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Trundle Build Guide by Ireliavent

Top Time to start an ice age - Season 4 Trundle

By Ireliavent | Updated on August 2, 2018
48 Votes
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Pros and Cons


+ Has a lot of Crowd Control
+ Strong early game damage
+ Awesome dance
+ Great counter to tanks
+ Good split push potential
+ Viable in tons of teamcombos
Trundle is a amazing champion of choice. His King's Tribute is a passive granting quite some sustain. As he get increased attack speed from Frozen Domain, achieving early kills isn't something to overlook. Pillar of Ice is a great contribute to his Ability-set. Trundle brings a lot to a team-fight, and is a great split pusher. His humorous attack animation makes me smile every time. "You can never bash something too many times!"


+ Vulnerable to CC
+ Single target damage
+ Bad against ranged champions
+ Mana dependent early on
+ Hard to fully master
+ Horrible wave clear
Trundle also has some weaknesses. His single-target damage really punishes him in late games, as he only can focus one at a time. His ultimate is most likely going to be used at the enemy tank, while the rest of the team is interested in the back line. Ranged champions is also considered a counter for Trundle. In the early stages of the game he's quite mana dependent to win trades and to pick up kills.
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Offensive tree (9 points)
This offensive mastery-setup is quite normal when it comes to tanky top-laners. As we try to follow our meta, to counter it, I decided to only go with 9 points into this offensive tree. In the first tier, I decided to go with Fury for the attack speed, because it'll increase our last-hitting accuracy. Butcher does also help with this annoyance early on. This problem is the reason I went with Brute Force too; minions are important. Feast will help you sustain, as Trundle is mana dependent early on, and Martial Mastery will ensure you both trading power and in general more attack damage.

Defensive tree (21 points)
These masteries are what makes us able to reach this tanky point earlier than any champion in the rift. As the current meta yells for a tanky top-laner, we serve this with 21 points. We'll spend points into Block and Unyielding , as this gives us the chance to duel your lane opponent as he will deal less damage. Juggernaut , Recovery and Perseverance are more of late-game-masteries. These masteries combined with e.g. Warmog's Armor is a great combo. Health for days! Hardiness and Resistance are increasing your base Armor and Magic Resistance as fast as you load into the rift, Oppression works flawlessly with Randuin's Omen! (thanks to Knightro for the tip) Reinforced Armor is indeed another late-game mastery, as it reduces critical chance taken. Imagine the enemy jungler or ADC picking up some critical chance. Second Wind is a really useful mastery in almost every phase of the game. Reading its description, it'll for example sustain you throughout a very close fight. If it could not deny the enemy killing you, it can at least slow them down when turret-diving you. Tenacious is a huge mastery, and reduces tenacity so much it's worth picking up.
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Greater Mark of Attack Damage
This Mark is a aggressive rune to carry in your inventory. As I've mentioned, Trundle's early game is fairly strong. Taking 9 Attack Damage Marks amplifies this early game advantage even more, making sure grabbing kills isn't big of a problem. Dueling Trundle in the early game phases is a real bad idea.

Greater Seal of Armor
This Seal is maybe the most used Seal in the game. This cheap, incredible rune grants you a bunch of base armor at level 1! Taking nine of those heavily decreases both champion and minion poke as you're more vulnerable to them. This rune is very cost efficient!

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
This Glyph is a rune for the later phases of the game. When you either start roaming, or you and your team groups up, this exact rune will grant you Magic Resistance. As Trundle needs to build both against Attack Damage and Ability Power, picking up some Magic Resist isn't a bad idea.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
If you're laning against a physical damage dealer at top lane, you're able to pick up these glyphs. Since your enemy laner don't have any magic damage, you can as an alternative, pick scaling ones so you'll have more MR whenever you and you team meets up. These are simply more efficient.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Quint of Attack Damage will give you a higher kill-potential in the early phases of the game, despite you're recall button will more frequently be pressed (most likely). After the nerf of Life Steal Quints, Attack Damage became much more useful. You're also able to pick up HP Regeneration. This decision comes up to every person themselves, considering their play-style is either careful or aggressive.

Greater Quintessence of Health Regeneration
You're also able to pick up this rune as an alternative. To patch up the nerf of the Life Steal Quints, Health Regeneration Quints were the obvious choice. It grants you great sustain in lane, but it gives away some of Trundle's early game presences, sadly.
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Flash teleports your champion towards your cursor. This Summoner Spell works great with Trundle, as he should be able to Flash to avoid for example Brand's Sear. Flash is the most frequent Summoner Spell, and works with almost every champion.
Teleport is where we start talking. This is an incredible fun Summoner Icon that works with Trundle. As I've mentioned, Trundle is a great split pusher. With his Teleport, he could be wherever he want, and then suddenly teleport into a fight when it breaks out.

