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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alahric

Trundle - Ruhgosk's Chosen [RAW]

Alahric Last updated on January 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I. Preface

Guide to Trundle - The Cursed Troll
This is my personal guide to Trundle, prepare to be enlightened!
Last Updated: 18.January.2011


Abbreviated Terms
AA = Auto-attack (Basic Attacks)
CC = Crowd Control (Stun, fear, slow, snare, etc)
FB = First Blood
AP = Ability Power
AD = Attack Damage
MD = Magic Damage
AS = Attack Speed
MS = Movement Speed
MR = Magic Resistance
ArPen = Armor Penetration
MPen = Magic Penetration
LS = Life Steal
SV = Spell Vamp
DPS = Strong Auto-attacker
MDPS = Strong spells; casters
CDR = Cooldown Reduction
OOM = Out of Mana
MP = Mana
HP = Health
RHE = Reduced Healing Effect
MP Regen = Mana Regeneration per 5 seconds
HP Regen = Health Regeneration per 5 seconds

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II. Introllduction

There is a saying in the top-ELO that says; if a champion is able to jungle, he should jungle.

Hey, I'm here with Trundle - the Cursed Troll and so far he's been really fun to play. I made this guide to clarify a few points, and to stop this Trinity Force nonsense who the current leading guides are using. I'm not writing essays so I will try to keep it short, and add a few images along the way while following a straight overall guideline. The justification on certain points may be somewhat poor, so if you have any questions regarding items, masteries, runes, or playstyle even, just ask them in the comment section.
1. ...
2. ...
3. ...

1. ...
2. ...
3. ...

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III. Abilities

Whenever a unit near Trundle dies, he heals for 2.00% of their maximum Health. This value starts at 2% and increases up to 6% at level 18.

At first people complained about this being too imbalanced, I mean healing you a percentage of every enemy health who dies near you? Honestly, I'd rather have Dr. Mundo's passive in any given situation. However, it is beneficial for jungling and it does keep you alive in the lane. But then again I would never rely on it, just acknowledge that it's there.

Rabid Bite
Trundle bites his opponent, dealing damage and sapping some of their attack damage.

In other words: A damage applier that resets the auto-attack counter. It also moves you slightly forward when attacking, which is very potent when chasing with red buff. Beginners will often proceed to spam it whenever the cooldown is up, this is what separates good Trundlers from bad Trundlers. If you want to master Rabid Bite you have to use Q right after an auto-attack, this will greatly enhance your DPS ten-fold. It allows you to jungle faster, and focus more effectively.

Trundle infects a target location with his curse, gaining attack speed, movement speed, and crowd control reduction while on it.

This is a utility spell that improves your abilities to push turrets, chase down targets, and escape. The CC reduction is golden, combined with the movmentspeed buff you can get away from almost anyone. Whereas the attackspeed buff is useful when focusing down a target or destroying a turret. Don't mind the casting animation, just keep clicking as it does cancel out your previous commands.

Pillar of Filth
Trundle creates a plagued beacon at target location, becoming impassable terrain and slowing all nearby enemy units.

Pillar of Filth can be used to push enemies back, block their path and slow anyone near it. In other words; it will buy you time to chase down, or flee from your opponents. Because of it's ability to push enemies back it can be used to save your allies, but it doesn't interrupt them. You also gain sight over the area by putting it in a brush, making it very beneficial to avoid juking and there is no need to face-check. However, it does reveal your position once you place it.

Trundle immediately steals his target's health and a percent of their armor and magic resistance. Over the next 6 seconds the amount of health, armor, and magic resistance stolen is doubled.

Agony is an ability designed to make you last-longer in teamfights, and to reduce the effective health of your target. Meaning you should use it on your focus, or as a last-resort to survive. This is where the tank seems to be the most viable in terms of getting more MR and Armor, and from what I've seen it does deal damage in percentage so you shouldn't waste it. You can also use it on the Dragon and Baron Nashor for some surprisingly good results.

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IV. Summoner Spells

[spell=Smite]: This is absolutely essential when jungling, some argue that it isn't necessary, but that's a big understatement. Smite also synergieses with your passive, Decompose, and can be used to steal other buffs.

[spell=Ghost]: You might figure this spell to be 'unnecessary', but I swear; it gives you kills, and saves you more often than not. Combined with a quick Contaminate and a well placed Pillar of Filth, you will achieve your goal.

[uline][bold]Considerable Summoner Spells:[/bold][/uline]

[spell=Exhaust]: If you are not jungling, which is highly essential to this guide so I don't see why you would want take this spell in the first place, you 'could' get it. Then again, I 'could' visit your mom more often.

