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Top Lane Zac

Last updated on March 31, 2013
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Hello everyone, my name is Chris (also known as Chaosx89 on EU west) and this is my first guide here on mobafire. In this guide I will discuss my opinion on Zac and help everyone who is interested in learning more about this totally amazing champion!

As you all know Zac has just been out for two days, and judging from the way people play him, he looks hard and some tend to fail, but i'm here to help you with that. I wont lie i failed alot aswell on the start but then after hours of trying out builds i've actually managed to turn the tables around badly.

This Guide is just about covering top lane.

Also please be patient with me i plan on updating this guide as the time goes but for now its just a little plain :/. Only time will tell

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Pros / Cons


1. Very fun to play
2. All Around CC
3. Great Escape or way to get enemy
4. Very Usefull in Team fights
5. Great Farmer
6. Can tower dive easily


1. Squishy
2. Your moves could hurt you more if not careful
3. Teemo can kill you.....
4. Stuns will mess up your Ultimate
5. Never get greedy

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How your items work

philosopher's stone : Its a very good item for top lane especially if you are having a bad time there most players will take the advantage of you, since Zac is new and no one has fully mastered him. The Hp regeneration and the 5 Gold per 10 Seconds is good enough to keep the gold flowing as you farm aswell us give you back hp

Sunfire Cape: i prefer getting this bad boy before Warmog's Armor for the 45 armor and the 40 dmg per second to nearby enemies, so not only does it give you a good sustain, nice hp but also a boost of dmg what more can you ask for? :)

Liandry's Torment: I like to add a little Magic penetration in my build just incase enemy builds up magic resist or if i want to increase my dmg and that is obviously what i want to do

Warmog's Armor: plus 1000hp this item not only gives you that awesum hp bonus but also a little hp regeneration at this point you would get a little bit careless about spamming your abilies.

Mercury's Treads: I prefer this for one reason, Magic resist and its lovely passive this just makes it easy for you to either grab a kill or escape.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Extra SLOW! your enemies at this point will really hate you. It works perfect for you as it gives you HP, Ability Power making you more tanky.

Runic Bulwark: Usually your Support gets it, what i tend to do is ask if
they are or not. This item gives your allies 10 armor 25 magic resist and 10 hp regen, so yes this makes your team a bit tanky aswell as it benefits you by giving you 300hp 20 armor and 30 magic resist.

Thornmail: This item gives you a pretty good Armor giving you good sustain especially if their Adc is fed or you are going up against Tryndamere and we know how annoying he is

Abyssal Mask: This item gives you and your team a decent amount of Magic resist especially against a fed APC

Spirit Visage: 20% cool down reduction... 200 hp... 50magic resist... this item basically allows you to spam your skills more and since it helps you regenerate by 20% wow

I would like to point out that this build works for me but sometimes i dont even follow it completely sometimes i go with the flow depends on who i'm facing which tends to change the buy sequence depends on how my lane goes and you should to. Please feel free to recommend your builds or add any info aswell.

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Thank you Guys for reading this guide i'm sorry its so short :/ as i'm still mastering him and trying to figure it all out i would like to add a few things tho so far i've noticed that Zac is countered by Teemo lol, as the time goes on i will update this guide and make it eventually look professional enough


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