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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mefistouh

Trundle: They see me trollin, they hatin.

Mefistouh Last updated on April 26, 2011
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I've jungled practically every viable jungler there is to jungle and Trundle has become a new favorite of mine recently. I randomly decided to pick him up and won my last 6 games with him which made me want to write this guide. When he first came out I tried the builds on here and it seemed like I couldn't last long enough in teamfights to make a legitimate difference. The other builds on here seemed to learn more towards building DPS first (ex. Triforce) which seemed expensive and left me without much MR/Armor when midgame arrived unless I was fed enough to purchase those items. I decided to try building a tanky DPS/Support build for trundle that gave him strong ganking ability and be able to damage soak for the team.

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Pros / Cons

1.) Fast Jungler
2.) Decent Mobility
3.) Survivability
4.) Escapes well

1.) Item dependent
2.) Cannot interrupt Casting spells.

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I'll describe and show pics of games that elaborate on the sequence on my build and which direction I might head in depending on enemy Champions.

*Why Heart of Gold* Although the recent patch nerfed the armor on this stat, stacking this item atleast twice will provide you with nice HP and a little boost in gold to help you buy the Armor/MR you need depending on the enemy. (Note: I don't always purchase this if my ganks go extremely well or if I won't need that much Armor for that particular game.)

Before I post the examples of my builds in game I want to remind you guys that you DON'T always need to complete these items immediately. Sometimes You can build their parts and another item maybe be more essential in your build if all of a sudden you have the gold to build it or need more buffing in a certain area. Example: You have Catalyst and Negatron Cloak But you need Armor. Instead of Completing the Banshee just get that extra 50 gold if you don't have it and buy that 45 armor you might need for your atma's or warden's mail.

Example 1: Game where enemy team had 3 AP DPS / 1 AD Range Carry / 1 Tank
Example 2: This was a game where they had More AD DPS and I needed to stack Armor but their AD DPS wasn't doing well enough to buy Thornmail so I was about to make Atma's.
More of the same Below, You probably don't need more of my interpretations.
Example 3:
Example 4:

1. Wriggles Always First.
3. Heat of Gold
4. Heart of Gold (By this time you still have 3 Open slots. Buy your Armor & MR but remember to recognize when you need to sell that second heart of gold)
(4 & 5). (Banshees / Warden's Mail / Thornmail / Atmas / Frozen Mallet)
6. Force of Nature / Guardian's Angel / Blood Thirster / Triforce

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These are the Masteries I run. This build provides you with safe jungling and allows you to soak damage.

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Jungling Route

I'll try to keep this short. I used the standard jungling Route. (Golem > Wolves > Wraiths > Red > Twin Golems) Pick up your cloth armor, 5 pots, 1 rank in your Q, and have someone leash blue for you. By the time you finish wraiths you should be at almost full HP with 2 pots left. Kill your red and observe the lanes to see if there's an opportunity to gank out there.

Once you've finished with Twin Golems you should be level 4 and be ready to gank. (Remember, you don't always have to wait til this point to gank. If you see an opportunity arise because someone is pushing/overextending hard take advantage of that and let your teammate know you're coming to wreck face. If you're low for some reason just B real quick and head out again.

Now if you've cleared your jungle and the team is playing carefully it's ok, just continue clearing wraiths/wolves/twin golems until you find your opening in a lane. (Remember Blue respawns at about 7:30 during the early game) If you're a ballsy jungler take this chance to counter jungle if you want. (I wouldn't recommend 1v1'ing other junglers unless they're extremely squishy/low health since this build focuses on more tanky items. With your E ranked up and your one rank in W it's easy as cake to escape sketchy situations if need be.

Simple Tip: I know this should be common knowledge but I'm always Warding for bot and top if they enemy team has a jungler. Not only will you allow yourself to know if they've placed a ward as well, but you do your teammates a big favor with that sight. If not you can also choose to ward the enemy jungler's buffs. It really comes down to your play style.

Mid/End game is where I start handing out buffs to those who need it more. You don't really need Blue since you'll prob be building Banshees soon, and you won't need Red b/c of your Pillar.

*I'm placing an example of my early game Skill Set here because this information is essential to your first gank in the early game phase.* This guide has a lot of emphasis on Trundle's E because I think it's his most important skill for ganking. (Explained in Skill & Skill Order Section)
Level 1: Q
Level 2: E
Level 3: E
Level 4: W
Level 5: E

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Skills & Skill Order

This is how I prioritize Trundle's Skillset
R> E > Q > W

(Q) Rabit Bite: This is where Trundle's extra DPS comes from for his jungle

(W) Contaminate: Provides Trundle with movement speed & attack speed. This will let you catch up to your enemies and wail on them easily.

(E) Pillar of Filth: This skill is Amazing. It sets up your ganks really well. When you initiate the gank, place this right behind the enemy and they've got nowhere to run. This IS the skill that will get you and your teammates kills. Pillar of Filth can also save your life & your teammates lives. If you see a teammate or yourself in trouble throw it in between them and the enemy.

(R) Agony: This ult is nice for it's utility and not so much for it's damage. Use this ult if and when you're about to get nuked. For example the last game I just played I was being chased down by a Brand and Rammus. Rammus had caught up to me but before he taunted I ulted him. Brand's nuke combo practically did nothing to me because of the Armor & MR this ult grants you. (20% of targets armor and MR)

Why Max E and not Q? I've noticed E early on makes your ganks so much stronger than if you left it at rank 1. It's your Slow! What good is your Q if your opponent is able to escape? This skill has fed my teammates and myself so many kills especially in those early game ganks because at level 3 (Your champ level 5) your opponents might not even have boots. At most they might have a rank 1 boot and this skill is crippling! Another perk with this skill is it's on such a low CD at higher ranks.

Leaving Q for second priority doesn't seem to hurt my jungle speed at all. He still jungles as fast as other junglers I've played.

I keep W at level 1 until all other skills have been maxed because the rank 1 boost is enough to have you catch up to your opponent. Skilling it up later on is just an added perk. Your E is still what will provide your team with the kills / saves.

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Marks: ArP
Seals: Armor
Glyphs: 4x MR per level 5x Flat MR
Quints: ArP

Runes are all personal preference but this setup right here has worked for me well.
Every Melee champ can benefit from ArP and the Armor + MR runes just add on to your bulk.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost & Smite.

Not much else to say here.

You won't need Flash b/c your pillar will do all the saving for you.

Ghost is essential for chasing and ganks.

Don't ever jungle without smite. -_-