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Sejuani Build Guide by Shark of Void

Jungle Trust nothing but your strength!

Jungle Trust nothing but your strength!

Updated on June 26, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shark of Void Build Guide By Shark of Void 12 0 19,360 Views 0 Comments
12 0 19,360 Views 0 Comments
League of Legends Build Guide Author Shark of Void Sejuani Build Guide By Shark of Void Updated on June 26, 2024
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Font of Life

Legend: Alacrity

+10% Attack Speed
+10-180 Bonus Health
+10-180 Bonus Health


Flash + Green Smite
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Mosstomper Smite

Mosstomper Smite

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Trust nothing but your strength!

By Shark of Void
Hello everyone!
I am Shark of Void. My highest elo is the Grandmaster. Here is my Sejuani guide!

If you want to back to ToC, click on Sejuani's weapon at the end of the section


Good with melee champs ( Permafrost) +
Perfect engage and disengage +
Strong in teamfights +
Great gank potential +
Can burst squishy +
Deals AP damage +
Has a lot of CC +
Tank +


- Bad against disengage ( Janna, Alistar, etc)
- Weak in the late game relative to other tanks
- Can't win a battle with most junglers
- Vulnerable to counter jungle
- Depends on the team
- Bad counter ganking
- Kiteable

Aftershock goes well with Fury of the North, realizing our initiator potential to the maximum. Thanks to the additional resists, we will be able to live longer in battle.
We have a lot of CC, so Font of Life is perfect for us here. Our allies will constantly heal, attacking our target.
Since we have a lot of bonus resists with Aftershock and Fury of the North, Conditioning will perfectly complement these things by increasing them as a percentage!
Now we are implementing our big resists through health, increasing their effectiveness through mathematics.
Triumph is good for teamfights due to heal, it also helps to survive in rare cases when each unit of health decides. Well, gold will not be superfluous. Legend: Alacrity allows us to stack Permafrost faster.
Attack Speed allows us to stack Permafrost faster. Take Health Scaling just for better scaling.

FLASH: is the most important spell in the game. It helps you from escaping nasty situations and also for chasing and killing enemies whenever ​you can't reach them.
MOSSTOMPER SMITE: is the best smite for us since it gives us a shield, increases our resists and resistance to control, in general, everything that the tank needs!

Items with the same task are to increase your jungle clearing speed. The only difference is Sunfire Aegis against AD, Hollow Radiance against AP, so just look at the enemy champions and adapt to them.

Take Mercury's Treads against a team with a lot of AP or CC. Buy boots (any, just writing it here) between the first and second items.

Take Plated Steelcaps against a team with a lot of AD or Auto Attacks. Also, the boots allows you to move around the map faster, thereby you lose fewer minions on the lane and have time for objects.

Just a situational armor item versus healing, there's not even anything to add.

Armor item vs crit damage, also gives a slowdown that will prevent enemies from escaping or getting to your carry.

Healing armor item for teamfights, I usually only buy it against 4 or more AD champs.

A great anti-AP item that fully reveals itself in a team with champions giving shields or healing.

There is also an anti-AP item that protects even more, so take it if you don't have shields and healing. It will also work well against AP CC.

A very situational subject that I recommend taking only against full AP teams.

If both teams have AP damage, then this cheap item will help you fully adapt to this situation. You will be protected from AP, while making enemies vulnerable to AP.

Great cheap item for teamfights against full ad teams with 2 or more auto-attackers.

If you want to protect carry, then this item will help you do that, but remember that you are completely giving the game to him.

If you already have a lot of armor and magic resist, then this item will increase your HP, which will greatly increase your survival rate.

The best finishing item that buffs all defensive stats! You will become simply unkillable!

Winter's Wrath is our main damage, so we always up it first. Arctic Assault our mobility and control are therefore second. Permafrost just control, so third.
Take Winter's Wrath on the first lvl to clear the crowd of monsters, or Permafrost against one buff.

And now I'll show you the skills of Sejuani and some interesting interactions!

