't a problem late game, since his blind duration should be THAT long. When your blind goes over, combo him and use your ult, his Q has a mediocre long cool down so he can't spam it, alternate from Blood Thirst and Blood Price, because most teemos will have spell blade on their masteries, so their AA with hurt a bit.

Here are some counters I consider actually COUNTERS of Aatrox:
Jax - his E dodges everything and stuns you, but if you can time it right, you can make him stun you in mid air, so it gives you time to recover and make a come back, if you find your self ALWAYS getting stunned, Max Q first, so your CD is lower than his E and can jump him more.
Fiddlesticks - you don't see me mention him in this guide except now, and that is because you will rarely see him in Ranked. But if you do, his early game is better than yours, he has a fear and a silence and a DoT that heals him. So make sure you wait for his fear BEFORE you jump him.
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Please give me constructive feed back on how to improve this guide, it is my first guide other than my Teemo guide which i spent 1 hour on :P. I spent a day on this guide, so please comment and up-vote! thanks!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LDrago123456
LDrago123456 Aatrox Guide
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Thou Shall Die to My Bladeth... A comprenhensive Aatrox Guid

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