Ignite lights the targeted enemy on fire. This is a offensive Summoner Icon, and could be in great use assisting kills or finish off targets. Notice this spell deals true damage, making it somewhat powerful. This is really efficient against champions as Tryndamere, which you'll probably meet one day in your top lane. Ignite also reduces healing reduction, making it a counter for you but also other top-lane champions. An example of this is Dr. Mundo's Sadism.

Ghost ignores collisions and gives extra movement speed. If any champions, as Hecarim, comes to collide with you, you will simply sprint away. This can be used as an escape ability, and a offensive ability. When you use this, remember to use Trundles Pillar of Ice! This will definitely give you the ability to run into or even further than the targeted enemy.

I've actually used this Summoner Icon frequently with Trundle, believe it or not. It might seem useful in any way, but I've learnt to exploit Trundles early game phase into kills. Whenever I fight an enemy, I'll use Exhaust mid-fight, reducing his damage dealt by 30%, 50% less attack speed and 30% less movement speed. This will most likely give me an early kill, or at least burn an enemy Flash.
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King's Tribute
Whenever an enemy unit near Trundle dies, he heals for 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 % of their maximum health. The amount is increased at levels 5, 9, 12 and 15. Trundles passive allows him great sustain.
Explanation and tips

Trundle bites, dealing 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 (+ 100 / 105 / 110 / 115 / 120 % of total AD) AD and slowing its target by 75% for 0.1 seconds. This attack increases Trundle's attack damage by 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 for 8 seconds.
Explanation and tips

Frozen Domain
Trundle coats a target 1000-radius location with ice for 8 seconds, gaining 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 % movement speed, 20 / 35 / 50 / 65 / 80 % attack speed, and 8 / 11 / 14 / 17 / 20 % increased healing from all sources while he is on it.
Explanation and tips

Pillar of Ice
Trundle creates a pillar at a location for 6 seconds, creating impassable terrain and slowing all enemy units by 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45% around the pillar for .25 seconds. The slow duration is refreshed if enemies stay within the area around the pillar.
Explanation and tips

Trundle drains 20 / 24 / 28 % (+ 2% per 100AP) of an enemy champion's max health as magic damage and 40% of their armor and magic resist, half immediately and half over 4 seconds. The armor and magic resist bonus/reduction lasts for 4.
Explanations and tips
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Starting items

Doran's Shield
Doran's Shield is a great optional start. If laning against champions as Kennen, which is your counter (see Matchup-chapter), this is the start who will give you the greatest chance as possible. Doran's Shield grants Health, Regeneration as well as blocking 8 damage from champions basic attack. Laning against champions who I rated 3 or more, you should buy this as your starting item.

Doran's Blade
This start could be chosen if you're playing against a champion you're doing well against. Doran's Blade gives you amazing sustainable statistics. You'll for sure be able to sustain in lane for your required 1725 gold. This item works great with your Frozen Domain, as this will give you incredible regeneration stats.

Health Potion
This may be the most frequent item in League of Legends. As almost every start recommends you to start with at least one, you'll understand strengths of this. It only costs 35 gold, which makes this item cost efficient. It will basically grant you some small amounts of health over a period of time.

Greater Totem
This is a item which the game laid its hand around in Season 4. It made huge impact for almost every role in a team. It act as a ward, short-lasting. Despite this, it costs nothing. It doesn't even take up a inventory-space! In later phases of the game, you're able to pick up a Oracle's Lens in stead. This is for denying vision.

Boots of Speed
This is a very useful item to buy in the early phases of the game. It'll basically give you extra movement speed. This item is useful in a lot of ways; when leaving or entering a lane, roaming, escaping and chasing champions. Its further upgrades makes this item even more useful - always build this item in early game as a Trundle!

Mid-game items

Blade of the Ruined King
Blade of the Ruined King is my favorite item when playing as Trundle. This huge damage-spike is often underestimated and arrives shockingly for your lane opponent. If you ever get to duel your laner, you'll very likely to win. There are few people who have killed me in lane, especially after my Blade of the Ruined King finished. It also have a very useful active. This active slows your target, and could be used defensively and aggressively.

Randuin's Omen
Randuin's Omen is an item chosen to counter ADC's. Their high damage output will be devastating in teamfights - therefore we build a item to avoid that from happening. It'll grant us with some armor to void taking that much damage from their auto-attacks, as well as its passive which deduces the attack speed of whoever is attacking him. Its active is also useful when you're close up to the ADC - it'll slow their movement speed so you'll be able to bash them some times.