Sejuani becomes immune to slows and gains 10 (+0.75 per bonus armor) armor and 10 (+0.75 per bonus magic resist) magic resist after not taking damage from champions or large jungle monsters for 12-6 seconds.

Sejuani's first attack against enemies she has stunned deals an additional 10% of the target's max health as magic damage.

Sejuani charges forward, knocking enemies into the air for 0.5 seconds and dealing 90 / 140 / 190 / 240 / 290 (+60% of ability power) magic damage (max 300 damage to monsters). The charge stops after colliding with an enemy champion.

  • You can use other abilities during Arctic Assault.
  • You can walk through almost any wall.
  • You can interrupt enemies' abilities.

Sejuani swings her flail, dealing 5 / 15 / 25 / 35 / 45 (+20% of ability power) (+4% maximum health) and knocking back minions and jungle monsters. She then lashes out again, dealing 5 / 25 / 45 / 65 / 85 (+60% of ability power) (+8% maximum health) physical damage and briefly slowing targets. Both swings apply stacks of Permafrost.

  • You hit W even with your back.
  • W procs E or R stun with Passive.

Passive: Nearby melee allied champions' attacks apply a stack to champions and jungle monsters.

Active: Sejuani deals 55 / 105 / 155 / 205 / 255 (+60% of ability power) magic damage to target enemy with 4 stacks and stuns them for 1 second.

Sejuani throws her True Ice bola, stunning and revealing the first enemy champion hit for 1 second and dealing 125 / 150 / 175 (+40% of ability power) magic damage. If the bola travels at least 25% of its range, it stuns and reveals for 1.5 seconds instead. It then also creates an ice storm that slows surrounding enemies by 30% for 2 seconds. All affected enemies take 200 / 300 / 400 (+80% of ability power) magic damage.

  • R procs E with Passive.

Combos on Sejuani are very diverse, most importantly, use E+R to maximize damage. I'm just going to show you some examples.

Q + W + AA + AA + E + R + AA

AA + AA + W + Q + E + R + AA

AA + AA + W + E + R + Q + AA

As you can see, you can use Q at any time, depending on the situation. That you need to interrupt enemy dash, then you need to initiate, and so on.

Invading is when you as a whole team go to the enemy jungle at the first level to get some advantage (killing, vision, stealing camps).

When to Invade?

• It is necessary to have a champ with control
( Amumu, Pantheon, Thresh, Pyke,
Blitzcrank, Morgana, etc.)
• If you want to know exactly where the enemy will start clearing jungler, so you need a vision
• You have strong champs at the first level
• Your jungler want to steal the enemy buff

When not to Invade?

• Someone from your team didn't go with you
• The enemy is stronger than you at the first level
• The enemy is preparing a counter invade (this should be assumed)
• Your team does not have control at the first level
• You have weak champs at the first level

•Blue side

•Red side

Blue and red lines indicate the color of the side you are playing for.

Sand circles and arrows indicate the places from which your hooker can use the hook ( Bone Skewer, Death Sentence, Rocket Grab.) through the wall to catch the enemy.

Counter invading is a way to counter invading of an enemy team. Now I will tell you when it is worth/not worth doing counter invade, and then I will explain how to do it in general.

When to counter invade?

• It is desirable that you have a champ with mass control ( Sion, Nunu & Willump, Rell, Alistar, Cho'Gath, etc.)
• You have strong champs at the first level
• The enemy will not be waiting for you (for low elo)
• You want to take a risk and gain an advantage

When not to counter invade?

• Someone from your team didn't go with you
• If the enemy decided to invade the other side, don't go there, just give it away. Your jungler will figure out for himself whether to go to the enemy buff or not
• The enemy is stronger than you at the first level
• You have weak champs at the first level
• Your team does not understand how to counter invade (more precisely, it does not know how to warding, more about it later)

Well, now I'll tell you how to PROPERLY counter invade!

1. As soon as you are released from the base, go and put totems at the points I indicated below (choose which buff you will defend, and put 2 Stealth Wards as I showed in form of yellow circles):

2. Stand with the whole team in any place that I specified in the form of blue or red (Depending on which team you are on) circles. A small note: place the Stealth Wards on the side you are on, do not go to the enemy, you will not have time to hide.
3. Wait for the enemies, and if they come, kill them! If you did everything right, then you will go into the plus.

