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Thresh Build Guide by Guest



Updated on January 25, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 6,373 Views 0 Comments
6,373 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Thresh Build Guide By Guest Updated on January 25, 2013
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Hey everyone, welcome to my first guide. I started playing with Thresh as soon as he was released and I've found him to be a great support with a ton of utility. This guide will attempt to maximize his utility with CDR and capitalize on his passive by stacking even more armor. I recommend everyone watch the Summoner Spotlight on Thresh as it highlights how much Thresh can affect a team fight.
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Pros / Cons

Very Tanky
Late Game Champion
Great Mobility (if you follow this guide)
Great CC that is not affected by Tenacity
An combo that can shut down your enemy during a teamfight.

Does not deal as much damage as other tanky supports like Leona or Blitzcrank
Late Game Champion
His Ult does no damage and is only useful during a teamfight or running away.

Thresh is a Champion that you not only have to learn how to play with, but also your teammates. If there is no teamwork, Thresh becomes useless as he cannot deal the damage he needs to take down an opponent.
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Runes are taken directly from Riot's recommendation as I have yet to experiment with runes.
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For masteries, we have 9 points in Defense to take some early armor and health so Thresh can take a few hits early game. I personally play him very aggressively so this helps out a lot in early game.

For Utility, I take mana and mana regeneration which gives him a healthy amount of mana and allows Thresh to not be stingy with using his abilities. I also take the gold masteries, Biscuiteer, and Explorer's Ward since they are essential to most supports. Awareness gives Thresh the ability to stay even with the enemy team in terms of level. This also gives the bonus of lowering down his cooldowns.

Now the interesting part with how I play Thresh is that I take the movement speed masteries. Other guides do not do this, but that does not automatically make this build weaker. I choose to have increased mobility because of his Lantern Toss. With his increased movement, Thresh can get into position a lot quicker and this can ultimately decide whether you win a teamfight, or worst-case scenario, you can save your carries.
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Starting items are chosen to give Thresh some sustain early game. Honestly, starting items should be up to your own personal decision depending on how you want to play Thresh. Since I play aggressively, the Faerie Charm and Rejuvenation Bead allows Thresh to take early poke damage.

Early Game:
Sightstone is essential on any support and the GP10 items allow Thresh to purchase his core items. I recommend getting Philosopher's Stone first since you would already have the base items for it. Sightstone should be next in order to alleviate the burden of buying multiple wards. Kage's Lucky Pick is another GP10 item that gives Thresh some extra AP and builds into some of his core items.

Mid Game:
By now, you should already have enough gold to take your boots. I recommend the CDR boots because of my playstyle. I have seen others use Mercury Treads but I prefer Ionian Boots of Lucidity. It is important to note that 2 of Thresh's CC abilities are UNAFFECTED by Tenacity, which is why I tend to go with higher CDR.
After boots, you should finish off your Ruby Sightstone and then work of getting Aegis of the Legion immediately as it just makes your whole team bulkier against AD and AP.

Late Game:
Thresh is a late game champion and he is a walking aura machine that can last a teamfight or two. Frozen Heart gives him additional CDR, health, armor, and also slows AS. The Captain Enchantment gives your allies increased movement speed when they are close enough. Shurelya's Reverie builds off of Philosopher's Stone and gives your team the speed to escape a fight or end one. Twin Shadows helps with chasing but is also useful in retreat.

Depending on your team composition, Thresh can pick up some Auras that can really benefit your team. Zeke's Herald synergizes with your ADC quite well. Will of the Ancients can be used if you have a lot of mages on your team and builds from Kage's Luck Pick. Randuin's Omen slows your opponent's AS and when activated gives you team an even great advantage in mobility. Shard of True Ice is useful if you find your teammates low on mana. Sunfire Cape can be used if you feel a bit more aggressive and is very useful since you will be in the middle of teamfights almost all the time. Guardian Angel is for when the game has dragged out that long.
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Skill Sequence

With skills, maximize your Lantern Toss first, no question about it. Afterwards, max out your Death Sentence which can deal quite a lot of damage since it scales with your AP. Lastly, max your Flay last since you only need it for the CC and will deal maximum damage once the game transitions into large teamfights.
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As for spells, Flash is a must. Because of his Lantern Toss, you can use it along with Flash to save your teammate from assured death even if your he already used his Flash.

