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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HouseOfHam

Tristana - Great things come in small packages

HouseOfHam Last updated on August 9, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Defense: 8

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Utility: 0


Tristana is an offensive dps champ, so I go for 21-0-9. The utility points are used to get a little more mana regeneration - something Tristana is always short on.


I used to play with an all-crit setup, which produces a LOT of crits, but lately I've put more emphasis on armor penetration, which makes a lot more impact than low-damage crits in the early game. Once you get Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer, you'll be critting quite a bit anyways and, if the game goes really long, replacing your boots with a 2nd Phantom Dancer will make you crit like crazy.


- Teleport - Great in the early game if you have to run back to the base for a quick heal. Great if you spot a big group of your minions approaching an undefended enemy power - tele there and finish it off before the enemy has time to get there. Alternatives: Flash/Ghost
- Ignite - great for getting an early kill. Wait till your opponent loses some hps, jump on them, ignite + explosive shot active + rapid fire = toast. Finish them off with a Buster Shot if you already have it when they try to run. Just make sure you have enough mana left to pull this off. Alternatives: Heal/Cleanse (if you find yourself dying too much in your games)

Skilling Order

This varies a bit, depending on whether I manage an early kill and how well I'm doing with gold. If I can afford BFS early, I stop raising Explosive Shot and work on raising Rapid Fire for easier ganking. If things are kinda slow, I keep raising Explosive Shot, which helps with minion farming.

When you get to level 2, put 1 point into Jump Shot. The damage increase on it isn't worth spending more points on in the early game, so leave it at level 1. It's primary use is for escaping and catching up to running prey.

Learn Buster Shot as soon as you can. This skill has several important uses:
- Big damage finishing move in the early-mid game
- Getting behind enemies and pushing them into your tower/team
- Pushing back enemies when trying to escape and being chased


The best place to be is in the mid. Being rather squishy, you don't want to worry about 2 enemy champions ganging up on you. Plus, it's much easiest to get an early kill against a single opponent. Plus, getting a lot of gold and quick exp is crucial for keeping you ahead of most of your opponents.


- Start off with a Vampiric Scepter. It'll keep you alive longer than potions/passive life restore. If you get harassed a lot and start getting low on hps, just fall back a bit and pick off minions from a distance. No need to be too aggressive and getting yourself killed.
- If you're forced to go back early, buy basic boots, heal, and teleport back. Otherwise, just stay in your lane and keep saving until you can afford a BFS, which will give a huge boost to your damage output and bring in a lot more finishing shots (and thus more gold).
- Once you got BFS, keep up the pressure. Hopefully, at this point you'll able to bring down the enemy tower, then you can go back and finish your boots. Most of the time, I go for Berserker's, but if you want a bit more speed for getting away/chasing down enemies, Ninja Tabs are good, too
- Now, go and grab the lizard buff, if it's available, then jungle/defend mid until you can afford to finish Bloodthirster, OR skip finishing Bloodthirster for now, and go straight for Last Whisper.
- At this point, you'll got good damage, lifesteal, and movement speed, so get some stacks on your Bloodthirster by killing a few minions, then it's time to go ganking on the side lanes.
- Get the Last Whisper next. It's great for attack speed and armor penetration, which will come in handy against the tankier champions on the side lanes
- Next comes the Infinite Edge, another big damage item with a nice boost to crit
- Then, Phantom Dancer, even more attack speed. faster movement, and crit
- Black Cleaver is usually the last damage item I get - more damage and armor penetration. Alternatively, you could go for Frozen Mallet, to help boost your hps and slow your targets, but it's usually pretty late in the game so it's not super-important
- If the game drags on this long and you have a few thousand gold saved up, sell your boots and get another Phantom Dancer

What you can expect when the game is over

Typically, I end up with...

- 12-15 champion kills (this could be higher, but I'm not a terribly aggressive ganker), 3-6 deaths, and around 10 assists
- 200+ minion kills (unless the other team resigned early)
- 4-7 tower kills; more if the other team has weak defense and doesn't pay attention when I come and attack their towers in the mid-to-late game
- most damage dealt (I often see numbers over 200k)

Last tip

A lot of new players make the mistake of waiting till they have enough gold to buy the finished big items, which usually costs quite a bit. It can take a long time to accumulate so much doe and there is really no good reason to wait that long. If you happen to be back at the base, buy the parts you can afford - it'll make a difference.