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Build Guide by viziroth

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author viziroth

tiamat gangplank -updating-

viziroth Last updated on December 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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2.Runes/Masteries/Summoner Spells
5.Early Game(1-6)
6.Mid Game(6-13)
7.Late Game(13-18)

1. Summary

This build gives you a decent amount of mana gen from the seals, charm, and mana pot. So deny often early. Thanks to the avarice blades and your q you should get some mad farm. Tiamat will make you farm even faster, once you get a Tiamat a parley crit will destroy all ranged creeps in a wave. Tiamat will also help in team fights, since after you finish trinity force, crits will do 1k damage with parley, so that's 350 on average to enemies next to your parley target. You should have no problem farming both trinity force and infinity edge after Tiamat.
Final build is Tiamat, boots of swift, trinity force, infinity edge, phantom dancer, phantom dancer.
IF the game is lasting a long time and all your gold isn't being wasted on elixirs, sell either your Tiamat or boots for either a last whisper, black cleaver, or blood thirster.

2. Runes/Masteries/Summoner Spells

9 armor pen marks
9 mp5/level seals
9 cdr/level glyphs
3 health quints

b.alternative runes
Most of my runes are from preference. You need CDr runes, however feel free to use crit damage marks or quints and dodge seals. If you use crit chance runes, you won't need a second phantom dancer.

The only critical masteries to get are sunder for armor pen, lethality for crit damage, and Awareness to accentuate gangplanks leveling advantage. The rest pick to taste.

d.Summoner Spells
Ghost and Exhaust
You are one of the fastest champions in the game, with nearly 600 movement when you finish your build. So I picked abilities that would capitalize this, no one should be able to catch you while you're ghosting.
Exhaust helps you get kills and survive early games and is great for taking their carry out of team fights.

e.alternative spells
flash is always an OK spell to pick up
you don't need cleanse, you have remove scurvy.
Teleport is OK... but mid game you usually have 477 move speed so it isn't necessary.

3. Skills
Get 1 level of Raise Moral first so that you can deny all early game.
Parley is the first skill you max it is your main farming and damage skill.
Get 1 level of remove scurvy so you have the cleanse effect it's the last skill you max.
Get your ult whenever you can.
Max Raise Moral second, this skill allows you to be incredibly fast.

4. items
Start off with rejuvenation bead, faerie charm, and a mana pot.
Try not to go back to base until you can buy 2 avarice blades and basic boots, between the 6 minute and 14 minute mark(yeah I know that's a long time span... but eh, I haven't timed it enough)
Depending on how well you farm, you should get Tiamat and swift boots before the 20 minute mark, 15 minute mark if you're doing really well.
Once you have Tiamat you should be destroying entire creep waves quickly, allowing you to farm insane amounts.
Sheen is your big damage item, it is like a guaranteed crit for every parley, allowing you to get 3x crits.
If you feel like you need the health or the slow, go ahead and get phage before zeal, however the crit chance and move speed from zeal I find is better in most situations.
After trinity force, go for infinity edge, usually I get the crit item first, but feel free to get b.f. sword first.
Next sell your avarice blades for phantom dancers.
If you think you need to have the CDr and armor pen from ghostblade, upgrade one of your avarice to a ghost blade instead of phantom dancer, although I usually find the constant move speed increase, attack speed increase, and higher crit chance of phantom dancer to be great advantages.
If you are facing a team with a lot of high armor champs, you might want to get a black cleaver or last whisper instead of one of the phantom dancers, or if your having a really good game and have a ton of extra gold, sell the Tiamat for one.
If you use crit chance runes, get black cleaver, blood thirster, or last whisper instead of a second phantom dancer.

5. Early game
Wait at your nexus for minions to spawn, deny the first melee creep with raise moral and run with the wave, your skill you be off cool down to deny a second creep before the creeps start fighting.
Use raise moral whenever it's off cool down, at least make sure you get every siege unit.
Get some last hits with parley once it's level 2, it's a waste of mana at level 1 just use your basic attack.
you do not want to push the lane, try to stay as close to your turret as possible. Only attack creeps if you think it will kill it.
If you don't have any mana problems harass the enemy champion(s) with parley.
Done correctly you should be at least 2 levels above the enemies in your lane, at least 4 if you're in a 2(them)-v-1(you) lane.
If they are below 300 health after level 3 you should be able to kill them with raise moral buff and 2 parleys... if not just that ghost/exhaust will guarantee a kill.

6. Mid game
Once you hit 6 save at least enough mana to use your ult at all times and keep great map awareness. If an enemy is ever stupid enough to get close to an allied tower, use your ult on them.
If your team needs help with a gank, either initiating or escaping, use your ult.
An enemy is running away with under 150 hp, use your ult.
around level 7 you can start ganking, but don't become a constant roamer, you are a carry and still need to keep your farm up.
In team fights, try to stay on the out side doing damage with your parley. Focus on their squishy mages or carry. If they have a healer try to get a basic attack off on enemy champions in order to apply your passive, but run away right after wards.
Don't waste remove scurvy, save it until most of the enemies CC's have been wasted or there is no other way to survive.

Late game
If you've followed this guide and have at least average skill.... You should know what to do late game...
Have fun dealing tons of damage!!!!!