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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jæß


Jæß Last updated on December 31, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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1... Overview
2... Rule of Thumb
3...Spin Situational Strategy
4...Item Choice
6�Summoner Spells
7�Skill Sequence
8�Champion Comparisons

My guide is pretty simple. get in � kill, get out alive. I want to emphasize just how incredible spin is. This ability coupled with your ult is your primary means of survival. It�s essentially Flash (with heavy damage attached) on a 5-8second cd. You control how well you play, that�s all up to you, I can't guarnte a thing. That being said, this Trynda build makes more sense to me than any I've seen, hopefully you will enjoy similar results to mine.

OK, short to the point.

2�Tryndamere rules of thumb:

-Play near your turret until level 6 (situational ofc) always a good idea, trynda scales very weak early.

-Cast your ult (as close as you can to your "death") SAFELY. the real message here is dont do it a moment too late. This will happen as you get used to him.

-Don't run into a fight with 10 seconds left on your ult cd. just no.

-Don't consume bloodlust stacks during ult. Do it immediatly following.

-Don't turret dive before level 6 (situational)

-Don't attempt to pre-minion gank. This can yeild good results, kinda like pre-flop raising in poker. You could win, but it's a gamble. This is situational based on how your team operates. If, for instance, all 5 of you camp by mid in bushes until minions spawn, don't think this guide is telling you thats a bad strategy. I'm mainly referring to normal 2top 2bot 1mid protocol.

-Use spin as a getaway over a a means of damage. It's better to have the getaway distance (ability to go through objects), and (with this build) you won't have to rely on spin's damage to get kills.

3�Spin Situation

Your chasing down a fiddle and your both level 6. Hes out of range of your normal attack, but close enough for you to land a good spin. Your both travelling the same speed, and gaining on his turret. Your a hit from death but your ult is up so you cast it. You run toward him and his turret. Freeze. lol. This is a great opportunity for an easy kill but can be easily sabotaged with spin. now the biggest mistake that could be made right here is a spin toward fiddle and the tower. That spin is your getaway. Resume. you chase the fiddle in srike him a few and he breaks. Take a few steps from the turret and spin out of harms way. If a turret shot is going to make contact and endless has just finished, pop the bloodlust stacks its provided.

lol. The story is the only way I can (think of to) get detailed point(s) across.

K, say the exact same senario happened at level 15+ with a good item base on trynda. He could spin in, demo fiddle and spin out, spins cd reduction passive makes this possible when you have high crit chance + high attack speed. each crit reduces spin's cd by 2seconds.

Don't expect to kickass early with trynda cause hes pretty balls. He comes out of his shell like no other so just survive.

4�Item Choices

5�Mastery Choices

My choices are pretty straight forward;

Offence � all the way, Trynda is all about doing massive damage, taking unlimited damage, and getting out before ult ends. Making defencive masterys useless, if you can�t die anyway who cares about damage reduction, ).

If you jungle swap 2points from sorcery (cd reduction in offence tree) to offencive mastery (minion damage). The reason I don�t do this in my regular scheme to improve farming is because by level 8-10 Trynda is 2 hitting minions.

Nimbleness is key, even with the nerf to phantom (no dodge), and my chance is only at 6.75%, it pops approx. every 15 times you get hit. This actually happens a lot, during fights, and just farming. In group ganks if your targeted it often happens instantly. It plays a large role for a single mastery and I wouldn�t ever recommend a Trynda go without it.

Think that about covers mastery choices.

6�Summoner Spells

Exhaust � required.

Ghost � Ghost is probably the best second choice. Does what you need at any given time, out of harms way, or into the heart of a group gank.

rally, fortify, and cleanse are all good choices too.

Flash � I don�t recommend flash, Trynda�s spin already takes care of obsitcal jumping, this summoner spell could be better spent.

Ignite - Trynda doesn�t really benefit from ignite, because he 3 hits most and tanks don�t really die from ignite. He also gets nothing from a point in the mastery (ap bonus)