• Ganking Junglers: strong in early game, gank early. Be mindful of their early skirmishes and ganks.
• Powerfarming Junglers: hyperscalers, can only gank effectively past certain powerspikes (levels, items).
• Control Junglers: fast clear + mobility, counter-jungle and ward. Keep your jungle warded and help your jungler when they get invaded.
• See whether the enemy bot or top leashed to determine the enemy jungler's starting point (Blue or Red).
• The first gank after 3 camps occurs approximately at the 2:30-2-50 time stamp.
• 1 camp = 4 cs. Scuttler spawn (potential fight) = 3:30 mins. Possible gank (before camp respawn) 4:30-5:00 mins. 1st buff respawn approximately 7:00 mins.

• Ganking junglers

It is important to know which jungler you are facing in order to adjust your playing style accordingly. Champions like Jarvan IV, Nunu & Willump, Elise, etc have a very strong force in the early game and, most likely, will strive to gank more than farm.
The game plan of these junglers, as a rule, is to first get a burst of power of the 3rd level, and then gank. However, you should always beware of level 2 cheese containers with red buff, especially against champions like Shaco or Jarvan IV. You can use it to counter jungle them safely.

• Powerfarming junglers

These champions like Evelynn, Fiddlesticks, Shyvana, etc will look to farm and get their level/item powerspikes as soon as possible to start making an impact on the game. You can look to ward their jungle, and invade them to kill them and delay their powerspikes. However, make sure you're not just going into a straight 1v3 against the enemy jungle and bot. Always watch your minimap and use tab.

• Control junglers

These champions like Kindred, Rek'Sai, Graves, etc will try to make your life terrible. Their main goal is counter jungling and map control, with invading the side you are not on, and stealing their camps.

• Red/Blue start

In most cases, you should be able to determine where the enemy jungler started. Having this information will help you better anticipate when they might gank you and from where. For example, if their toplaner entered the lane late and/or didn't have enough hp/mana, then you can assume that the jungler started from top. This often entails that if you get ganked next, it's most likely going to come from botside. Keep in mind that sometimes junglers like Kayn can get Raptors or Murk Wolves, which means that they will not need a leash, and therefore it will be more difficult to predict their jungle path.

• Jungle clear

You can determine what clear a jungler did by looking at their CS. Every camp gives 4 CS, this means that if they show up on the map and have 24 cs, then they did 6 camps, so a full clear. Knowing what clear they did will enable you to more accurately predict what their next move is, and be prepared for it. The first gank after 3 camps occurs approximately at the 2:30-2-50 time stamp. Usually, junglers would recall at 4:00 to match their camps respawn, which is 2 minutes for normal camps. This sometimes means that their next gank might come between the 4:30 to 5:00 minute window. The 1st Buff respawn should be at the 7:00 minute mark. If the enemy jungler is behind while you're fairly ahead, you can look to cheese him at his camp. Set up vision with Control Ward and Oracle Lens first, then you can surprise him with his own buff and kill him. Make sure your laners have priority, or that his allies cannot rotate quickly enough to help.

• Counter jungling is when you enter the enemy jungle and do something useful there.
• Counter jungle if you see the enemy jungler on the other side.
• Don't counter jungle if you're weak.
• You can also trap the enemy jungler.

• What is counter jungling?

Counter jungling is when you enter an enemy jungle and steal monsters, thereby depriving the enemy jungler of gold and experience.

• When to counter jungling?

Before counter jungling, make sure the enemy is on the other side of the map. Or you are strong and want to kill the enemy, then on the contrary, make sure that you have it.

• When NOT to counter jungling?

If there is a risk of dying, then you'd better not go into the enemy jungle at all.

• Counter jungling for killing

You can also go into the enemy jungle for the sake of the enemy jungler. If you have mastered "jungle tracking" well, then you will not have to wait for him for a long time, and then you will kill him!
This is a great strategy to gain an advantage, and also by your actions you protect your allies from the jungler.

