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Nasus Build Guide by MControl

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MControl

Tiamat Nasus/Freight Train Nasus

MControl Last updated on June 5, 2012
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1 - Introduction

Nasus is an amazing, well rounded champ. No matter how you build him, he's going to be significantly tanky, and wade through team fights. It's also very easy to try new builds and variations on him. Amongst the many builds ive tried and seen on Nasus, two stand out as being ridiculous. And will scare the life out of anyone who isnt mundo. These are the Tiamat Nasus, and the Movement speed nasus.

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2 - Nasus Basics

Nasus has 2 key skill that he uses to ruin your enemies day.
First is his Q. For every Last hit he lands with it, its damage increases by 3. While that may not seem too major at first, let me remind you that IT HAS NO CAP. Thats right, ladies and gentlemen, his Q just hits harder and harder the longer you farm it. If you felt like farming it up 300 times, you'd have a bonus damage of 900, in addition to the base damage and AD scaling. And just because its an on-hit effect, we get the Tri-force to make people cringe at the sight of your illuminated staff.
His R, his ult, turns him into a giant Anubis, grants him a bonus 600 health at max lvl, and deals 5% of enemies health as damage to them in an aura around him. The trick to this is to...
wade into the teamfight, and hit all the buttons, as it will make you tankier, surviving enough hits to start hitting back, and with tiamat nasus, the teamfight is over. You'll walk in, press r, press q, hit something, and sit back to the sound of "QUADRA KILL"

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3 - Move Speed Nasus? How is that scary?

Nasus is somewhat unique in the fact that he doesnt need to buy damage items to be able to deal massive damage. However, Nasus, like many other tanky champs, doesnt really have the movespeed to take advantage of it in the current mobility-centric meta. just buying boots doesnt help much, since nearly everyone buys boots anyway. The trick is to run the right runes and masteries, since doing it correctly scores you a 9.5% move speed bonus at the start. And since the best move speed items also run high crit chances, might as well take advantage of it and get the I. Edge, since it synergizes well with the rest of the items. At the end of this, you have a Nasus who, seeing someone pushing a lane, moves like a freight train towards them.

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5 - Summoner Spells

Personally, I tend to run exhaust and teleport on most champs. However, For Nasus, especially Move Speed Nasus, I will run exhaus and ghost. There are some summoner spells though, that should NEVER be used seriously on nasus. clairvoyance and surge. clairvoyance - its a nice utility spell, but since as nasus, you're likely soloing top, it pales in comparison to other spells that directly apply to your lane. Surge - It just has very little use on nasus. the bonus ap is minor, and the attack speed just doesnt do enough for it to be very viable in comparison to others.