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League of Legends Build Guide Author pOwErstEErIng

Tripple Duran Ashe

pOwErstEErIng Last updated on October 11, 2010
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please keep in mind that this build only works if you are decent at farming, so before you post saying this guild sucks and i didnt win with it look at your CS at some point and then decide if its the build that didnt work, or something you did.

I would like to state that iv seen alot of the top ELO players using triple durans on their hard carys. iv been trying this on ashe and its been working very well. it gives you health, something you desperatly need at the early to mid game, life leach that counters most harass, and dmg, that always helps your ability to farm/harass/kill.

i choose flash/ghost with ashe as she has no natural escape, and you NEED them with her, not only early game to counter jungle ganks, but late game as you will most likely be the primary target for the other team to kill first.

i start the game with a durans blade and a healing pot and go mid. having a solo lane is very important for this build. i try to just stay there and farm, use your volley to counter harass and maybe try and get a kill if they are low from eating volleys. your priority should be on farming tho, make sure you are last hitting, dont be afraid to pot early because when you hit about 1300 gold you will have to blue pill to go shop. you will buy 2 more durans, boots of speed, and a few more pots. if it looks like their mid champ is going to try and push the tower while you are gone do not be afraid to throw an arrow at him from teh platform, the splash dmg will do alot to the minions and the turret might clear them during the stun and cause them to take considerable dmg....even to mord.

at this point in the game you are going to return to mid and KEEP FARMING. your durans blades will give you enough life leech to keep yourself in the lane for a good long time, giving you time to get enough gold for a BF sword and your good boots. usualy by the time this happens team fights will most likely be starting, and you should be racking up asissts and kills with arrow and a considerable amount of dmg from your BF sword. your next buy should be your infinity edge. this should almost double your dmg output. after this i recomend a phantom dancer, as the crit is a welcome synergy with the infinity edge and the mobility is almost necessary to keep yourself alive.

with those items under your belt its time to start replacing your durans blades with higher ticket items. my first purchase is a vamp scepter as i try and get a bloodthirster. i do not sell another durans for the BF sword, i just hold onto them until i have enough for the rest of the recipe, the health is still important and you are going to be doing alot of dmg and the other team will be trying to focus you in fights. with the bloodthirster completed my next step is to sell another one of the durans blades for a recurve bow and build that into a last whisper. giving you enough arp at this point in the game to cut down tower and tanks alike. alot of people think that madreds is what you use to kill tanks. however, when your dmg value is as high as it will be at this point in the game just getting enough arp to cut through their armor will net you ALOT more dmg than the madreds will. if they game is still going on at this point i will be surprised. but i usualy finish off with a black cleaver. its a very high damage item and not only will get you alot of arp, but your team as well.