[spell=Flash]: Your "Oh-****!" button, or your "Oh no, you don't!" spell. It's mostly used to finish off a kill, bug abuse Veigar's ultimate, and jump over trees and ledges to gain an advantage. Not a bad choice, but I find Ghost better suited for Trundle.

[spell=Heal]: If you are all new to League of Legends you might want to consider this spell, but if that's the case then I do not recommend you playing Trundle as a jungler. Again, if that is the case then I do not recommend you following this guide 'yet.

[spell=Ignite]: Combined with your ultimate you might think that this is the ****, it's not. It might be fun at first, but you sacrifice too much for just a pathetic DoT, Trundle is [uline]NOT[/uline] Mordekaiser.

[spell=Rally]: Could be used with Contaminate to easily destroy turrets, hands down, that might actually work. But I heard arguments on how the long cooldown ruins the spell, and let's face it, the attack bonus isn't that great.

[spell=Teleport]: If you are laning, which you are not, this spell can be beneficial to get back in the game. As a jungler you can use it to Teleport to wards to steal buffs and gank, you could try it out sometime.

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V. Masteries + Runes

These are reasonable masteries aiming at improving both your summoner spells, getting improved EXP as well as a longer duration on red and blue buff. Then going up in the Defense branch for more survivability, which is what I think to be the best way to go for jungling. Since we do focus on dodge, I wouldn't worry about the Evasion mastery much.

[rune=Greater Mark of Desolation]: These are great jungling runes, and has the highest DPS in terms of dealing damage vs. other champions. Hands down, there are no better marks for Trundle.

[rune=Greater Seal of Evasion]: Better referred to as dodge runes, with the Evasion mastery and Nimbleness, it has saved my life several times when being chased by both ranged and melee DPS'ers. Keep in mind you will have around 3k health during late-game, it's worth it.

[rune=Greater Glyph of Shielding]: You could get flat magic resist runes, but when you get out of the jungle and start laning for real, you are already level 6. Meaning it's rather pointless, however you do start ganking at level 4 but I wouldn't worry much about it.

[rune=Greater Quintessence of Fortitude]: Surprised? These will give you a slight edge in jungling, you might consider additional ArP runes but these are just too epic. Survival is everything, and it's all about getting the best start possible.

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VI. Itembuild Sequence

1. [Item=Cloth Armor] + 5x[Item=Health Potion]
2. [Item=Boots of speed] + 2x[Item=Health Potion] + 2x[Item=Sight Ward]
3. [Item=Madred's Razors] + [Item=Mercury's Treads] + 2x[Item=Sight Ward]
4. [Item=Wriggle's Lantern] + [Item=Phage] -> [Item=Frozen Mallet]
5. [Item=The Brutalizer] -> [Item=Youmuu's Ghostblade]

We start out with Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potions, which is more or less the standard jungling gear. When you finish jungling you will have 600 gold, the question is; you might be capable of jungling further to buy Madred's Razors for 700 gold. Frozen Mallet explains itself whereas the Youmuu's Ghostblade helps you focus down turrets and enemy champions.

[uline][bold]Situational Items:[/bold][/uline]
[Item=Hexdrinker] - The new Attack Damage + Magic Resist item, with the passive it can save you a lot of times when you know when to put your tail between your legs. A shield that grants 300 Health vs. Magic Damage doesn't look amazing on paper, but take my word for it; better than a B.F Sword.

[Item=Stark's Fervor] - This will give you more lifesteal to coupe with and the health regeneration is fine. The main purpose of this item is to give aura to fellow AD champions, both for the armor penetration in teamfights and the Attack Speed to push turrets. A viable choice indeed.

[Item=Executioner's Calling] - The purpose of this item is to stop insane heals from going on with the activate, but it won't kill Dr. Mundo all by itself. Crit chance and lifesteal all adds up to your current stats, and with Youmuu's Ghostblade you could focus on crit chance if you get Infinity Edge.

[Item=The Black Cleaver] - Your anti-tank and bane to sturdy DPS, this is probably your most sought out item whereas the others are more tributal. Keep in mind that it reduces the armor of the target, meaning other champions will benefit from it as well. It becomes beastly with your attakspeed buffers.

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VII. Jungling Route

You should start a custom game with yourself, alone, and try to jungle this path your very first game. Requirements being level 30, and having the recommended marks and quintessences. Buy a Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion, and for more serious games you should have your team scout out any gank attempts.

