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Torist's Kassadin

Last updated on December 10, 2011
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I:Introduction to Kassadin

Kassadin is probably the best kiter in the game. He is also the safest mage in the game. Because of this, his Q/E base numbers and ratios are a little bit lower than what you'd find on a more 'risky' mage, like Anivia.

So! Where does Torist fit in all of this? :3

Torist isn't too great at determining risk, but he's great at determining reward. Kassadin's Riftwalk provides a free get-out-of-jail card, so he can actually negate risk that normal 'kite' champions, even ones like Nidalee, have to consider.

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II:Kassadin's Role

Kassadin's job is to neutralize threats such as Graves' ult+Q burst. Let's say Graves dashes forward with the intention to QR. If Torist anticipates this and throws his Q mid-dash, then suddenly, Graves it out of position with no immediate threat for the enemy team to worry about, and no escapes; either.(making him a free kill)

Because you take cleanse, flash, and have a 6s flash yourself, you are very safe. This combination of spells lets you negate pretty much any gank or initiation on yourself short of a suppression ultimate.

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III:Kassadin's Skills

Void Stone: This is why you can put off itemizing for MR for so long! :3

Null Sphere: Since its range nerf, it might be a better idea to save this for the counter initiation rather than harassment pre-teamfight; as you might be initiated on.

Force Pulse: The slows can be looked at like this, vs a 400 MS champion:

Level 1:280
Level 2:260
Level 3:240
Level 4:220
Level 5:210(hit movementspeed minimum softcap)

So, the slow isn't 'wasted' until about level 5. However, you want silence duration too: I find leaving Force Pulse at level 3 provides a nice compromise between base damage and slow percentage.

Riftwalk: The stacking feature is why mana tank Kassadin actually works; both AP kass and mana tank Kass do about the same damage, but mana tank Kass can stay in the fight much, much longer.

@Skillbuild: Nether Blade/Force Pulse for levels 10 and 12 are pretty much interchangeable. You can get nether blade earlier if you'd like, though, but I don't tend to use it that much.

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IV:Kassadin's Item Builds

You'll see three different item builds in general on Kassadin, which start out in different ways. So we're going to discuss the two that actually work!

Mana tank and AP. Here's the mastery tree I use :3

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V:Mana Tank

This build shines lategame, but has a distinctive lack of power until it's pretty much endgame. Then you just rape things. Repeatedly. With your lightsaber. :3

1)Saphire Crystal, 2 HP pots
2)Catalyst, more kool-aid
3)Boots 1
5)Sorc Boots
From here on, it sort of gets subjective as to what to build next.
6)Chain Vest->Glacial Shroud, BV, or finish Archangel's.
7)Luxury final items include: Deathcap, hourglass, RoA, Abyssal, randuin's. Really, whatever makes you more effective.

The difference is in how you play this Kassadin. Most if not all of your damage is going to be through Riftwalk. You're like Skarner: you ONLY counter-initiate. Never go in first! But once 1 or 2 go down or if you're REALLY tanky feel free to riftwalk around their squishies and disrupt things with constant slows and silences, since CDR on frozen heart.

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Since I don't play Kassadin AP, I'm just going to tell you how I build Cassiopeia and how that might adapt for Kass xD

1: 3 doran's rings+Sorc boots+haunting guise is what I do on Cass for true damage; relying on her gigantic base DPS to carry me until I farm gold for actual AP. Since Kassadin doesn't have gigantic DPS outside of his ult and Kassadin AP is pretty squishy, I think you'd rather start off with 1 or 2 rings and go straight for a tear into rabadon's.