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Last updated on August 28, 2015
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Skill Sequence

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Boomerang Throw/ Boulder Toss will be the first spell you choose and the first spell you prioritize upgrading. Boomerang Throw deals heavy AD damage, slows and can proc 1-2 parts of your Hyper on an enemy; this is good for starting an attack, getting the final hit and farming in-lane. Boulder Toss deals more AD damage and can potentially slow more opponents, however it does not proc Hyper.

Concentrate on Hyper/Wallop next.Hyper deals damage based on the target's HP and can be easily abused with attack speed, whilst Wallop deals heavy AD damage and stuns opponents. Both spells are very good and are the most helpful for each form. They will be your secondary source of damage output.

Hop/Crunch will be the second spell you choose, but the final spell you prioritise in upgrading. Hop provides attack speed and excellent mobility by allowing you to jump closer to the enemy or run away if necessary, just remember that Gnar will bounce on any unit (ally, enemy and neutral). Crunch provides an excellent initiating spell and will slow all enemies in the impact zone, however he will not bounce using it. But if Gnar uses Hop to trigger Rage Gene, he will bounce on the first unit he touches then finishes with the Crunch.

GNAR! is the ultimate spell and will be upgraded whenever possible. It's passive effect turns Mini Gnar into a running machine capable of chunking your health down with Hyper, it's active effect however can be game changing in a team-fight. Mega Gnar throws all nearby enemy units in one direction and will stun + deal bonus damage if they collide with the map, use this successfully and you can stun an entire team whilst dealing 600 (+75% AD) damage.


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