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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Toplane Hybrid Warwick - This is not a Trollguide

Last updated on December 12, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well hi there, this is Xifas - a Silver1-Summoner from EUW, and this is my first Build on Moba.
Don't get me wrong, this is actually not a trollbuild, it CAN work rather well against
certain teamcomps in Ranked and if you kinda know how to play Warwick.
But basically (as far as I see it) it is not something for Ranked games, rather to have
fun in Normals.
You can also jungle with this Build rather well, just replace the Nashors Tooth or whatever
you want to build as your last Item with a Spirit of the Ancient Golem.

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Pros / Cons

- Soo much Sustain
- AD and AP -> Expensive to build Resistances against
- Q chunks out at least 16% HP / 275 Damage + 100 Damage with this build and heals around 300 HP -> Theoretically 700 Damage-Spell
- Pretty funny because it unexpectedly works rather well (Items synergize greatly with his Kit)
- Your W is maxed out worth lots of Gold to your team (roundabout 4000G)
- Can chase down almost anybody
- Can duel almost anybody due to his insane Sustain
- Is a Werewolf and has rather cool and funny Skins
- Pretty tanky due to his Kit
- If played well and correctly you can even carry a game
- You are able to come back even if you do rather bad after you hit Level 6
- You can duel 2 or even 3 enemies at a time after you get Level 6 and some Core Items
- You can turn around lots of 1v1-Fights which may seem to be lost and fool Enemies
- Great Surpressing Ultimate which deals considerable amounts of Damage if not interrupted

- Rather expensive in Itemization
- No real Gap Closers besides his Ultimate
- No Escaping Tool aside from the Speed Buff of his E and his Summoner Spells,
and the Hextech Gunblade after you built it -> you may have to duel Champions even if you
don't want to or are in a bad Situation
- You will probably get flamed for picking an uncommon Toplaner in Ranked, or even just because you chose Warwick because he is not that viable in the Meta (and due to his Kit, which may get reworked soon)
- Your Ult can be interrupted in many ways: Any Knockback or Knockup will interrupt it, as
well as most of the Stuns, and also Quicksilver Sash and Cleanse will cancel the Suppression
- If used wrong, you will die right after ulting in on the enemies because you will get focussed hard
- Ignite counters the **** out of your Sustain, as well as Items that make you bleed
and reduce your Healing
- You will get focussed anyways because it is so annoying to deal with your Ultimate, the slow of the Iceborn Gauntlet, your Chasing Abilities and your Potential to completely nuke the Enemy Carries depending on what they build and if they get out of position
- Your E is pretty useless due to the fact that it is passive. If you forget to turn it on eventually (you normally turn it off to not give you away because your targets will be marked if they fall under 50% HP, so they will know you are nearby) it even is completely useless
- The only constant Damaging Skill you have is your Q, which is not the worst Skill ingame, but it IS only one Skill (your R has somewhat around 40 seconds CD on Level 3 with max CDR
- Very vulnerable to Stuns and somewhat to Slows too -> Doesn't like to get cc'ed

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You can take almost all Runes as Warwick that are either giving you:
AD, AP, Armor/MRes-Penetration, Movement Speed, Armor and Mres. You could even
go Mana Regen and Cooldown Reduction.
I personally prefer:
Armor Yellows
Mpen/AD/Hybrid Pen Reds
Scaling MRes Blues
and for the Quints, you can take what suits your playstyle best.
If you roam a lot: Movement Quints.
If you AA a lot: AD Quints
If you want your Q to hurt more: AP Quints
If you want to penetrate even MORE: Hybrid Pen Quints.

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For Masteries I go 9 into the Offensive Tree with Sorcery, Butcher and Feast and the AD Masteries, but you can also take Attackspeed-Masteries (more AA's to heal you up with your Passive) or the AP Masteries to heal and deal more Damage with your Q's.
It is also possible to go 21/9/0 or even 30/0/0, or 0/30/0. Warwick can take advantage of
almost all setups in the Offensive and Defensive Masteries.
In the Defensive Tree I rather like to go for Evasive since you will have to ult into
the enemy backline onto the AD/AP Carry or the Support, if needed, and you will rather take
more AOE-Spells than Criticals by the AD. Second Wind is almost a MUST HAVE for Warwick since
it synergizes so well with his Passive.