• Vertical jungling is when your enemy takes one of the sides of the jungle (completely top or completely bot), and you do the same on the opposite side.
• vertical jungle if you see the enemy jungler on the other side.

• What is vertical jungling?

Counter jungling when your enemy takes one of the sides of the jungle (completely top or completely bot), and you do the same on the opposite side.

• When to vertical jungling?

If you know that the enemy is taking a side completely, then take the other side completely. This strategy allows you not to lose experience and gold due to enemy counter jungling.

• Check enemy's dashes, shields, etc before ganking. Don't gank mobile enemy if he has his mobile ability.
• Don't gank loosers.
• Counter gank enemy jungler when it possible.
• Don't use Q immediately, use it when you're near the enemy.

• What is ganking?

Ganking is when you come to the lane for the sake of creating some kind of advantage (killing, controlling the wave, preparing for the object, etc).

• When to gank?

If possible, then do it!

• When not to gank?

If the enemy is mobile and can use the mobile ability to escape. Or if the enemy is stronger than you 1v2 or 2v3.

• Counter ganking

If you know that the jungler will gank your laner(s), then you can also come to this lane and win 2v2 or 3v3. Usually in such cases, you and the team focus on one target and kill it quickly, remaining 2v1 or 3v2, thus you easily win.

• Repeated gank

If the enemy has a Teleport and you are sure that you can kill him again, then hide in the brush and kill him again.

• Pushing after gank

Help your ally push the lane after the gank so that he does not lose the advantage in minions and can calmly make a recall, everyone benefits from this, you get experience and gold, and the ally does not lose the lane due to a bad lane state.

• What is diving?

Diving is when you kill your enemy under his own tower. This is a very useful strategy, because the enemy loses the entire wave of minions.

• When to dive?

You need to dive when you are absolutely sure that you will kill the enemy (yes, you can even die, although this is undesirable, if only the enemy would lose all the minions). It is also advisable to dive with your laner(s), because this increases your chances.

• When NOT to dive?

Well, if you're not sure about the murder, then don't try. Also, tanks and champs with a lot of cc are not worth diving at all, since the tower will kill you faster.
Use the button "Target champions only", by default it is on the ~ key. So you will definitely hit the enemy with your targeted skills and auto attacks, no wards or towers will prevent you from clicking on the enemy. I advise you to make it toggle in the settings so that you don't have to clamp it for the entire dive.

Yeah, you don't have many variations of actions. Farm and kill with your team, that's all you can do...

When to Teamfight

• You have a better teamfighting comp
• Your team has a numbers advantage
• Your team has a resources advantange
• Your team has hit Item/level powerspikes
• You have a massive lead over your opponent
• The enemy's carry has no way of joining the fight

When NOT to Teamfight

• You're missing your main carry
• There are no objectives to fight for
• Your team is not in a good position
• Your team didn't spend the gold
• You don't have a good teamfighting comp
• You don't have vision of every single enemy

Sejuani has two main ways of running a teamfight: Initiator or Defender .

Sejuani as Initiator

The first style of combat is when YOU initiate a battle by CCing someone. While the enemy is CCed, your teammates can kill him.

Sejuani as Defender

In this style, you protect the vageo carry as much as possible with your CC, without letting him die from enemies. During this time, he must kill everyone!

• If you are strong, you can stand in a brush near an important object and trap an enemy who will go to check.
• If you need a teamfight, start killing epic monster.
• If you are weak, then while the enemy takes the object, you can take the opposite one.
• On rare occasions when enemies are on Baron Nashor, you can quickly destroy the lane or even end the game.

Imagine, you can use Epic Monsters not only by killing them, but even without killing them. So I'm going to tell you about a few strategies that you can use.
P.S. I will consider everything from the point of view of Baron Nashor, but you can use strategies with any epic monster.

• Trap

First, you need to completely deprive the enemy of the view on Baron Nashor. So they won't know what you're doing there. After that, you need the whole team to place wards on the approaches to Baron Nashor to know where the enemies are coming from. After that, before the enemies started going to check what you are doing there with Baron Nashor, you get up in the brush and start waiting. If an enemy (usually support) decides to scout Baron Nashor, you can easily trap him with the whole team and you kill. After that, with a numerical advantage, you can kill Baron Nashor.

