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Vayne Build Guide by InfestedSugar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author InfestedSugar

To Be Vayne Is No Sin (Written Portion Under Construction)

InfestedSugar Last updated on November 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my very first guide written on my favorite AD Carry of all time, Vayne. I feel she is an underrated AD Carry who has a lot of potential over the current top 3 AD's (Ezreal, Corki, Graves). She is probably the second most ugly, but best late game AD Carry this game has to offer. She has a 2 second auto attack reset positioning skill which scales of AD, a percentage HP TRUE DAMAGE shred, hard cc as a basic skill, and is one fast as hell lady who can go invisible.

Now a little bit about me; I am currently sitting around ~1540 elo (highest ~1600) and have been playing this game for around a year and a half now. While I may not be 2k elo and whatnot, I believe that I have a great understanding of many champions in this game and their mechanics, Vayne being one of my favorites.

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Pros / Cons


- low mana costs
- hard cc pre-6
- best late game AD Carry
- not dependent on armor penetration
- can deal damage simply with attack speed


- weak early game
- needs great positioning to be effective

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

9 Greater Marks of Strength - Vayne's Tumble Scales of AD and we max it, plus this allows for easier last hitting. Although with the recent armor penetration changes coming up, armor penetration marks are also viable, but I personally would not go with them.

9 Greater Seals of Resilience - Vayne is the squishiest early game AD Carry in the game and this really helps since the enemy AD Carry with try to force you out of lane due to your lack of early game.

9 Greater Glyphs of Warding - As said above, Vayne is really squishy and you will see a lot of champions like Corki and Sona who deal massive amounts of magic damage. These are what will help you survive against them.

3 Greater Quintessences of Strength - Same reason as Marks.

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I take 19-11 Masteries on Vayne and I will just tell you about the most "note-worthy" mastery points.

"Tough Skin" + "Indomitable" - These two masteries are really important towards Vayne because taking these will allow you to play more aggressive through minion without having to worry about their aggro damage nearly as much as you would without these. I mean think about it, you lose 4 damage per minion attacking you, and assuming during a chase 5-7 minions aggro you and hit you 5 times, you will save your self from 100-190 damage. Not only this but you can actually freeze your lane if you are far ahead enough with these masteries without completely relying on your support to tank damage for you.

"Veteran Scars" - Vayne is the squishiest AD Carry early game and you are going to need some hp to help trade better, which is where this mastery comes into play. For one thing, you will be closer towards 5 bars of HP early on, making you seem not nearly as easy prey as you would with just 4 bars of HP. Secondly, they actually do make you harder prey for the enemy!

"Weapon's Expertise" + "Sunder" - Even though flat armor penetration is applied before percentage armor penetration (currently), "Sunder" will still boost your early game damage by a lot and "Weapon's Expertise" will boost your late game when it stacks with your Last Whisper.

This is personally my favorite mastery set right now, however, some of you may prefer a 21-9-0 to give up damage reduction for more killing potential (which isn't too effective when you see the math). Others may also go for the 9 in the Utility Tree because they like to spam their tumble 24/7 and get 30 seconds more of buff time. It all depends on your preference and on a champion like Vayne I really do not think it matters too much.