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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Tournament/Support Blitzcrank

Last updated on August 18, 2010
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I've loved this character since he came out in beta and I have multiple builds with him. Most concerning around teammates and how the pull can be used effectively and efficiently. This build is more concerned around the mid game and how to feed your partner early and often.

This build is meant for people who have played Blitzcrank before and should not be attempted on your first try. Early game will affect this character negatively if not patient or familiar with the character.

Early Game/Before Minions

Use the pull around 1:10-1:45 in the bushes. This is used more used to grief and scare the enemy. Your pull is great for turrets and to feed your teammate. Don't waste your exhaust, not worth it.

Early Game/After Minions

Use the pull only if you are in turret range or if a kill is possible. If your mana is full, use it as an annoyance. You and your lane partner do not want to pass the two sets of bushes in your lane at all times. You are more concerned on the mistakes of the enemy. Having groups of allied minions are just as powerful as a turret since the minions focus on the champion. Wait for these kinds of openings and significant damage will be displayed on the enemy.

Mistakes being:
Too greedy easy pull.
Low/Med health + Power fist (Potential kill or able to push minions back.) Ect. You get the idea.

-As soon as you get the gold amount for any item, make the purchase ASAP-

Mid Game

Since you have the Locket, your mana and health worries will be over for most of the game. Boots help greatly with Overdrive either Use thin walls as an initiator in any lane. Turrets will not hurt Play passive, play passive, play passive. Remember, your building for turrets and damage as well.

Late Game

You just picked up Last whisper and Sheen and this is where the damage begins. Not only can you take out turrets 3/4ths to all the way out, but also feed everyone else on your team. Your grab is essential in every "Turtle". This allows you to migrate an enemy into everyone's abilities all at once. Drag, Power Fist, Repeat. The game usually ends before I get Infinity Edge or Black Cleaver, but it is there to add to the carnage.

Overall Game Mindset

You need to be playing the crane game. Constantly pulling champions into allied forces to feed. It is really that simple...or is it?

Minions provide a small inconvenience for Blitz. You need to practice and practice with that pull. Carefully maneuvering him to set up the next pull. Minions are not your focus, the enemy champion and your lane partner are far more superior. Prediction pulls also make Blitzcrank a great addition to any team. If you do not see any champs on your map, Throw a pull in the nearest bushes towards you. The Locket has added so much mana that it hardly seems noticeable anymore.

Items - Reason

Mana Manipulator - Aura of Mana and helps build Locket faster
Catalyst the Protector - Health/Mana refreshed and helps build Locket faster
Innervating Locket - Ends worry of Health/Mana for the game and Aura for others
Boots of Swiftness - Aids to Pulling enemies and compliments Overdrive
Sheen - Instead of Power Fist doing 2x, the ability now does x4
Infinity Edge - Raw Damage for turrets and Champions
Black Cleaver - Raw Damage for turrets and Champions

**Last Two items are rare to get and really make him a nuisance. =P

Skill Distribution Please Read, This will Make/Break your Blitz

Focus on the first six points allocated on Blitzcrank.
From there analyze who you are fighting against:

Double Stun/Ranged - Max Rocket arm first
-Chip damage does more than you know.
Any Stealth, Max Power fist if melee - Rocket arm if Ranged
-Prevents feeding and sends them back to base more often.
Double Melee - Max Power Fist
-The constant stun of popping them up will negate most abilities they have or might do against your lane. You will be able to push out further.
Ranged and Melee - Varies - Go for the champion with lower health
-This totally is up to you. I like grabbing the ability that will let me harass the ranged character because they usually have less health. Be concise with your pulls and you should demoralize and frustrate them to level.


These are some tips you might already know with Blitzcrank:
-The simplest of commands: Rocket Grab, Power Fist, and Static Field.
-Use teammates/lane partners to bait the enemy into pull range.
-The Rocket Grab can also kill. Do not be afraid to dive for the killing blow!
-Any enemy champion that has a "Warmup or Stationary Ultimate" focus them with a Power Fist or Rocket Grab. This renders them useless and counters every ultimate that can be stunned. (I.E. Warwick, Nunu, Katarina, ect.)
-Use the 180 Degree Rocket Grab. Confuses Champs if you have low health and a gank waiting.
-Be creative with your pulls! Do not use a repeated pattern to pull an enemy champion...mess with their heads! Use walls, barriers, bait, and more.

One reason I did not make a rune set for Blitzcrank is that this build works without it. Yea I said it, without 'em.
If I was to give a rune set for him it would be comprised of:

-Mark Tier 3: Greater Mark of Malice x9 (8.4% Critical Chance at Level 1)
-Seal Tier 3: Greater Seal of Alacrity x9 (6.84% more Attack Speed at Level 1)
-Glyph Tier 3: Greater Glyph of Celerity x9 (8.1% Cooldown at Level 18)
-Quintessence Tier 3: Greater Quintessence of Wisdom (+6% Experience Gained)

Add the stats in the Mastery Tree together with these runes and you will see where I am going with it. In a nutshell:
-Critical Damage for Power Fist
-Attack Speed for improved Overdrive and turret destruction
-Cooldowns for improved Abilities
-Experience boost by 10%, 4% in the Mastery tree and 6% in runes.

**Note** I do not have all of these runes yet but this build has be steadily going at nearly a 4:1 Win/Loss ratio. Your call.

I hope this small tutorial on this build helped and make sure to Play Passive!

I have a fever and the only prescription is more Blitzcrank! Try him today!