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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Last updated on August 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I know this was probably quick for you but hey what do you expect Tryndamere is kinda self explanatory. I hope you totally rape everyone with this and by the way I just realized that I made the thing go from bottom to top so read from the bottom then to the top so i'm sorry but dont let this make this guide bad unless it is overall But I hope this guide does better then my first two and my Shaco once but look at them all (expect my Irelia and Master Yi builds they suck eternaly lol) and Spin and mock and drink your own blood for health o.o? and kill everything go emo for all I care (//_-) But what im trying to say is this is also a 3v3 you can use it for 5v5 but i doubt it will do good.

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Other items

This is optional for more ownage :)

Warmogs Armor: Now dont get me wrong I know that Tryndamere is HP heavy too. But with this also this is like Your opponents hell. epic win and this is only really mean't to withstand gankers.

Frozen Mallet: Hp is really nice but the main reason to put this in here it just for the slow. Trydamere + Slow = extreme rape?!

Guardian Angel: This is like total ownage with Undying Rage. This is meant for heavy heavy heavy dps and this is how you get at them. first you attack. You use undying rage. then after you die (unless you raped them before undying rage ended) Guardian Angel rez. Go back smack em some more and dead :).

Sheen: I know your like WDF. But its ability that whenever you use a skill your next attack has increased damage this could be the killer on your team.

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Doran's Shield/Blade: The reason why I put both was because you had an option. Doran's blade for squishy and mediocre targets. Doran's Shield for targets that are Heavy Dps and Tanks. This is helpful if your enemy has a twitch (Ambush is annoying and could screw up Tryndamere for ganks if he finds you)

Berserker's Greaves: Attack speed is important for this champion. since Tryndamere is pretty much AD heavy attack speed is perfect so you can land so many heavy hits to all targets.

Exeuctioner's Calling: Who doesn't love critical damage on Tryndamere. Key item for Tryndamere in this build and this is just an ahilation item for him. (who dosen't like destruction?)

Phantom Dancer: This has every single need for tryndamere. Damage,Critical Strike,Movement speed. Damage is just a key item for tryndamere and kill everything. Critical Strike is the key item to this build and with 110% chance to critical strike whew thats gonna be a killer for the other team :)

Black Cleaver: This item is complete Destruction for your opponent. The Damage is considerable,The passive ability on it is better. Reducing your opponents armor by 45 in three hits is very bad for squishy targets and worse for tanks. I think Tryndamere excels in killing tanks. Also with your mastieres and other stuff you will have 9+6+45= 60 armor reduction. thats what i would love to call a killer. (also you can get rid of an attack speed rune just 1 and replace it with a armor pent rune to get 61 armor reduction)

Madred BloodRazor: This is an amazing item for Tryndamere. It has everything possibly need for tryndamere and it gets better. The fact that you also deal plus 4% more damage from its effect that is like ethier a gg or going on to rape on more. but this item is extremely helpful I love this item and is great for taking out Tanks along with Black Cleaver.

Why did i put in another Phantom Dancer. Well that would neccarily be your 6th item but all you have to do is sell your berserker's Greaves to get this item. Make sure your not stupid and sell it right when you move onto this item sell it only when you need that extra gold to buy the item..

Infinity Edge: Okay dont like to me why wouldn't you put this item in here. 80+ damage and also its effect thats what i would like to call a gg my friend :) this is like the paradise item. 80+ damage epic win. Critical strike increase to 250% EPIC WINNORZ. I want to see you disagree with me hehe.

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Like all melee characters you would go in offensive. The main reason is for armor penetration and Critical Strike. Like i said I think those are some key things in this guide. Anything that increases Ad,Critical,Attk speed will be a good thing for Tryndamere. This will intensely help him in Ganks because he will destroy the enemy get an ace and pop right out with a Spin Slash over a ledge. Thats why this character also relies on Critical Strike so he can destroy enemy's and get an ace to push on towers. (Remember do not over limit yourself once you have gotten rid of your Undying Rage this is neccarily your key skill to survival)

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Greater Mark of Furor: Critical damage is a key part in this build. Also with it His passive helps out too with this with the plus attack damage you should be good and destroy everything faster the lower the better :).

Greater Seal of Strength: Attack damage is the second key part in this build. Again with his passive it synergies with this completely. This extra damage will take out opponent fairly quickly.

Great Glyph of Alacrity: This is just put in there so you can hit faster so you can in a way have a chance of getting a crit much faster then normal. Also this works well with Black Cleaver since the faster you hit them the lower they get on armor and your also getting another 9+6.

Greater Quessience of Dessolation: That armor penetration is going to anihalate your enemys when you get your critical items. less armor = more damage for crits :D you win they lose. I say its a pretty darn good deal ... only for you.

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Tryndamere is one of my favorite characters other then Jax,Shaco and teemo. But if Tryndamere is played right and you set up enough ganks with this character he is deadly and can be a unstoppable force. Now how I put this up as, I make it a Critical,Armor pent character that can totally destroy someone with a few measly crits and and Spinning Slash. Now what I would like you people to do is actually try the build before voting and commenting on this build. I don't like opinions without an actually reason (is that just me?) Otherwise enjoy.