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Thresh Build Guide by Shrewdo

Support Thresh Support

By Shrewdo | Updated on June 27, 2020

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Bone Plating

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor
+8 Magic Resist


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Support Role
Ranked #21 in
Support Role
Win 50%
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Ability Order

Champion Build Guide

Thresh Support

By Shrewdo
Summoner Spells
Flash : like every other champion does. It’s particularly important and your life depend more on It, its the most important summoner spell which is an indispensable, you cannot not take it, you can use it to save your life, Dodge a spell cast or to protect someone on receiving damage that could kill him or to get closer to shield/heal him also to engage a fight.

Exhaust : is used against the player that deal huge damage most are adc to slow their attack speed, attack damage and movement speed.

Ignite as your second spell if you think you can win your lane. This is for example if you’re against an enemy support who cannot all-in you easily like Tahm Kench or Soraka and whom you can out trade, or even if you’re just against an inexperienced player or expect a lot of ganks. In these scenarios, Ignite is a good option to increase your kill potential.
Pros & Cons Back to Top

• Very Tanky
• Very aggressive lane bully
• Can make or break team fights
• Brings a lot of cc for the team
• Ranged support with high damage


• Melee champion
• Skillshot reliant
• Takes a lot of practice
• No sustain in lane
Runes Back to Top


: is the best keystone on Thresh as he’s a tank with lots of CC. The extra bulkiness and damage, that come with proccing Aftershock, is nothing to scoff at, especially in lane.


: this rune will gives you chance to do a damage on the turret.

Bone plating

:As Support Thresh will be the champion that engage and receive tons of damage with this rune it will help you to reduce the incoming damage.


: this rune will gives you more tenacity which it scale good with your passive and equips.


Biscuit Delivery

: its a good potion that gives you some mana and regenerate your health and increase your mana.

Cosmic Insight

: i'm addicted to the cool down reduction and i always try to reach the max CDR in game so with this run you earn more.
Abilities Back to Top


(Passive): Souls, which may drop upon the death of monsters, enemy minions and champions, give Thresh a permanent boost to his armour and ability power. Consequently, Thresh doesn’t get armour when he levels up like other champions do and you will have to rely on items and collecting these souls in order to get tankier.

Death Sentence
(Discription:) This is your signature ability. Upon first cast, Thresh will hook an enemy and drag them towards himself before, upon second cast, lunging towards them and getting into their melee range. It’s almost always better to let Thresh first drag the enemy rather than immediately go in, because, for one, it gives you the time to think about whether going in is a good idea or not and, for two, it makes it harder for the enemy to survive, as they’ll be dragged away from safety.

Dark Passage
(Discription:) Thresh’s lantern has the ability to entirely reposition an ally champion – it alone makes Thresh a phenomenal support pick for any ADC. You can use it to save allies from tight spots ( from long range and over walls too) or you can use it to bring your allies closer to you when you make a pick with your Death Sentence or Flay.

(Discription:) This is another ability that can be used both defensively and offensively, since the active can either drag enemies to you, or push them away from you. The passive boosts your AA damage, making Thresh a pretty potent poker early game. Be sure to utilise your auto-attacks often during laning phase and early game skirmishes!.

The Box
(Discription:) The ultimate can be extremely powerful during team fights as disengaging tool, since you can slow several enemies at the same time and stop them from advancing to your team or ADC.

Ability Sequence
Usually you will want to max Q Death Sentence in order to decrease the cooldown, and thus be able to engage more often.
After that you can max W Dark Passage
for the same reason – you want to be able to shoot the lantern out every time an ally is in danger, and the lowered CD will help.
Another possibility is maxing E Flay or mix-maxing E Flay and Q Death Sentence.
You start the game off by putting three points in E Flay, then you switch to maxing Q Death Sentence.
This will make you harass stronger, but it will mean that your Q Death Sentence will have a heftier cooldown.
Items Back to Top
Frozen Heart : when i want to get quickly 20%CDR i go for it as it gives good Armor and high mana, which it helps me to stand more and decrease damage from enemy ADC.
Boots of Mobility : outright, if you have 900 gold. This will make it easier for you to roam and generally make you very intimidating in lane. If you couldn’t accumulate that much.
Eye of Ascension : gives you some better stats and allows you to carry an extra ward around. After that, there are many items that synergize well with Alistar.
Locket of the Iron Solari : If your team needs a shield or you need some MR .
Righteous Glory : is a great pick-up that will make it easier for you to set up engages for your team.
Redemption : is a staple support item that works well in pretty much every game, even if the stats don’t complement Alistar all too well.
Zeke's Convergence & Knight's Vow : are two more great items which will not only benefit you, but also your ADC. The latter will transfer some of the damage your ADC takes to your tanky self, and the former will allow him to deal extra damage to enemies in your melee range, after you use your ultimate.
Combos Back to Top