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For the Items, start with a Dorans Ring, a Health and a Mana Potion and the Warding Totem.
Viable other starts are a Cristalline Flask and some more Potions, as well as Cloth5 or Boots4,
but always take at least 1 Mana Potion with you for starters.
If you get ahead of the enemy Toplaner, get yourself a Sheen. If the Enemy gets ahead by maybe help of his jungler, buy a Glacial Shround if the Enemy Toplaner is AD, or a Spectre's Cowl if he is AP. Completing you Iceborn Gauntlet is essential: It has an AOE-slow, so its easier to chase and apply more AA's since Warwick has no Gapcloser besides his Ult, it gives Cooldown Reduction (more Q's, more W's -> more Item procs, more Ultis), it gives some HP and a lot of Armor which you will need, your Q's will deal more Damage due to the AP, and it gives you a chunk more Mana which you will need, because your Q is pretty feasty on your Mana (110 Mana Cost on Level 5).
Get yourself some Boots depending on the Enemy Team Comp after that, but I recommend getting Mercury's because as I explained, Warwick doesn't like getting cc'ed.
Proceed by looking at what they are building: Mres or Armor.
If they stack heaps of Armor, build your Hextech Revo first - more Damage and Healing with
your Q and more Healing with your R. Otherwise, or if you are having difficulties with chasing an Enemy, build a Bilgewater Cutlass.
Merge them into a Hextech Gunblade afterwards, which is crazy good on Warwick - Its Active
deals some Damage and slows Enemies even further (from a Distance which Warwick may need
depending on the Enemy and if his R is up or not), it gives AP, AD, Lifesteal AND Spellvamp, so everything Warwick needs.
Now what to get? Obviously, a Spirit Visage. It gives the much needed Cooldown Reduction
to Q, W and R more often, and it makes your Iceborn Gauntlet able to proc more often, so more
Damage and more Slows. It also makes you a lot more beefier thanks to the Mres, the extra HP,
and both of its Passives which will grant 20% more healing and on top of that, if you get damage from an Enemy Champion, more HP-Regen per second. It almost does not matter if the
Enemy team has AP-Damage or not, this Item is most likely to pay off for Warwick under any
After that, it's almost up to your choice what to buy and what your team needs -
you can either go more AP, AD or more tanky.
Nevertheless I'd recommend getting Wit's End as your 5th Item, as it gives you some
Attack Speed, Mres, and 42 Extra Damage on every Auto Attack which synergizes pretty
well with your Ultimate.
Other Item Choices which paid off for me are Nashors Tooth, which also has some Damage-On-Hit-Effect like Wit's, and it also gives Attackspeed, AP and more Cooldown Reduction, Trinity Force to move even faster and be able to crit, or Maw of Malmortious which will come in
pretty handy when you ult in on the Enemy Team for more reasons: Mres, more AD the lower your HP drops, and a shield if your HP would drop below 30% by an enemy cast which deals Magic Damage.

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Skill Sequence

Almost nothing to say here.
Max your R and Q as soon as possible, as they are the main sources of your Damage, as well
as your Gap Closer, and your Healing tools.
You can now max either W or E - but I would recommend to max W before E.
E is only for chasing and maybe Map Control, but only if the Enemy is below 50% Health, which they won't be all the time.
Your W on the other hand gives you and your team heaps of Attack Speed, 80% for you and 40% to your surrounding teammates in a pretty large area if activated, which is worth lots of theoretical gold. It also procs the Iceborn Gauntlet, lets you attack faster to heal faster, proc On-Hit-Effects and so on. It will also reward you with Assist if a buffed Ally kills an Enemy, although you may not even have done anything besides a random buff at some point.
At Level 5 and with max Cooldown Reduction, you can have your W active all the time until
you run out of Mana - insane.

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As for Summoner spells, I would recommend taking Flash and Ignite -
Flash for cheesy plays like ulting in on the AD Carry and flashing over a wall right after,
or gap closing over a wall or out of a bush and then ulting a lonesome or fleeing Enemy which
thought it would get away. Ignite to finish off towerhugging toplaners or people with
lots of Lifesteal/HP-Regen like Aatrox or Mundo (or people who rely on Lifesteal-Items like a lot of AD-Toplaners do).
Also viable are:
- Ghost, for more Movement Speed, more Chasing Potential, more Mobility all in all and a lower CD than Flash
- Teleport, for casually teleporting Botlane into a bush and ulting the ADC
- Heal, for even more Sustain and to get out of sticky situations after ulting into
the Enemy Team
- Exhaust to duel some special Toplaners or the ADC
- Smite if you have to jungle instead of going Top

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Well, that's it for my First Guide. I'd appreciate any Commentaries if you either liked it or not, and what could be done better. Try it out: It works. My last game with Hybrid Top Warwick was a Normal Game and I went 20/10/18 (they had 2x GA's and Anivia Passive).