[uline][bold]The Wolf Camp:[/bold][/uline]We start by attacking the wolf camp, mainly because they spawn faster than the Ancient Golem. It's crucial that you only use one Rabid bite right after your first two auto-attacks, and then finish it off with second Rabid Bite. After you have killed the big wolf, ignore the other two and run up to the Ancient Golem.

[uline][bold]The Ancient Golem:[/bold][/uline]You should focus on the Golem since it deals superior damage compared to the lizards, and we do want that blue buff asap. Keep timing Rabid Bite and use Smite once it reaches 600 health as shown in the picture, then finish off his companions. Make sure to use a health potion once you start attacking.

[uline][bold]Back at the Wolf Camp:[/bold][/uline]Once you taken out the Ancient Golem and the two lizards, go back to the wolf encampment and finish off the small wolves. You know the drill on timing Rabid Bite after an auto-attack and such. It's more effective in terms of health potions, smite, mana management.

[uline][bold]The Wraiths:[/bold][/uline]Running down to the wraiths, you should start with Contaminate and time Rabid Bite. Focus on the big one, as usual, and kill the rest of the lesser wraiths with a single Rabid Bite and two auto-attacks. It's easy to forget the Health Potion streaming, so watch it carefully or you will fail.

[uline][bold]The Lizard Elder:[/bold][/uline]You should be level 3 now, with Smites cooldown being just about ready once you start attacking the Lizard Elder. This will be somewhat scary, but have no fear, you will make it! Keep timing Rabid bite, and use Contaminate if you feel it's necessary. After the Lizard reaches around 600 health use Smite and finish of the rest.

[uline][bold]The Golem Camp:[/bold][/uline]This is the true test, if you are unable to kill the golems you have failed. This will mostly depend on three things, with the first one being; the use of Smite at the right time. The second one is how effective your use of Health Potion was. Whereas the final, the most crucial one, is how well you manged to time Rabid Bite after an auto-attack.

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VIII. Warding and Ganking

While you are jungling and ganking, you should ward along the way. Starting with the Sight Wards, it's important to ward both lanes and mid for basic map awereness. The Smite stands for jungle warding, where you might get the opportunity to gank or steal buffs. Whereas the Vision Wards shows you were you should place stealth detectors in case your opponent has a fed stealth champion.

[uline][bold]The Art of the Gank:[/bold][/uline]When you are level 4, have enough mana to use your spells, and have your red buff you should try to set up potential ganks. There are five factors that you have to make sure you look after;

1. Survivability, as you usually target squishy champions with less health and armor.
2. Escape mechanisms, take Flash and Ghost into account and similar abilities with it.
3. The type of CC your opponents may use to buy them some time, skillshots etc.
4. Having a teammate helping you, preferably with CC and loads of burst damage.
5. Your targets position, you want him to be as far away from his turret as possible.

Starting out in the brush, you should wait for the correct moment for when the enemy minions has pushed up to your turret and / or when your target overextends. Quickly use Contaminate then Pillar of Filth to block his path, smart players however, will often juke you in the brush. To avoid this you have to make sure that you faceplant Pillar of Filth in the brush to gain sight over the area. Also note that it's best to start out with Rabid Bite, as it makes it easier to land an auto-attack to slow with red buff. Just make sure your teammate follows, beware of CC, and towerdive as necessary but don't get yourself killed.

[uline][bold]Cultivation of an Empire:[/bold][/uline]After you have ganked you will often be asked to take over a lane, this is usually the solo-lane or mid. I strongly encourage you to do as they wish, you don't want to lose the turret and let the experience go to waste. Then go back into the jungle and fetch another Golem Buff after they've returned. In the meantime just last-hit with Q and mind your own business.

[uline][bold]Slaying the Dragon:[/bold][/uline]When you've gotten Madred's Razors, usually at level 6, you can take the Dragon after warding Mid and Bottom lane brushes. The thumb rule of taking down the dragon is watching out for MIA, if anyone crosses the river you have to run! This mostly happens if the Dragon is warded, to avoid this you can pull the dragon out to deny steals and destroy the potential ward.

[uline][bold]Pushing Lanes & Turrets:[/bold][/uline]Destroying turrets is essential for winning the game, it gives everyone on your team more gold and space. You usually get the opportunity after a successful gank, or if the lane is not active. To deal as much damage as possible you will need to use Rabid Bite on one of the minions and Contaminate, this way you get more Attack Damage and Attack Speed. Use ghost if they gank you.