Q E or E Q

Your primary combo for engaging is either Q Death Sentence into E Flay or E Flay into Q Death Sentence.
The former requires better aim and perhaps an element of surprise.
You can trick the enemy by having Thresh face and walk towards the support, but aiming your hook on the enemy ADC.
Once the enemy has been struck and dragged towards you, leap forward and wait for them to use their gap closer before Flaying them back to you.
Thresh E Flay can stop gap closers like Rocket Jump or Relentless Pursuit.
If, on the other hand, you start your combo with E Flay, this gives you the opportunity to drag them back with your Q Death Sentence after they flee but it requires you to somehow get into the melee range safely.

Lantern Combo

The lantern combo entails dragging your ally into a fight with your W right before you’ve leapt onto a target with the second activation of your Q Death Sentence.
Your ally should click the lantern at the same time as when you have struck the enemy and then you’ll be able to drag both yourself and your ally to the enemy when you reactivate your Q Death Sentence.

Taxi Combo

If you can’t hit a Q Death Sentence onto your desired target, sometimes you can instead use a minion as a proxy.
Hit the minion that’s close to the enemy, immediately leap onto them (to give the enemy less chance to react) and then you can Flay the enemy champion now that you’re in close range.
Playing & Tips Back to Top

In general, Thresh will usually want to get Ancient Coin because Relic Shield is quite hard to stack when you’re playing a ranged champion.
Relic Shield does offer nicer stats for Thresh however, so if you do opt for this item just make sure to get Minion Dematerializer in runes.
If you go Relic Shield, you can make up for the fact that you're not a tank – but it will be harder to get the gold, so it's a double edged sword.
If you can afford it, pick up Boots of Mobility on your first back so that you can roam more efficiently and generate more pressure in lane.
If not, pick up Nomad's Medallion, Boots and some Control Ward.
Your first big item will be Eye of Ascension, an upgrade to Nomad's Medallion which will allow you to carry more wards around.
After that, there are a number of great items for you to choose from. Zeke's Convergence, Redemption and Locket of the Iron Solari are just three, but you will often be buying these three every game, with varying order.
You can pick up Locket first if the enemy team has a lot of AoE burst or magic damage (such as when you’re against Vladimir or Zeke's Convergence if you have a strong ADC.
Righteous Glory is another great item for Thresh but, as the components are a bit pricey, you should avoid it unless you’re found yourself somehow fed.
You can make up for your weakness of being too squishy if you build Righteous Glory first.
Thresh has one of the strongest levels 1-3 of all supports.
At level one, help your ADC by soft-pushing – attack the minions in the first minion wave, being careful not to ruin any last-hits for your ADC, so that your ADC and you will be the first to reach level two.
Ideally, you’ve reached it first. Now you have the advantage of one extra skill your Q Death Sentence as well as increased stats.
Straight away at level two, you want to engage a fight. Having E Flay, Q Death Sentence, Ignite and the damage from your E passive, you are very likely to kill the enemy if you hit your abilities or, at the very least, cause them to waste their spells trying to repel you Q Death Sentence
Even when you're losing you still have the potential to come back in lane with your crazy hook or with a lantern W Dark Passage gank.
If you want to take full advantage of Thresh, you will also want to try to roam a few times. Roaming mid lane is the easiest, since it’s closer to bot lane, and it’s encouraged against immobile (or flash-less) mid lane champions, particularly when they are pushing your mid laner’s turret.
Try to also coordinate your roams with your jungler, so you can both gank at the same time. When you reach mid lane, it’s better to leave your Q Death Sentence for later than to start off with it because at long range it’s easily dodged.
Thresh is a powerful team fighter since his kit has a lot of AoE damage and CC. Although he’s good at engaging due to his Q Death Sentence, you will usually want to have a different teammate start off the fights and save your abilities for picking enemies off in the chaos and for peeling for your ADC.
You excel when other people on your team can engage and you can follow up.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Shrewdo
Shrewdo Thresh Guide

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Thresh Support