• Teamfight imposition

Well, everything is simple here. If you are strong and the enemy is afraid to teamfight with you, you can start hitting Baron Nashor, and then the enemies will be forced to fight with you, otherwise you will freely take away a very important object.

• Exchange of Epic Monsters

If you are weak, then while the enemy is killing Baron Nashor, at the same time you can kill Dragon. So your enemies simply will not have time to react to the fact that you are killing him.
You can also try to quickly kill Baron Nashor while strong enemies are killing Dragon, but remember that this is very risky, but it can still turn your game around.

• Fast destroying a lane or the Nexus

While the enemies are trying to kill some object, you can push through some lane with the whole team or even finish the game. Although this is a very rare strategy, but you can still use it sometimes.

• 1 3 1

I explain it to make it clearer. 1 3 1 means that 1 player goes to the top, 3 players go to the mid and 1 player goes to the bot (there may be another arrangement, for example 3 to the top, 1 to the mid and 1 to the bot). On the bot and the top, you need to send strong champions who can 1 vs 2 (well, or at least so that one of them can 1vs2). Thanks to this arrangement, all lanes will be reinforced with Hand of Baron minions. The enemy simply does not have enough strength and champs to defend all the lanes, so sooner or later, one of them will fall.

• 1 4

This is another strategy for using Hand of Baron. It is usually used if there is only 1 strong player in your team who goes alone to some lane. Alternatively, this arrangement is used if inhibitor has already been destroyed on one of the lanes, so there are no minions needed to destroy towers. Here, as in the previous rotation, the enemies will not have enough strength to restrain the onslaught on any of the lanes, and therefore you will break through the defense! That is why "5 on mid" is a bad idea after Baron Nashor, because enemies will easily kill improved minions on the same lane.

In this section I will tell you about the light/advanced mechanics of the League. I am sure that most of you already know almost all of them, but I will tell you about everything so that the minority also gets better.

Even the auto-attacks have a cooldown (to reduce the "cooldown auto-attack" we increase our attack speed). While it's recharging, you can move and use skills. Therefore, you MUST move and use your skills after the auto-attack to use this time usefully. This is especially useful in the early game, as our attack speed is very low there.

All auto attacks have 2 phases: before dealing damage and after dealing damage. Each champion has different times of these phases, for example, Karthus has a very long swing (phase before dealing damage), and Sejuani has a very long phase after dealing damage (well, or the phase after firing the shot, if you play for the ranged champion). But we're talking about Sejuani. Therefore, I will move on to the most important thing: the phase after dealing damage is absolutely not needed, so it needs to be interrupted with movement or skill.
How will this improve our game, you ask? Thanks to the interruption of the second phase of the auto-attack, we can either apply any skill faster, or just take a micro step in the direction we need. Combining this with the advice above, you will be able to inflict 3-4 auto attacks more than some noob who does not use these tricks.
With interrupting the second phase

Without interrupting the second phase

If you could not immediately kill a weak mobile champ, for example, 0 10 Riven, then you should not chase her, so she will simply lead you to her team and you will die.

Imagine, on both bases there is a place invisible to enemy towers in which you can hide when escaping. Use Arctic Assault to enter it. If the enemy does not think of going through the gate, you would calmly do recall.

The northernmost brush on the map differs from its counterparts in the south, west and east. Only you can't enter it without giving out your position.

It's a very simple rule, but my God, how many players don't follow it! Remember, if you take an object and your Control Ward blocks the view of an enemy ward, then in no case do not hit him, as he will give an overview around him and the enemies will know that you are contesting the object.

Many people play with a fixed camera, but this significantly reduces the effectiveness of the game! Urgently retrain if you play like this. Without a fixed camera, you will be able to better control the map, get more information, and also get skills easier.

