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League of Legends Build Guide Author TGDM

Trundle - Ultimate Jungle

TGDM Last updated on December 16, 2010
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Trundle (Jungle Edition)

Table of Contents

I. Preface
-Trundle Overview
II. Updates and Information
III. Summoner Spells
IV. Masteries & Runes
V. Build (Early, Mid, & Late)
VI. Alternative Items (for special cases)
VII. Using your skills
-How your passive works
-How and when to Pillar
-Who to Ulti
VIII. Videos
-Will be added in the future if given a reason
IX. Conclusion


Trundle Overview

Trundle comes with a great pack of utility and lends well to team fights and solo ganks. If you need an anti-tank, Trundle is your man. A lot of people will try to be critics, a lot of people will be skeptics. I recommend that if you're reading any of this page, you should try out the hero and this build. My rune set works for me, but if you have a physical DPS rune set already, go ahead and experiment with that. If nothing else, this guide will help you as a stepping stone to creating your own unique and amazing Trundle build.


My one death was from messing up in the jungle by not paying attention >.> Death from minions, not champ.

Trundle is, in my opinion, a sturdy ganker. He's not as beefy as a Xin, but has a higher health pool than most melee physical dps. His ultimate gives him additional survivability by increasing his MR and AR by a portion of what his target has. This is especially awesome against champions that have temporary MR/AR boosts. Don't mistake this 'tankiness' to mean that he is similar to an actual tank. Thinking like that will get you killed. A lot. Picking your battles is what will make you or break you, as with any champion.

Updates and Information


    Dec. 16, 2010
    Added screenshot of proof of victory in ranked. Added a video that is somewhat helpful for pillar placements.

    Dec. 4, 2010
    Added screenshots for Pillar


Pillar = Pillar of Filth
Ulti = Agony
NPC = Non Player Creature/Character (Creeps in the jungle, Minions on the lane)
Buff = Aura from an NPC, item, or champion (such as Lizard Elder, Baron Nashor)
Bite = Rabid Bite
Pot = Potion (such as Health Pot = Health Potion)
Critting = Critically Striking
Regen = Regeneration
CDR = Cool Down Reduction
ArP = Armor Penetration
MrP = Magic Resist Penetration
Squishy = Low health
Gank = To surprise an enemy and go for a kill

Summoner Spells

Get it

Smite: You'll need it to clear out the jungler faster and more reliably.
Heal: Always /slightly/ helpful. Can save you from a DoT as you escape, help you lure in enemies, tower dive, quick recover while jungling, etc
Exhaust: Helpful against teams with a lot of physical damage. If you like to 1v1 a lot, this is a staple.
Ignite: Helpful for finishing off a target that's just about to escape your range or to cancel out their healing. Especially helpful against Olaf, Sion, Warwick, Mundo, and Taric.
Flash: Always a useful spell when you need a surprise engage or a wall-breaking escape. Given Trundle's built-in tools, this isn't the /best/ choice. It is as useful as Heal.
Ghost: Probably the best Summoner Spell to pair with Smite as a jungling Trundle. Improved mobility for kills/escapes.

Don't Get it

Revive: You're not level 1 any more.
Clarity: You don't need the mana on demand.
Fortify: You don't have a way to force people to stay at a tower and get hit by it, nor is your main concern going to be the lanes.
Rally: Simply underpowered for longevity.
Cleanse: Unless the opposing team has a lot of stun, this isn't a huge deal. If you play it right people will be trying to stun you to get away and fail.

Masteries & Runes


The mastery build (as shown in the top section) is based on the idea that Trundle is going to be killing mans and killing mans fast. Because Bite will give you some of your opponent's attack damage and your Ulti will give you health, armor, and magic resist, you should be able to amplify your damage output without worrying about survivability. An alternative build would skip the increased EXP gain in utility and sacrifice some damage from offense to build up to the health increase in defensive. I don't recommend it, but feel free to experiment.


My rune build is honestly one that I originally used for Twisted Fate and have been too lazy to update for new heroes. Thankfully it works out pretty well for most physical damage heroes. If you have Mana Regeneration runes for blue it probably won't hurt you too much. In fact there's a few times I really wished I had some mana regen (the short time between blue buff respawn in early/mid game). Again, Bite will be covering most of your base for Attack Damage so further increasing it with armor pen can't hurt your case at all.


