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League of Legends Build Guide Author MysteryPower

Tristana - AntiTank/Heavy DPS

MysteryPower Last updated on September 23, 2010
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In this guide I will explain you how to play Tristana either against Tanks or against Fighters/Mages.

Rapid Fire:
This will be your main skill in Mid and Lategame. The greater AS will be very powerfull together with the Bloodrazor.

Rocket Jump:
This spell is very useful in the whole game. You can jump into or out of fights and its slow-effect is also very useful. The Damage is more or less useless against Tanks with 50% MRes and 4000 HP.

Explosive Shot:
The spash-damage is very helpful to get minionkills. In Early-Game the damage is also very nice. In lategame you often need the 50% reduced liferegeneration effect.

Buster Shot:
It deals nice Dmg and throws the enemy back. In the few Seconds he needs to come to you he may be death.

I don't know much about using runes. I think you can do this a lot better.


Allows you to stay out much longer. 50% AS is also nice for the Bloodrazor.

Berserker's Grave:
25% AS for the Bloodrazor and 2 Movementspeed - not more and not less.

Madred's Bloodrazor:
This is the main Item in this build. "On hit, deals Magic Damage equal to 4% of the target's maximum Health." So the enemy could have 20000 HP, you just need max. 25 hits to kill the enemy. Together with your normal Dmg it should be less. First get Madreds Razor, because you can gain easily a lot of money with it.

Frozen Mallet:
The slow-effect speaks for itself. With +700 HP you also have a higher survivability.

Phantom Dancer:
The 45% AS are for the Bloodrazor. The 30% Crit Chance give you a nice AD boost and the 20% Dodge is good against every Tank and Fighter.

Black Cleaver:
This is your main Item against Not-Tanks, but the up to 60 Armorreduction is also good against Tanks.

How to Play:
Until you have the Bloodrazor, you shouldn't fight much alone. Try to last hit the minions or attack someone with a friend. When you have the Bloodrazor you can kill most Tanks. Jump in with Rocket Jump and throw them away with Buster Shot. After that activate Rapid Fire. In the time he needs to go to you he should be dead or low HP. If he tries to run away, you have the slow-effect of Frozen Mallet (and maybe the Movementspeed boost of Phantom Dancer). In teamfights you never should stay in the front. You have a low survivability and because of your nice AD they'll kill you first. So stay back and fire at them with Rapid Fire + Bloodrazor. If you don't get killed you normally should win the fight. But Keep in mind that good Fighters and mages can stil kill you. Best Example: Teemo. He can blind you for 3,5 seconds. In this time you can be dead! You aren't immortal with this build.


This is nearly the same as in the Anti-Tank-Build. This Item allows you to stay out much longer and gives you a nice Damage boost lategame.
Berserker's Greaves:
Also the same as in the Anti-Tank-Build. You will sell them later for a higher damage, because you have the movementspeed of the Phantom Dancer.
Gives you a nice damage and movementspeed early/midgame.
Infinity Edge:
With this item you will deal a lot of damage the whole game. You shouldn't buy this item later because you won't deal much damage without it.
You buy it mainly because of the slow effect, but the damage and health are also very nice.
Phantom Dancer:
This item will give you the crit cahnce for infinity edge, a nice movement speed, 20% dodge chance wich will save you life very often against fighters and a great movementspeed.
Frozen Mallet:
The slow effect is the main effect you need from this item, but 700 health are great for squishy champs like Tris. The 20 damage are also ver nice.
Speaks for itself. Max. +100 damge and +25% lifesteal.
Black Cleaver:
This item will give you a nice damage boost and is good against the tanks.

How to play:
You should go midlane, because Tris is a nice harraser early game, can kill alot of minions with Explosive Shot and needs a lot of money. You shpuld gank early in the game (but not before lvl 6) to get some importent kills. Always look for missings on the map. If you are ganking, got behind the enemies and throw them into your team with Buster Shot. If they try to run away, get them with rocket jump. If you fight against Fighters, always use Exhaust, the 3 second blind will give you a big advantage. If you fight against casters, its situation dependent what casters they are. If you can, attack them from the other side of a wall. In team fights always focus the spuishiest damagedealer. Don't go in the middle of the fight and be aware of CCers.

I wish you a lot of fun and kills with this build, please say me if you know what i could make better, especial the runes.
If there are grammatical mistakes, sorry for that, i don't speak english very well^^.