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Trundle Build Guide by Guest

Trolls gonna troll

Trolls gonna troll

Updated on December 22, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 1,571 Views 0 Comments
1,571 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Trundle Build Guide By Guest Updated on December 22, 2011
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Trundle, the misunderstood troll

G'day folks,

I've heard many people saying Trundle is quite a weak champion(trolls gonna troll), but he's not. This build will get you tanky, but also really strong and be able to deal quite huge damage. Trundle's early game damage for example is great, but gets weaker over time. This build makes you still do huge damage late game.
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Runes where quite hard on Trundle. I've been doing some trolling lately(very relevant), and tried fully DPS Trundle. Well, this might work on Garen, but it does not on Trundle.

CDR runes work very well on almost every champion, same for Trundle.
Armor runes are great on melee champions, same for Trundle aswell.
The crit runes were where I had the problems, these crit runes will allow you to do more damage overall, and give you greater farm. I personally thought these were the best pick.

For Quintessence I just picked variated tanky runes.

For the masteries it was quite though too.
This build will allow you to do quite some damage, but also to run into a battle(NOT FIRST).
So I decided to pick tanky/defensive masteries overall, I think these work best on Trundle.
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The items I decided to give to Trundle are making you tanky early and most of all, midgame, but will make you deal suprisingly much damage late game.

Explaination of all my items

Mercury's treads
Gives you magic resist and decreases the duration of CC, great item on Trundle since he can chase very well.

In my opinion this is a quite obvious item on Trundle, he needs the hp, and we can build Atmogs to increase our damage. If you farm as you should, your damage is still viable in the time you got this item.

Atma's impaler
Not a real suprise, it gives you armor, more critchance and alot of attack damage. Warmogs and Atmas make a great combination on Trundle.

Guardian angle
Though decision what to get next. This is for the 'ignore more overall damage' and quite a situational item. If the enemy team is high on AD-get Thornmail, if they got redicilous AP get Force of nature. The revive thing can save your life as Trundle, if you notice you wont get out alive-pop up Contaminate and you will have a nice speed buff the soon you revive.

This item probarly looks weird in this build, but it isn't really, I have good reasons for recommending it.
The damage is always welcome, ofcource, the lifesteal is a true lifesaver and will allow you to stay longer in battle and make you almost impossible to 1v1. As you know, we got CC reduction+we are though. With lifesteal we need to stay on the target, so being disabled by something like a stun is a pain in the ***, yet I repeat, we got CC reduction, so we actually CAN stay on the target easier than other champions. This is one of the main reasons Bloodthirster is a good pick on Trundle.

Black cleaver
Amazing item, not only for yourself, but also for your teammates. If you and your carry can communicate very well, then this item is a must have. You run into the battle, focus 1 player and reduce his armor-easy finish for all carries+your damage is increases by alot.
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Trundle is, in my opinion, really underrated.
He's not a so-great jungler(better pick someone else if you wish to jungle), hes a decent sololaner and a great laner overall. There're many things people do wrong when playing Trundle (in my eyes). To kick off with, his Pillar: this skill is suprisingly hard to use effectively, but the soon you get to it its really amazing and can slow and block off complete paths. Another really great thing about this skill is, is the fact that if it just even hits it's target,it's an assist for you(really great the soon you get warmogs)without you having to possibly steal the kill. Popping up Contaminate isn't so easy as it looks either. You MUST place the field in front of you incase of chasing or engaging! Half of the very few Trundle players I see do this wrong.
His Q, the bite-skill, can do inmense damage when spammed+gives you more damage. This skill is SUPER important for last hitting minions and should be used often. Then his ult....I facepalm at the way many Trundle players use this skill - as an ignite-like skill. It really sucks if you use it that way, since the damage goes over 6 seconds. In this time some champions can regen alot! The skill should be used when your in battle and when your NOT on full HP. You can use this skill both to assist your team ór to make your opponent in battle weaker. The skill reduces armor and magic resist on the enemy champion+heals you for 500 health. In case someone runs off with extremely little hp, still use it as ignite. But don't expect too much, it doesn't inflict so much damage as it looks like!
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Thanks for reading the build! :)
It might look strange to some players, but you really should give it a go.

Quite new to posting builds, so I might be updating it with pictures the soon I found out where I can find some.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Trundle Guide
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Trolls gonna troll

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