I'll tell you right away, this is not an advertisement Porofessor! You can use any other program if it has the same functionality, namely:
1. Tracking the enemy's summoner spells (it helps very well to understand when it is all in and when it is not).
2. Information about the cooldown of each enemy skill (allows you to trade better when the enemy uses ability).
3. Accurate timers of jungle camps (it is more convenient to go to counter jungle with them).

To begin with, I want to say that everything depends on your mentality: how will you play, how fast and effectively will you learn, will you achieve your goals in the game, etc. Therefore, I will tell you 10 ways to save your mentality.

Be honest with yourself in this regard. When starting the game, ask yourself, do I feel good? Am I ready to play 100%? It doesn't matter if you have a lose streak or a win streak, the first game of the day or the sixth one already, if you feel tired, or are negatively focused on the game in advance, then you shouldn't start.

Everyone can make a mistake, including you. So there is no need to be tilted and angry from every unsuccessful moment in the game, you can win even when, it would seem, there is no chance anymore. Do not blame yourself or other players, try to focus on this situation taking into account what happened. Yes, it may seem difficult to do, but if in previous games you could keep your composure, and in the current one you are torn with anger at the slightest mistake, it's worth taking a break.

The path to them can stretch for a long period of time and every time you begin to evaluate your way to the goal, you will receive negative emotions. Set specific and achievable goals for yourself. Even the longest journey can be divided into short intervals, rewarding yourself for every achievement, and looking back at the way you have done, you can make sure that you have done a lot of work on yourself.

However, you should not make achieving the goal your top priority, at least in games. Achieving a goal makes a person happy only for a while, since people tend to devalue their own successes over time. For example, if you have always dreamed of Platinum and took it, soon it will become familiar to you and you will already consider Diamond a higher rank, being disappointed in yourself. It's best to enjoy the process, not the goal.

It's great to look up to someone you consider a role model, but only in terms of how exactly he plays, not what he has achieved. Study how he plays, learn, try, but do not pay attention to the fact that he took the Challenger rank for 110 games.

If the game is caused by an attempt to regain the rating, habit or other impulses, then you need to take a break. Remember that this is just a game, and they are created for fun.

If you only do what you play in the League, then the negative from any failures in it will be 10 times more, because you will think that if you are unsuccessful even in the business to which you have devoted all your time, then what are you good for at all? You should have another hobby, so that if anything, take a break from the League and go into it with your head.

Remember that playing the League takes a lot of time and effort. Keep track of your sleep, nutrition, and fitness. It is scientifically proven that alternating physical and mental activities makes you more effective in both.

It may well turn out that the game is the trigger of your anxiety and anxiety, as well as the negativity in the game can change your behavior in the real world. Sometimes, in order to develop in the game, you need to look at your whole life as a whole, it is quite possible that the reason why you are worried about the results in the game lies beyond it. Also, your toxicity towards teammates is just a way to relieve the tension that has accumulated due to study/work.

• Find a balance between the complexity and ease of your gameplay.
• Focus on the game.
• Remove all external stimuli.
• Get rid of stress.
• Eat, drink, relax, go to the toilet.

Flow is a mental state when a person is fully involved in what he is doing, which is characterized by an active focus, full involvement in the process of activity, as well as a distorted perception of time. This technique frees up some of your mental resources involved in mechanical skills, and you can direct these resources to something else.

1. Balance between your skill level and the difficulty of the game

The game should not be too simple, otherwise you will get bored, and should not be too difficult, otherwise you will get bored.

2. Focusing on the game

You should have clear goals and full concentration on them, focus on the gameplay, try to focus, abstract yourself from all other factors in the outside world.

3. Remove all external stimuli

Turn off your phone, turn off unnecessary videos and chats, ask your family not to distract you. Multitasking kills Flow.

4. Get rid of stress

Learn to relieve stress by coming home from work or school, throw everything out of your head as if nothing had happened.

5. Physical condition

If you are tired or hungry, then Flow, of course, you will not catch. Energy drink, by the way, is not an option, they excite, and this also interferes with concentration.

Thank you for reading my guide!

If you have any questions, please let me know about it.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shark of Void
Shark of Void Sejuani Guide
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Trust nothing but your strength!

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