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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Irradiation

Trundle, the enraged jungle troll.

Irradiation Last updated on December 3, 2010
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Hello! Welcome to Trundle,the enraged jungler.

This is actually my first build so PLEASE, don't mind my grammar errors or my lack of explanation or icons,etc.

This build is focused on heavy dps,taking a small bit of toughness with masteries,runes and items.
I played agaisnt a tank trundle as I used my build: I won 1 vs 1,could even beat up a caster WITH enemy trundle, and that, only with mallet and Bloodrazors. We had equal amount of lvl,gold,kills,etc,so we had no advantage over the other)

This builds is focused on jungling and ganking so don't ask me ''OMGWTFBBQ JUNGLE TRUNDLE IS LAMEZ , LANE TRUNDLE IS BETTER''.
Yes I know, lane trundle can be good but the fact is,I expiremented,and it turned out that
having a EXPERIENCED player alone makes the ganking easier ( IE: a mordekaiser,mundo,or any champions with a snare and ranged attacks).

Red marks of Desolation: Armor penetration,kinda self explanatory since trundle is a high dps champion.

Yellow Seals of replenishment: A good way not to early mana starve in early game when you run out of golem buff.

Blue glyphs of Warding: Since in masteries and items we don't get much magic resist for casters,runes gets it done.

Quintessence of desolation: Same as marks.

I choose a standard 21 in offense,but instead of going for the magic pen and CD,i go straight for the extra atk speed. Other then that, armor pen,crit strikes and extra minion/neutral dmg.

I grab full armor as much as I can and get some dodge. Also instead of getting masteries to block 1 dmg, I get the one for anti-minion dmg which is usefull in the jungle.
Summoner spells:
Smite is kinda a must, since you picked up the mastery for it.
You should grab either these 2:

If you think you only need speed to run away or chase ( in this case,only run since frozen mallet slows enemy like hell).

Great spell for everything. Running,chasing ( last hit mostly) or wall blinking.

Not recommended:
Is replaced by Agony so why use it?You're atk that slows will assure last hit.
you're jungling,why use it? Besides,endgame will make it useless.
If you have 1/2 of a brain,you will jump in after most of other players started a fight,so you probly won't get noticed--- CAN be replaced by a Quicksilver sash.
You have golem buff.
You're not a tank.
Ruin the effect of suprise and waste a offensive spell since smite is team useless.

CAN be viable:
Disable that annoying carry.
You can pick up a mastery point of it instead of getting a CD mastery.

Whenever a units near Trundle dies,Trundle regains health for up to 6% of the victim's max hp.--- Pretty much what makes you able to jungle and to hug towers when forced to lane.

Rabid Bite:
Trundle bites the enemy instead of hitting it, dealing bonus physical damage and stealing dmg from the victim while lowering it.

You're spam dps skill.Mystic Shot.Cleaver.Siphon,ANYTHING that is spammable that delas nice dmg.

Trundle affets a target area with his curse. While Trundle is ontop of that area, he gains bonus movement,attack speed and less crowd controll effetcs----Basically best teamfight skill or 1 vs 1,makes the use of Mercury treads a waste.

Pillar of Filth:
Trundle raises a huge pillar,making unpassable terrain and slowing enemies surrounding it while showing the area around it.
Chase tool,escape tool,name it,you got it.

Trundle immediatly steals health form the enemy,while draining it for a portion of its armor and magic resistance ( 15-20-25%) for 6 seconds and doubling the effects throughout the 6 seconds.----This is what makes tank tankish or even squishy.Use it een on squishies to blow their armor up and to steal around 300 hp.

Start off with a Cloth armor and 5 health potions. Go to the wolves and grab Rabid Bite. Like in Phreak's spotlight,only kill the big wolf through rabid bite.
Now run to the golem and pop a hp pot,rabid bite it AFTER landing a basic attack,so you reset you're attack animation. Finish him off in time with smite then take out the 2 small lizards.---From here you should be lvl 2 and get Contiminate.
Head to Wraith,contaminate,rabid bite the big wraith first but don't pop hp pots if you feel you won't need them.
Run to Small Golems. Slap one,smite it,then proceed to kill the other one with the standard combo.
Head to the enemy team's wolves if yours didn't spawn yet. Kill them like usual.
NORMALLY,you should have 700 gold,if not, run to the Big golem and kill the small lizards for extra,then Recall back to base.
Now you should be around lvl 3-4,and have around 2 points in Rabid,1 in contaminate and 1 in Pillar of filth for the ganks that will come.
So now,finish up you're Madred Razors and head back to the jungle. This time, start off the with the big golem,go to wolves,wraith THEN the Big lizard ( you're gonna need it soon).
By then,you should be lvl 5 and take another point of Rabid bite.

Now it gets serious,if you're team is having enemy champions in very low hp ( 1/5 of the hp or less) head straight to brushes near them, get a gank call,and run the hell in.
This should look like how you kill somebody: Use contaminate a bit ahead of the enemy so when they run,you will benefit from contaminate,rabid bite them,smack them with 1-2 basic attacks,use Pillar of filth in their front then repeat rabid bite on CD.
By now,with an assist or a kill,you should have lvl 6 and have 1 point into Agony.
After the successful gank,beat up that turret and using Rabid bite on nearby minions so you get atk boosted since it doesn't work on turrets.
Recall to the base.
Get boots,a dagger,and if possible,a complete berserker greave.

Repeat the jungle but this time try to start with Dragon.
Try to get a lane when there is nobody,if you are low hp,turret hug,you're passive saves the day after lvl 7.

Mid game:
Time to shine in teamfights. When a battle initiates,run in after 5 sdconds when everybody is focused and Agony their main tank to profit his tanky stats for you.
Try to come from the back,(Lol,I tried it,and I shredded the casters then ran alive).
If unluckyly you got forced to go in front lines,dont fear,try to get a target on yourself 1 vs 1 (preferly a dps carry)and block him off alone with Pillar of Filth.
If you did you<re job well,the carries are dead,casters too, and team is pursuing tanks or tank that is low on hp.

Shredd any turret you find and push.

Late game:
Pretty much the same as mid game,but you have epic items.

When you get Frozen Mallet and Bloodrazors, you<re able to kill pretty much anything.

In conclusion, I find that Trundle is always getting cried about <<OMG YOU<RE SUPPOSED TO BE OP AND YOU<RE WEAK,QQ,REPORTED<<. 2 items is only what you need to make them swallow what they said.

No offence to the trundle tanks,but on champion info it says Though, no <<tank<< was mentionned.