Exhaust is a standard Spell which helps out your ADC a great deal early game. You can also use Heal, but it's not recommended.
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Team Work

Thresh should be the initiator with everyone following right behind him. His combo of Death Sentence, Lantern Toss, Flay, and The Box will cause mass confusion and in generally feeling of "F*** F*** F***"

As such, Thresh should only be used when you can trust your teammate.

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Unique Skills

Here are some tips to maximize Thresh's abilities.
Collect Souls whenever they drop. Also, the amount of AP and Armor a soul gives you decreases the more you get.

Death Sentence:
The Passive allows Thresh to last hit fairly easily so take advantage of this when your ADC is not farming. Also, Death Sentence takes about half a second to wind up after activation, which your opponent can see. Try throwing your chain when your opponent cannot see you or when there is a lot of confusion, such as a teamfight. Also, Death Sentence pulls your opponent in two times, but can also be used to pull YOURSELF over to them. In order to maximize Thresh's disruption, time your Death Sentence to pull your opponent as far away as you can, and then reactivate it to get right on top of them.

One more thing about how Death Sentence works. It can go through walls and barriers, much like how Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab works, but it will not pull an enemy through a barrier. Enemies pulled to a wall will remain stuck there until Death Sentence times out.

Lantern Toss:
Learn how to use this ability and you will win games. Lantern Toss has two important ranges, a large one, and a smaller one around the lantern. If Thresh passes outside the larger range, his Lantern will return back to him. If any ally, including Thresh, enters the smaller range of the Lantern, they gain a shield.

There are generally two ways to use this lantern. If a soul is out of reach, say under enemy Turret, you can toss your Lantern there to collect the souls. When fleeing from enemies or going to engage a fight, toss your lantern in the direction of your path. This will allow all of your teammate to benefit from the shield.

Clicking the Lantern:
You should always toss the lantern so that it lands where your teammate will walk towards. This allows for a quick escape or allow your ally to catch up to the rest of your team. Unfortunately, your ally needs to pay attention for this to work and actively click on the lantern. Also, only one person per Lantern Toss :/.

Flay will knock an enemy towards the direction of where it was aimed. This skill takes a bit of practice but once mastered, becomes an essential part of your skillset. Flay can be used to drag minions out from under a Turret or fling them away from your own, which makes it easier in both cases for your ADC to last hit and for you to collect their souls. Flay can also be used to knock enemies into the walls of your Box.

The Box:
This ability is ONLY useful if you have EXCEPTIONAL teamwork, or when you need to run. Generally, you should Death Sentence into a teamfight, targeting one of their carries. Also make sure to throw your lantern to give your allies a shield. Then pop your ult. After that, knock them towards your team with Flay. This combination, when done correctly, will net your team an ACE and the win.

Worst-case scenario, you need to run. Best way to do it is throwing your Lantern ahead of you to gain a shield. Then throw down your Ult in a narrow passage to make sure you slow your pursuers. Flay is incredible when fleeing since it knocks back your opponent and slows them. It's also really hard to dodge because your opponent will be too close to avoid it.
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In general, Thresh is a force to be reckoned with. His passive gives him an immense amount of Armor and AP. His abilities give him some of the best and unique CC abilities in the game. His combo will be the reason why you win or lose a fight. There is a great amount of pressure on Thresh to initiate correctly and land his combo. Because of this, play Thresh if you are willing to trust a stranger in soloque or with your friends.

And always remember everyone, CLICK THE DAMN LANTERN.
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