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Team Guide by skanthony

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author skanthony

Tryn the Lifestealing slayer

skanthony Last updated on July 28, 2010
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This is my build for Tryn and the first build I've made. So bear with me and remember different strokes for different folks. What works for me and my play style may not work for you and yours. Also, read the guide so you get an explanation of why i do things and also because the skill sequence is more a rough estimate from memory. I give a better explanation in a the next few paragraphs.


8/10 times you will die early on unless you play very defensively. With my play style, I'm willing to tower dive at levels 1-5 if it means a kill. The extra gold is worth it to me.

After level 14 or so, this build really picks up and I begin to be constantly moving. The reason is that down time is bad time. Don't let bloodlust stacks fall off. You may get ganked and need a heal, the additions to your damage are great and most importantly, down time doesn't give you gold nor do you ever NEED down time to heal. No reason to stop killing.


The skill sequence for this build is off as I said before. basically you want Blood lust to be maxed ASAP but not so fast that your Spinning slash and mocking shout fall by the way side. usually I choose bloodlust over spinning slash, but I try to keep them even and mocking shout never less than half the points as BL and SS (eg. 3BL 1MS 3SS or 4BL 2MS 4SS).

Now for the misc item comments. I've included many items up top and this is because I swap things in and out as needed. The first three are NECESSITIES. I will ALWAYS buy the first 3 first. The next 2 are if everything is going great and I'm doing fine. If I have no problems that is what I do. Now for the 'what if?'


Too much armor on the enemy champs?
-Swap in a Black Cleaver or last whisper. I usually get last whisper although it REALLY doesn't matter.

Champs constantly getting away due to them stunning/slowing/fearing you?
-Swap in frozen mallet for the added slow

Find yourself dieing too quick and cant get away even after endless rage and heals?
-If they enemy champs are high magic (and for the lulz even if they're not), use guardian angel. 138 armor mitigates 57% of the damage you take. According the LoL website Armor is Total Armor / (100 + Total Armor)=percent of dmg mitigation.

Dieing constantly, can't kill anything, have no gold and no kills?
Get the biggest magnet you can find and rub it against your harddrive for about 30 seconds then put the magnet on your computer screen and rub it around. You don't deserve a computer.

Game Start- (350g boots and 3 health potions)

Level 1-6

If I think my lane partner can get first blood, I'll get mocking shout. If not, I get spinning slash. I use the health potions as soon as i get to half health, and as often as I need to. Harass when you can of course, using spinning slash in and one hit on the champion to cause them to run, then mocking shout to slow, and grabbing a few minion kills while they're running. Keep this going until level 6. At level 6 you should be out of healing potions and may need to recall. If you can afford it, get your boots, and as much of malady as you can.

Level 6-10
Continue the first levels strategy but push more. Don't be afraid to die if it means downing a tower or killing a champion. Pocket your gold and laugh as everyone calls you a noob/feeder. Begin clearing jungle minions at level 8 or so, starting with easiest and working to buffs if/when you can. By the end of this you should have a few kills (probably more deaths) under your belt, along with boots, malady and at least half of another malady (I'm usually at both malady's and BF sword) and the ability to clear the whole jungle and entire waves of minions while keeping your health bar comfortable.

Level 10-15
Here's where you need to rush and get in EVERY jungle minion you can as well as using spinning slash to take whole waves of minions in seconds. Continue moving. If a wave it dead and a champion is preventing you from sprinting to the next wave up the lane MOVE! Go jungle or grab minions from another lane. Gank WHENEVER POSSIBLE. You should be able to solo most champions by level 15 as well as take on 2 or 3 if their low HP champions.

Level 15-18
GG. If you've gotten this far then you don't need a guide because you'll have to TRY to die. You will be healing yourself to full every cooldown of bloodlust, champions will run from you in groups of 2 or 3 or even 4. Towers will crumble around you as champions rage over your endless rage AND heal spell AND bloodlust heal AND lifesteal. You will be unstoppable.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments, leave them and I'll get to them asap.


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