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Thresh-Supporty, Tanky, Killer. Bot lane.

Last updated on February 1, 2013
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Welcome to my Thresh guide. This is my first guide ever, so please take the time to read it and give me any comments and constructive criticism you may have. So, i don't want to ramble on; so here is the first section of this guide.

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I'd go for magic pen marks, flat armour seals, cooldown reduction glpyhs, and as for quintessences, you can get either movement speed, AP, cd red, hp, or armour.

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21 9 0, getting AP offensive masteries, and hp/armour in defense.

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Your first items should be a rejuvanation bread, a frarie charm, 2x health potions and a mana potion. Then pick up a philosophers stone, and upgrade to eleisa's miracle as soon as possible. Then, rush a Locket of the iron solari. Then grab a pair or ionian boots of ludicity, and upgrade with either homeguard or alacrity, depending on your needs. Then, grab a shard of true ice, and a banner of command. Then get a runic bulwalk, and for your last item, grab one of the following: Ruby Sightstone, Rabadons Deathcap, DFG, Will of the ancients, or twin shadows.

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Skill Sequence


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Death Sentence:
This is your gap closer, your main harass, and your initator. Max it immdediatly. When going in for a kill, use this to drag them to you, then jump to them, so you are ready for a fight.

Dark Lantern: Use this when you see an allie in trouble and want to save them, throw it to them so they can dash to you. You can also use this when you or an allie need a quick sheild.

Flay: Used for last hitting minions, and is part of your killing combo. It can also be used to drag people towards you to ensure a kill, or to push them away to avoid death.

The Box: Either use this to kill, ensure a kill, save a life, or avoid death. Pretty good spell overall.

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Other Spells

I reccommend you get Flash and Ignite.

Flash: The ultimate ahh im dying get me out of here! Spell, and a pretty good 'Ohno! I almost killed him. He's getting away! /all (enemy) Hahaha *FLASH* *Death Sentence* /all (you) Bang :D.

Ignite: Helpfull for obtaining a kill you normally would not have got, and can help gather quite a few low level kills you normally would not have got. And, almost every champion needs a DoT spell. Defo.

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Spell Combos

Low level (1-5) combo: Harass until they are on low hp (half-3/4 ish, if less, even better). Then, death sentence, flay, and then either chase and kill with basics+flash, or hit a basic and ignite. Note: If you are fighting against someone who can heal or sheild (eg. Sona, Taric, Kayle, Shen, Skarner) someone who got 'Heal' or 'Barrier', do not use ignite because it is likely that you will not get the kill as they will either block the damage or heal it. Do not use if they have got cleanse, either.

Mid Level (6-10) combo: Harrass a bit. Then, Death Sentence, Flay, Basic, Box if you need to, otherwise use that combo again if you need to, and perhaps throw in an ignite.

High Level (11-15) By now you should be pretty powerful, so harrass a bit, then death sentence, flay, if they start to run, the box, then use that combo again and perhaps throw into ignite to obtain the kill.

Epic Level (16-18) Death Sentence, Flay, Basic, Death Sentence/Flay/Flash, Box, and if you need to, flay/basic/ignite/death sentence.

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Ranked Play

If you are playing in a ranked match and do not have a jungler, you may want to buy a ruby sightstone early rather than one of your other items, then buy the other item a little later.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Tanky, Can save lives, quite hard to kill, can kill quite well. My personal record in a PvP (Non-Ranked) is 11/2/6, while saving a couple of lives.

Cons: At mid level, falls quite a bit compared to other champions.
If you do not get enough minon kills and souls early game, its very hard to pick back up.
The first few times you use thresh, you may find him a bit hard. After the first few matches you will start to use him well though.
Most people do not know that they have to click on the lantern, so that may be a bit annoying both for you and the person who just died.


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