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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lemonsnow

Trundle Jungle

Lemonsnow Last updated on December 8, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build gives you the ability to down dragon at level 4.

This build will give you the information that will allow you successfully jungle and gank with Trundle. I have been playing Trundle since the minute he has came out and have found him extremely strong and proficient at jungling and an extremely valuable character to have on the team.

Jungling can give your team the level advantage early game and allow for the element of surprise ganks. This may hurt you if your team does not have someone capable or good enough to solo 2v1 which at level 5 you may need to jump in that lane and help keep the tower alive.

Smite- Trundle needs smite, pretty much any jungler should have Smite to quicken the process and allow to push and take down creep faster. If you want to be able to down dragon at level 4 like this guide will show then you MUST have Smite.

Ghost- The reason I take Ghost is for ganking early game. With the help of Ghost you can catch and get to the enemy faster and if you have red buff he will have no chance of getting away.


Q-Rabid Bite
Trundle bites his opponent, dealing damage and sapping some of their attack damage.

This skill is taken first because it is essential for jungling, the most efficient way to use this skill is as soon as your auto attack swings you press Q this pretty much gives you twice the attack speed on that hit everytime the cooldown is up.

This gives trundle increased attack speed and movement speed which allows catching enemies easier and running away easier. This also allows trundle to get creep down fast and make ganks possible.

E-Pillar of Filth
This is comparable to aniva's wall and can block enemys from running away or completely sealing a lane in the jungle to block enemies from getting close or running away.

This is Trundle's ultimate, this is most effectively used on tanks or burning down enemies. When a team fight is about to begin if you put this on the target the whole team is targeting to help burn them down fast is extremely effective. Or you can put this on someone you plan on getting out of the fight to help burn them down. If you target say ashe who is sitting in the back of the team fight and put this and rabid bite her a few times she will run which may remove a high dps character from team fights.


When jungling it is important to have map awareness. With Trundle until level 5 you will be low on health with doing the first round and be a prime target for ganks.

When I start I buy a and 5 health pot and put 1 point in . Just like the champion spotlight I kill the big wolf at the wolf spawn to use that time while waiting for blue buff to spawn. After I kill the big wolf I move on to the blue buff without killing the small wolves. The moment you kill the big wolf you use a health pot and move to blue buff. Kill the big one first, Target him and hit him as soon as you land your first auto attack press Q and rabid bite him. Everytime the cooldown comes up use rabid bite. When the big golem gets to about 570 health smite him down and begin attacking the smaller golems. Move back to the smaller wolves and finish them off.

Use a health pot and move to the wraith spawn. By the time you get to the wolf spawn you should have almost full health began killing the larger wraith by using rabid bite. After you land your first rabid bite use contaminate and finish all the wraiths off.

Then use a health pot and go to the double golem where you will use rabid bite and contaminate to down. SAVE SMITE. Use another health pot and continue to Red buff.

Make sure you have at least 500 health and begin red buff. Attack using rabid bite and contaminate while a health pot is on, smite when the red buff holder is at 570 health.

Go back to the wolf spawn and kill and you should have about 700 gold


Buy a madreds razors if you dont have 1 health pot then buy 1 and go to dragon.

At dragon you want to auto attack once, use rabid bite, use health pot and lay down contaminate. Use rabid bite as often as you can and contaminate to down as fast as possible. You only need Razors to proc once here and you will down him and have about 200 health left. Use smite when he is at 570 ish. If bot lane is low health and pushing go and gank.

THIS IS THE FIRST ROUND IN THE JUNGLE and should be your LAST where you focus on killing creep and getting gold. By now you should get wriggles lantern and continue ganking and helping lanes push. Get Blue Buff and Red Buff as often as you can because Trundle Thrives with these.


Remember items are completely situational!

Depending on the other team comp you should either get magic resist instead of guardian angel if the other team has a lot of ap or gaurdian angel if the team has a lot of ad.

The main idea is to balance AD items with Trundle and some items that will protect him from damage because he will be in the middle of the fight everytime.