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League of Legends Build Guide Author Paught

Thresh Support - Tank

Paught Last updated on February 9, 2014
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Introduction to Thresh

Time for a quick explanation of Thresh's abilities. I know you can read them, and Riot provides this for you, but I'll re-word them to make them a little more familiar for you.

Passive - Damnation
Thresh does not gain armor per level, like every other champion in the game. Just like his magic resist, it stays at the base the entire game. The only way for that to change without buying items is to collect souls. Souls are dropped from defeated enemy monsters, minions, and players. Siege/Super Minions, Players, Large Monsters (Buffs, Dragon, Baron) all drop a soul at 100% rates. The small caster and bruiser lane minions drop souls at a 1/6 rate. Try to collect as many as you can - Each soul is worth 0.75 armor and 0.75 ability power.

Q - Death Sentence (Hook)
Press Q once to launch a hook after a slight delay (after all, Thresh needs that centrifugal swing momentum!). The hook will snare it's target, and prevent it from moving or casting abilities. Thresh will then tug TWICE on a champion or minion before letting go. If you press Q again while connected to your target, you'll go hurtling towards them.

W - Dark Passage (Lantern)
Press W and choose a spot to throw your lantern. Your lantern has multiple uses: It can shield you and your allies if they walk within it's range, it will allow one ally to dash to Thresh's location, and it will also collect souls. To be strong with Thresh, make sure you master your W. There are times it can be more useful than your Q.

E - Flay (Whip)
Another ability that has more than one effect. Once you have a point in Flay, Thresh's basic attack will receive a bonus magic damage buff that increases in strength the longer between Thresh's attacks. When your small buff is red, it's at full power. This is useful for harassing enemy champions in lane at lower levels. Activating E will allow you to either whip enemies (including minions and buffs) away or towards you, depending on which way you drag your mouse. it's a difficult skill to get the hang of, but once you do it can give you the advantage of initiation on enemy ADCs.

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Skill Sequence

This is, of course, the order I level Thresh's abilities in.

Q - E - W - W - E - R - W - W - W - E - R - E - E - Q - Q - R - Q - Q

Do I have a reason? None that are better than your reason for changing it up. This is probably something you should set to your own preference - This is just how I do it. I only suggest strongly that you get all 3 abilities by level 3 to maximize your early game lane control, then improve as you see fit from there.

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Pictures work best for this one, so here you go.

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Again with the pictures! As you can tell, I previously made this guide on paint. Hopefully this is still helpful to you.

I did oops (My bad) when I made this originally. In the last sentence I mentioned swapping out your Talisman for a tank item - I meant to say Sightstone. By the time you're ready to do that, your team should have upgraded warding trinkets already.

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Don't these pictures make this guide colorful? I sure hope so.

This page consists of the following:

9 x Greater Mark of Honor (0.91 Armor)
9 x Greater Seal of Armor (1.41 Armor)
9 x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist (+0.15 MR/Level - +2.7 at L18)
3 x Greater Quintessence of Gold (+1.0 Gold/10 Seconds)

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The MSPaint File

Thank you for reading my guide. This is the first one I've published ever for public use, so I hope you don't hate it too much. And if you do, oh well, I'll somehow get through my life. If you like what you see, or have any questions, be sure to leave feedback or contact me. I'm not the greatest player in League, but I think I do well for myself. Good luck out there, fellow Summoners!

**I mentioned earlier I did this on Paint for a friend. Here's a link to it if you prefer that.**


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