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Tired of being a fail Kayle?

Last updated on June 12, 2010
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Since the patch, I feel the best way to play Kayle is either DPS or Support, this build is my way of trying to mix the two. Well, really it's just support, but since Kayle is such a sexy angel she's one of the few that can play as support and still out kill the top dps champs.

With this build you're going for cool-down reduction, attack speed, and ability power. I completely do away with magic penetration and here's why; magic pen doesn't seem to help as much when you look at Kayle's overall abilities. Only 2 of Kayle's spells benefit from magic pen, and let's take her righteous fury (fire sword) for example. Even if you're doing 60 in magic damage a whack, which is somewhat modest even during end game, you're magic pen is probably helping you do only about 15 of that dmg to the average enemy champion.

The only spell that really benefits from magic penetration would be reckoning. Let's say your reckoning is doing 500dmg, your enemies magic resistance could reduce almost half of that. That's pretty significant, but to me, one spell isn't worth the rune slots. It's about being a team player homie. :)


Reckoning: I mainly use this spell to harass early in the game and as a slow. It's not my primary ability on this build.

Divine blessing: Believe it or not this spell does benefit from cool-down reduction. It's an 8 second cooldown, but even if it's reduced by 1 second, I'm usually spamming it to heal me and my lane partner so we're always at full health.

Rightous fury: This is your killer, also it's great for hitting the turret because you get to keep your distance, as well as hit any enemy minions that are around it.

Early game: Harass and heal, I use righteous fury to try and weaken minions for my lane partner so he can get the finishing blows. What can I say, I'm a nice guy. Don't weaken minions so your minions get the killing blows though... I pick up the amplifying tome instead of Doran's ring because the more ap, the more harass dmg, and the better my heals are on me, and my lane buddy. I don't usually have a problem with mana regen due to clarity and runes. I also pick up the tome because, I almost always go into soulstealer.

Mid game: This is where I decide what items I'm going to get. By now you can see what builds your team mates are going, so if they are going defensive and have more cautious builds, (which is rare) I pick up sword of the occult, even before I buy my boots. With a soul stealer and an occult, you are in the makings of creating a monster Kayle. Normally I don't pick up the sword, but every now and then a game allows me to, and it is funnnnn! Boots of Mobility is a must. The faster, the better you can get in the battle to pop off a heal, or shield your partner with your ult in the nick of time. Also it's great for getting into the fight to get an assist or accidental kill steal. Hee Hee All the better for stacking your book, and/or sword.

End Game: Righteous Fury is your friend, it's your money maker when farming minions, and doing splash dmg to grouped enemy champs during team fights. You have to have RAGE BLADE! Hextech gun-blade is usually the last item I pick up, and I only get guardian angel if I'm worried about protecting my stacks.

Anyway, this is how I play Kayle, and if you ever look up my profile "hoobladarf" you can see that I got a pentakill with this build :) Kayle is one of my most played champs.

Everyone plays differently and I appreciate the critique, but keep in mind of the points I made here in your own builds with Kayle.