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Too Bad to be LeBlanc

Last updated on December 11, 2010
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This is what I have been using the past couple days.
I tried the standard builds for LeBlanc and felt they were really lack-luster.

This build is VERY different from any LeBlanc build I have seen so far.

This build isn't met for mid-laning either. You are almost guaranteed first blood if you have a competent lane partner.

Ignite to help first blood, and ganks/kills. Clarity because LeBlanc is VERY mana hungry and this helps you lane longer and pull off kills when you normally wouldn't be able to

I start with Boots + pots, I feel like damage and health are fine at the start, but the move speed helps me position for my harass/kill combo.
I don't take the magic pen in masteries because I found it doesn't help once I have Sorc shoes + Haunting Guise, and if the game lasts forever you should pick up an abyssal(so unless they have a tank stacking MR, you will be doing at least 80% magic dmg to everyone)

I put 1 too many Hextechs in the item list(but I have stacked WotA + Hextech before on TT, makes you godlike imho)

Stay in the brush as much as you can, come out to 1 shot minions. Once you hit level 2, start harassing as much as possible!
It's best to start your combo from the brush so that when you distort back your covered.
Max Sigil first, then Distortion and lastly max Chains. Taking Mimic whenever possible.
I like to Max Sigil > Distort because it really helps your early/mid game with ganks/kills

Anyway. I've got to run for now. Let me know what you guys think.

PS. I'm using this build at level 9 right now(which is why I didn't do runes/masteries fully)