Spirit Visage
There's always a strong Ability Powered champion in the game. Either it's a godlike Elise running the jungle, or you'll have a devastating Fizz living in the mid-lane. This item will basically give you Magic Resistance and health, just to avoid you getting stomped by these champions. This item also give you some cooldown reduction, just in addition, but be aware of this. You'll be able to use your Q even more frequently after this item is finished. But remember: if the enemy team doesn't have any AP Champion, run purely armor. This is after all a really odd scenario.

Ninja Tabi / Mercury's Treads
These are the upgraded I talked about earlier. Note that I've listed two boots: you'll get whatever fit your current game. If you're more scared facing off the enemy ADC, run Ninja Tabi. They will grant you armor and 10% reduced damage received from auto-attacks. If you're even more afraid of stumbling upon any AP based champion, run Mercury's Treads, as they will give you Magic Resistance. You'll also get 10% Tenacity when buying Mercury's Treads - this is important to remember!

Late-game items

Ravenous Hydra
Ravenous Hydra is a situational item. In other words, it's mainly used for split pushing. This item is built to cover some of Trundle's horrible wave clear, as it will deal AoE (Area of Damage). The situations when Ravenous Hydra should be built is when your team is totally reliant on the champions in the game. If you know your team are able to hold mid-lane turrets alive as 4v5, buy this item. It'll grant you much better split pushing potential and enemies will actually have to react to your act fast, leave the mid lane and come towards you.

Maw of Malmortius
This item-choice is shared a similarity with the previous item - it is a viable but not bought in every situation. There are two important passives to remember; you'll get +1 attack damage from every 2% health you're missing. This gives you the ability to deal plenty of damage even if you're focused, for example in a team fight, and its other passive will allow you to dive the enemy back-line. The item is build when facing a scary AP-damage-dealer.

Sunfire Cape
Another good, viable choice for Trnundle. Having this item attached to your pocket is a confident choice, and you'll really be able to survive through the enemy ADC's horrible attacks. It'll also light you on fire, ensuring magic damage will be dealt to close enemies. This adds a lot of clearing speed - which is important when split-pushing. If you're a dedicated split pusher, I do not recommend you going for this item (go for Ravenous Hydra).

Warmog's Armow
Warmog's Armor is a item primarily for tankier stats. The item provides sustain, which fluently works with your Frozen Domain. This item should be built if your jungler is more a bruiser than a tank (i.e. Elise), and you are most likely the only tank. If your job simply is to tank turret-shots, Baron, enemy abilities, this item is a viability which shouldn't be overlooked.

Thornmail is another viable item when the enemy damage output primarily comes from auto-attacking. If you know the enemy ADC will focus you (in case you dive), you can build this to return her damage before you even get close. This item is a beast in late-game as the ADC(s) have increased attack speed, and will deal more damage per second. Be careful when building it; you need to be able to take some damage, and positioning in teamfights becomes even more important.

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel is maybe the most frequent late game item I build while playing Trundle. I tend to go for the enemy ADC, and on my way there, I'm very good at soaking up damage. It takes time learning when to build this item, as its passive could be either useless or useful. I tend to go for Guardian Angel when I know I'm going to be dropped to low health when a fight breaks out.

Banshee's Veil
Banshee's Veil is a strategic item when playing against a special combo. One example of this was "Cloud9's double AP"-combo. Banshee's Veil can be extremely useful when playing against one of these AP-champs at top lane (in this case, Gragas). It gives you 450 health and 55 Magic Resist. Its passive includes a shield who blocks the next ability of any champion when you haven't taken any damage in 25 seconds. If you take damage, it's going to be 25 seconds before the shield refreshes. This item is kind of similar to Maw of Malmortius, and shouldn't be overlooked!
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Early game

Trundle is a difficult champion to lane with. Your early game strengths should be exploited, not forced. Whenever your enemy makes a mistake, or tries to go for a minion, punish him if you are able. This can easily be done by auto attack him once, maybe followed up by a Chomp. Since Chomp resets your auto attack timer, it gives you the option to Chomp right after you've auto attacked.

You have good sustain (with the Doran's Blade-route), and you should be able to duel many of your opponents. Health Potions can be used with Frozen Domain, as it increases all healing income by a fair amount. Stand within its circle and pop a potion!
Be careful thought: don't overextend, stay back, and farm under turret if you're forced to do so. However, if you're up against an easy matchup, never give him any advantages. Contest every minion he's going for - try to deny him as much farm as possible. If you're able to hit level 2 before your opponent, it's a plus. You might want to go for some early game aggression (if you have more minions than him). If you're not sure you're going to win the trade, stay back. You never want to give up early kills.