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IX. Working in the Team

With most of the turrets gone, and the fact that people are able to push the lane in a matter of seconds, you will find basic warding a little infective. The whole point in warding is to foresee ganks, control the jungle; which gives map awareness, and give you knowledge over Baron Nashor and the Dragon. Do note you mostly only need to ward one side of the map.

[uline][bold]Know your Enemy:[/bold][/uline]How you play to counter, and synergies with the various champions of League of Legends is what defines your experience as a player. You need to know who to focus, and who to watch out for. The kind of teamplay you get in PUGs is based upon this knowledge, all you have to do is adapt according to team compositions.

[uline][bold]Teamplaying Strategy:[/bold][/uline]Stop jungling so much and get your arse in the lanes, we want to push down the ******** turrets now! At this stage of the game you have to stay close to your team at all times, otherwise you will get ganked all the time. The meta-game here is all about killing one of you and then start a teamfight. On a second note; it's not a bad idea trying to assassinate an Inhibitor.

[uline][bold]Slaying Baron Nashor:[/bold][/uline]If you are owning it up, gotten a few turrets and an inhibitor maybe, you might be able to take Baron Nashor to give you a huge advantage in teamfights. As for solo'ing the damn thing, I did manage it with Agony and The Black Cleaver, but in a normal game you will need your teams help. Make sure you place a Vision Ward to avoid being spotted, and watch out for Clairvoyance.

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X. Closing + Credits

Yeah right, it should have said "Thank you for looking at the pretty pictures". C'mon you know it's true, that's why I keep it short. Anyway, at least you made it through, right? Right and I hope for Gods sake you realize that you don't have to read all of it, just notify the crucial bits like how to jungle, certain notes on the playstyle, and the Quick Reference. Other than that I'd say you have to think for yourself, as this is not a black and white guide! Just be creative and adapt to your current situation.

[uline][bold]Hard Counters vs. Trundle[/bold][/uline]
Kiters - This is another reason why we jungle, just get in melee range and you are good.
Blinds - Your true bane, a blind troll can't whack anything! Just run away with Contaminate and Pillar of Filth.
Wards - When jungling you might get ganked, have your buff stolen, or be at a disadvantage when ganking.
Junglers - They will deny your advanced jungling, and sometimes steal your buffs with Smite.

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XI. Tips & Trivia

[bold][uline]Tips and Tricks:[/uline][/bold]
If you have any videos on Tips and Tricks I'll add them here.
[bold][uline]Commentaries and Gameplay:[/uline][/bold]
If you have any videos on Commentaries and Gameplay I'll add them here.

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XII. FAQ + Changelog

[uline][bold]Frequently Asked Questions:[/bold][/uline]
If you have any questions please ask them, I will answer within a week, I guarantee it.

Q: Who's the one playing in the pictures named Alahric?
A: That is my real account name, I'm playing on EU servers.

Q: What's with the name "Ruhgosk's Chosen"?
A: I wanted something special, people say there's a higher chance of them looking at a guide if the title seems interesting. If you look at the lore you can see that his clan was named the Ruhgosk, and they chose him to bear the curse.

Q: Why not Trinity Force instead of Frozen Mallet?
A: Trinity Force has a lot of unnecessary stats for Trundle, especially regarding Sheen, and the proc is not all that impressive compared to focusing on damage and survivability. Not to mention Frozen Mallet is cheaper.

Q: Why do you take Good Hands instead of Perseverance?
A: Perseverance is not an incredibly good mastery, you don't benefit all that much from it. As for Good Hands; you will be crying your eyes out for less time spent dead when you are level 18, to protect turrets and getting back into the game.

Q: When should I buy Sight Wards?
A: All the time, whenever you have a spare 90-180 gold you should purchase wards and place them depending on your current situation as shown in the guide. But this is mere pointless if someone on the enemy team has an Oracle Elixir.

Q: How do I create an image from League of Legends?
A: When you are in the game swap settings on Video to windows mode, and press Alt + Prnt Scrn when you have the image you want. Paste it into a Paint or Photoshop, upload that file at and use the forum code.

Q: Mid-lane stole my wraith EXP and I didn't level up, what should I do?
A: If you are not level 3 you will be unable to kill the Lizard Elder, to fix this you should take the golems and then the red buff. In the future you could take a look at this video, or just rage at mid.

[uline][bold]Changelog and Updates:[/bold][/uline]
[bold]Patch: V1.0.0.106[/bold] - Trundle releashed.
[bold]20/12/2010[/bold] - Guide Published.