Early Game

When the game starts you want to pick up:
1 X
5 X

Ask your teammates to help you guard the entrances to the blue rune. Position yourself (up until about 10-15 seconds before minions spawn) in the brush that leads to the river as shown in the map. Once it's time, move up to (1). Kill the biggest wolf first and use your first health pot after taking 1-2 hits from the wolf. As soon as that large wolf is down, ignore the two smaller ones (for now) and go to the blue buff golem. Kill the large golem with the buff first, using smite when it's in range of being a killing blow, then return to the two small wolves to finish them off for money and exp. After that, head over to the two mini golems at (4) to kill some time as smite comes back off cooldown. Continue to use potions as you need them and pay attention to enemies on the map. If bottom lane suddenly disappears when you're near (4) or (5), be ready for an escape. When you go to (5), kill the largest lizard first. When you go to (6), kill the largest ghost first. Congratulations, you have successfully cleared out the jungle and now have a chance to shop and gank. However, pay attention to your teammates and the lanes. If someone is gankable or you need to save a tower, that takes priority over killing a few more jungle mobs.

Mid Game

By this point, you should have items similar to:
1 X
1 X
1 X
1 X
1 X

You'll want to buy your Boots of Speed before upgrading Cloth Armor to Madred's Razor or Wriggle's Lantern if you plan on getting ganks in on lanes early and often. If it doesn't look like you'll be able to do that, upgrade to a Madred's Razor but not Wriggle's Lantern until after you have your Boots of Speed. You'll have to decide for yourself if you're going to buy an Avarice Blade for your Youmuu's Ghostblade or go for the health bonus from a Giant's Belt for your Frozen Mallet first. I strongly recommend getting these three items before upgrading them to their respective completed forms, but if a game is going well I'll sometimes skip the Recurve Bow in favor of finishing up my Ghostblade first.

Late Game

1 X
1 X
1 X
1 X
1 X
1 X

Upgrade your Boots of Speed once you see your opponents are outrunning you or you find the need for stun/taunt/etc reduction necessary. Upgrade your Avarice Blade to a Youmuu's Ghostblade if you have not already and upgrade your Recurve Bow into Madred's Bloodrazor. Your next move should be to upgrade your Giant's Belt into Frozen Mallet and then filling out your items with The Bloodthirster.

Alternative Items

This is where things get tricky. You can replace your Mercury's Treads with Ninja Tabi if you value the extra armor and chance to dodge. You can forget about Wriggle's Lantern and instead just upgrade to a Madred's Bloodrazor to free up an inventory slot for a tanky-ish item ( Warmog's Armor, Guardian Angel, Quicksilver Sash) or another attack speed boost with an aura for your team Zeke's Harbinger. From what I've seen, Trundle doesn't benefit too well from an Infinity Edge, but if you're in need of a raw damage boost it's never a bad item to grab. If you do end up getting Stark's Fervor, you might want to consider replacing The Bloodthirster with The Black Cleaver. All that attack speed will help you rip apart squishy champions and provide you with a great tool against tanks.

Using Your Skills

How your passive works

If you're in range of something that dies, you get healed. It's that simple. Killing the dragon in Summoner's Rift is a pretty significant heal. If your team is pushing in a lane after killing 2-3 champions and you really need to heal and dragon is up, go kill him to get back to full, bring gold to your team, and jump back in the fight.

How and when to pillar

This works very similarly to how Anivia's Crystallize works. You target an area and erect a pillar that enemy units cannot pass. However, unlike Anivia, this pillar does not increase in size per rank. More points into the skill will decrease the cooldown and increase the amount of snare applied to units around the pillar. There are very few places in Summoner's Rift that are completely blockable by Pillar and, just like with Anivia, bad placement can mean someone gets away or someone on your team dies. I'll update this section with some screenshot examples later.

Never try to use your current and your target (or targets) posistion(s) for where you're going to place your pillar, at least not in the sense of point a to point b. Try to place your pillar ahead of your enemy so that it disrupts their movement. If you get really good with it, there's a stun-like effect that causes them to stop moving for a moment and then get trapped in the snare. Try to place the pillar in a position so that your enemy will have to go a round it on the side that is most favorable to your pursuit or escape.

Some screenshots to help: (more to come)

Along a lane
In the jungle

Who to Ulti

Tanks. Whoever has the most health, the most armor, the most magic resist. Whoever has the most of whichever stat you need the most to kill someone. If it's a 1v1 situation, go ahead and use it on that one person. Increased rank decreases the cooldown and increases the effectiveness of your ultimate so don't be afraid to use it often.


This video is a little lengthy but he has pretty good pillar placement. His team seems to be much more organized than the other team as well, but it's still a good learning tool for people who haven't tried Trundle before.


Trundle is a huge help to a team that needs to take down 2-3 tanks in a group fight. Especially since most tanks aren't very threatening until after level 6, Trundle's early game strength will allow your team to get in some very valuable early game ganks. Mid game is where Trundle will be the weakest, especially if you didn't get in any kills, but if you can hold out long enough you'll find you're invaluable for late game.

Play smart, play well, and troll your way to victory.