However, if you're the one being punished and forced to farm below your turret, use your Chomp as a tool. It'll give you increased attack damage, making it easier to calculate when to hit a minion. For CS'ing melee minions, wait until the turret has attacked twice, the auto attack. For caster minions, the turret would auto attack once, and followed up by an auto-attack, you'll get farm needed.


What is considered the middle phase of the game is where the fun in Trundle arrives. You're able to roam, farm and even counter-jungle. Taking small trips down to the middle lane could be very useful to get lanes going. You're best off ganking enemy mid-laners with no escapes, but you could use your Pillar of Ice to make some sweet blockades. You can i.e. block Kha'Zix's Leap if he tries to use this as an escape tool.

In this phase of the game is where your teleport comes in use - you can use it to turn important fights. After you received your Blade of the Ruined King, you're a beast. You'll slowly turn more tanky while you get more items. But remember, don't forget to stay in lane. You have a turret to protect, a turret to take down and minions to kill. You're gold income is critical at this point of the game - be sure to get a constant flow of it.

You shouldn't overlook neither dragon-fights, nor baron-fights. Playing as a team in whole will slowly turn more important, as you and your team at some point has to defend one single lane (most frequently mid-lane). Use the map as your friend and help out team-mates caught in a fault position.


At this point you're most likely your teams tank. They are really reliant on you for winning fights for important objects and gold income. Be sure to stay with your team. Defend turrets as it's necessary, and don't be shy to use your teleport. Your split push potential is AMAZING. You'll shred turrets in seconds - using a combination of Frozen Domain and Chomp. Whenever your team calls for help, teleport right in the fight. Secure objectives as Baron, Dragon and towers. Always use your ultimate at the enemy tank, to get the maximum effects the ultimate will have to offer.

When a team-fight break out, be careful where you position yourself. If your support is a play-maker (i.e. Thresh) who will throw themselves into the fight, you need to watch out for your ADC. In other words, you want to keep your ADC alive whilst ruining theirs. I watched E-Sports once, and a team left Gambit Gaming's ADC (Genja) to deal damage. The enemy team instantly lost the fight because of their fault focusing.

Continuing on, a simple, tactical placement of Pillar of Ice would maybe help fulfill this requirement, as the range of this ability is quite big. Remember to lay down Frozen Domain before you use your ultimate - it'll give you increased health income!
Now, as you've become a tanky beast with your ultimate and secured your own ADC, go for theirs!
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All these champions are rated after how well you will lane against them.
Rated 1/5: The champion will be easy to lane against
Rated 2/5: The champion will be okay to lane against
Rated 3/5: The champion is around the same level than you, and your game mechanics will count.
Rated 4/5: There will be difficult to lane against a champion like this.
Rated 5/5: You'll most likely have to last-hit under your turret. Difficult matchup.

Dr. Mundo:






























































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Trundle is a great choice against tank-picks. Trundle is able to do both jungling and top laning extremely well. I prefer playing Trundle top, as his ability set is made to destroy (bash). The enjoyment while playing Trundle is also what makes him my champion of choice. And to top everything off, split pushing is really efficient with this champion. You'll literally destroy turrets in seconds in the later phases of the game!

Special thanks to:
Uproar - making the first set of beautiful banners and pictures. Uproar's workshop could be found here.
Ubnoxious - making the second set of beautiful banners and pictures. His workshop could be found here!
hidan159 - letting me use his matchup-chapter design in his amazing Jinx guide.
Janitsu - making the cute icy thingies below the ability pictures. Request your own here!
Meiyjhe and PsiGuard - finding errors and reviewing the guide.

Garrmor, Der Pottwal, Winand, Nano Penguin - useful friends from the EUW server!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you rush Blade of the Ruined King on Trundle?
Blade of the Ruined King is a really good item for Trundle, as he is most likely able to duel his opponent laner as he gets this item. A combination of everything, even Blade's active, is really useful for early sustain and even kills.

Why does Trundle fit so well in the current meta?
Trundles ultimate, which steals tank-stats, is really useful for teamfights and even in laning phase. Trundle becomes a beast with this ultimate. Trundles sustain is also quite important when considering his recent popularity.

Is it possible to counter Trundle? If so, how?
It's not easy to counter Trundle, as Trundle is a general counter to the current meta and is often considered a counter-pick. If, however, you know you'll face Trundle in lane, pick any ranged champion who can do easy escapes, in addition of constant poke. An example of this is Kennen.

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