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Tristana Build Guide by Guest

AD Carry Tristana Patch 4.12 AD Carry (Statikk Shiv)

AD Carry Tristana Patch 4.12 AD Carry (Statikk Shiv)

Updated on July 20, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 9,823 Views 0 Comments
9,823 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Tristana Build Guide By Guest Updated on July 20, 2014
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This is my Tristana Patch 4.12 Build (Statikk Shiv). For as long as I have been playing League of Legends, Tristana build path has always been Infinity Edge into Phantom Dancer. That is until now, recently there has been a change that seems to be taking over this long standing meta and that change is Statikk Shiv.
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Tristana is renowned as the best hyper attack damage carry in League of Legends, with a full build she is incredibly strong as well as having a reset mechanism on her Rocket Jump. This also matched with the fact she has a strong game has made her a popular pick at certain points through out the League of Legends history. Like all Champions Tristana has her weaknesses, Tristana has always had a poor mid game. This has lead her to be bullied in lane and outfarmed. I remember CLG Doublelift saying he would never let a Tristana come out of lane without atleast having a 20 cs lead. So as Tristana your goal is to get to late game as farmed as possible, get your items then carry your team to victory. Is there a way to do this without the pain of the mid game?

Complexity’s ROBERTxLEE has been playing this build in the NALCS over the past weeks, in week 6 Complexity beat Cloud 9 and after the game he was interview by Phreak. When asked why he used this build he said;

“The components to Statikk Shiv are awful for lane stage, but as soon as you get Statikk Shiv you have the ability to shove. Which synergies well with her Explosive Shot (E), so you can clear out waves almost instantly, before minions even hit. Then you can walk away from lane and farm the jungle. That is how I feel you can avoid Tristana’s weak mid game by accelerating the farming phase”

So by maxing Tristana’s Explosive Shot (E) and rushing Statikk Shiv, this should help you get through that tricky mid game that has caught so many Tristana’s unstuck through the years.
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As you can see this has all core items you will want for an attack damage carry. This build is from Patch 4.12 before this I used to take Blade of the Ruined King instead of The Bloodthirster, but after the changes to The Bloodthirster the extra 10% Lifesteal late game and attack damage outways the stats you get from Blade of the Ruined King late game. You need to remember that late game is where Tristana will win games for you.

With this build you only need to buy 1 Doran’s Blade, first time back you should normally have 1,400 or so Gold depending on how the initial laning stage goes, go back pick up and Avarice Blade, Dagger and a 2 or 3 pots. This should see you through to the 2,600g benchmark for the Statikk Shiv. You will soon need damage now though to not get out scaled in trading with the enemy ADC, your next item is Inifnity Edge. People will I am sure query why no boots yet, well Tristana’s Rapid Fire (Q) provides you with the required attack speed and her Rocket Jump (W) should be able to get herself out of any sticky situations you might find yourself in.

By this time you will have Statikk Shiv and Infinity Edge, possibly Tier 1 boots. This is where you have to have a look at the current game situation and forecasting the next 10 minutes of the game. You will need to choose between The Bloodthirster and Last Whisper purely on how the game is going. If I am ahead or feeling particulary strong I will continue with more damage and build The Bloodthirster, if the enemy is becoming very tanky then Last Whisper will become more useful. Either way these two items are your next items and try and finish off your boots off during this period when you have the money spare.

By the time you have completed the other items you are in the late game and this is your time. Your last item should be decided on the enemies composition and who is doing well in the game. With experience you will know whether Guardian’s Angel or Banshee’s Veil is more useful. If your getting heavily focused normally Guardian’s Angel is more useful, if they have a lot of poke then Banshee’s Veil can be the right pick up. There is also occasions when Mercurial Scimitar can be a good buy, if the enemy team are all over you the Cleanse can be very useful, but this is very situational. Also being in late game do not forget that if you lose the Guardian’s Angel’s passive the item is not very gold efficient. So if you can sell it for 5 minutes and pick up a Banshee’s Veil it can be a really good idea. You can always sell the Banhsee’s Veil back for a Guardian’s Angel when the 5 minutes have passed.
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Skill Order

As discussed above the synergy between the Statikk Shiv and Explosive Shot means maxing (E) first is necessary. Make sure to take a point in Rocket Jump Level 2 Tristana’s Rocket Jump – Explosive Shot combination can get so many first bloods in games, if your support can land their spells too there is a genuine chance in every game. After Explosive Shot max Rapid Fire, the bonus Attack Speed helps in pushing waves, taking towers and general DPS. Finally finish off your Rocket Jump as it is a utility spell for your maxing it is not that as important. As with all Champions take your points in your Ultimate Buster Shot at Levels 6,11 and 16.
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This is a pretty standard Attack Damage Carry Masteries Page, taking points in attack damage, penetration and speed. As well extra health from the 9 points in the defensive tree.
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I take Attack Damage Marks and one Attack Damage Quintessence. to help with last hitting and trading with the enemies ADC. Not taking a damage item till a bit later means you need to able last hit well, I feel that the extra damage is a lot more beneficial than the penetration altnerative. Flat Armor Seals are important as the main damage you will be facing in lane will be from the enemies ADC. Magic Resist per Levels Glpyhs are often a good pick up, unless the enemy has a high magic damage support like Morgana, then you may wish to take Flat Magic Resist Glyphs. 2 Lifesteal Quintessences are essential in this build, this is because you will only be getting one Doran’s Blade and potentially no extra Lifesteal until 4th item.
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Nearly Done

So that is my build for Tristana, there may be thing in there you may disagree with or would like to change for yourself, but that is the beauty of League of Legends. I am always open to peoples opinions and thoughts on Champions Builds leave a comment. I will be posting other builds on here and my website when I make anymore
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Guest Tristana Guide
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Tristana Patch 4.12 AD Carry (Statikk Shiv)

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