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Thresh Build Guide by Hceercs

Support diamond

Thresh Support 10.6

By Hceercs | Updated on March 31, 2020

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Runes: Standard Stoneplate Page

1 2
Bone Plating

Perfect Timing
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

Thresh Support 10.6

By Hceercs
Hi, I'm "5haark", a diamond NA support main(ignore my mobafire name pls). I currently have over 1 million mastery points on Thresh(Look up "Not Unwell", "5haark", and "Not Unweii" and add those mastery points up), and I have one-tricked him since I started playing League until fairly recently, where I have started to branch out and play other champions. Even now, I would tell any support main to at least play some Thresh, as he is not only one of the most popular one-trick champions(and therefore one of the most common matchups you'll run into), but also just in general a great pick up as he's probably the most versatile champion in the game, meaning that you'll be able to run him into most matchups, and always be relevant no matter how the game is going.
Ablities Back to Top
You should be starting E(flay) lvl 1, unless you are invading, and then level up hook for level 2, and W(Lantern) for level 3. After that you want to Max R > Q > W > E. Optionally, you can put one or two points into flay for extra harass and increased slow, but again, this is up to personal preference.

Here's a basic rundown of all your abilities:
Q, or Death Sentence, is Thresh's hook. This has a 0.5 second delay on it, and is slower than the other hook supports' hooks. However, this hook is harder to buffer by abilities such as Tristana jump(W) as it has 2 tugs/pulls to it. You can also re-activate this to pull yourself to the hooked enemy.

W, or Dark Passage, is Thresh's lantern. You can throw the lantern for an ally to click, and it will bring them to you. The Lantern also provides a small shield, which can proc Guardian, and sometimes it can make the difference in close 1v1 fights.

E: This is Thresh's flay, where he can either push or pull on enemies. This ability can also be used to cancel dashes(not blinks) if timed well. You can sometimes opt to engage on enemies by flaying them towards yourself first, and then following up with your hook.

R, the Box, is Thresh's Ultimate. This is by far the simplest ability in his kit, and is mainly used either to zone off areas or used after you land a hook to guarantee a slow. When someone walks into a wall of the box, they are slowed by %99 and take some magic damage ***suming they are the first to hit a wall.
Item Build Back to Top
Thresh actually doesn't really have a set order to build his items in, as they are basically all situational. As of right now, however, I would recommend rushing Mobis or Swifties(up to preference) followed by a Gargoyle Stoneplate. These two items alone will let you run people down and have plenty of tank stats to survive fights, even with Aftershock down.
Here is a Basic Rundown of the rest of the items:

Redemption is never a bad buy, as the active ability and stats are all fairly useful for Thresh

Zeke's is good with Attack Speed based AD Carries, especially if they are ahead.

Another Item that is almost always good is Locket, since the extra shield can often times make or break a teamfight. MR and Armor is always welcome on a somewhat tanky champion like Thresh.

Knight's Vow isn't exactly the most cost-efficient item for Thresh as the the passive is reduced for ranged champions. However, this is still a solid pick up at times when you need a tanky item while having Jhin or Ezreal as your AD Carry, since you probably won't be building Zeke's with them.

Swiftie boots are the alternative to Mobility Boots, and can be just a straight up replacement if you don't think Mobility Boots are worth it.

Mikael's is extremely useful against high CC teams, and can be effective even as a first item against such teams.

Last but not least, Pink Wards should be purchased on every back, as playing for vision is essential for all supports.
Runes Back to Top
As for Primaries, Aftershock is just too good to not take at the moment. This keystone lets you tank damage after go in for engages, and without it you'll be much, much squshier. Demolish, Bone Plating, and Unflinching are pretty default go-to for most thresh players, and I find them usually the most useful as well. Some other options to mention would be second wind and overgrowth. Second wind is usually really good into poke matchups where you won't get much value out of bone plating. Overgrowth is simply another option for Unflinching, if you are fine with trading tenacity in for some scaling health.
Running the stopwatch rune makes getting Gargoyle Stoneplate faster as you save 600 gold. However, the rune other than perfect timing can be up to preference. Most commonly used are Minion Dematerializers, but Biscuits can also be a decent option as well. Again, this is up to personal preference for the most part.

Assuming you don't want to grab a Gargoyle Stoneplate, then the page with precision secondaries is probably your best bet, as it gives you nice mana sustain, along with lots of tenacity.

Also, Mini-Runes can be adjusted depending on Matchups and Playstyles.
Finish Back to Top
This guide should give you some insight on what items and runes to run, along with some basic matchup knowledge. However, playing Thresh is actually a lot more than just this, and it'll take time to get a feel for how people dodge, and how/when to use your abilities. For all learning Thresh, I'd recommend first learning when you want to Engage, or Disengage, as these are the primary functions of Thresh, who effectively is an engage and disengage tool. Getting a feel of your abilities and knowing when to fight and when not to fight are easily the most important things to learn about Thresh.

I would also like to mention that there really isn't a need to go for too many montage plays or flash combos. Those really aren't necessary to actually playing Thresh well, although they can definitely be cool if they actually happen in game.

With that out of the way, I hope you can learn Thresh without derping too hard like me when I was still learning. If you need help or have questions or something, you can contact me through discord @Not Unwell#3175, or add me in game @5haark :D
League of Legends Build Guide Author Hceercs
Hceercs Thresh Guide

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Thresh Support 10.6