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Tryndamere Endlessly Raging Enemies

Last updated on August 5, 2010
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First of all, I want to address Tryndameres abilities and how you should use them. All 3 of his main abilities have an advantage to get at the start of the match. I am assuming that whoever is planning on following this guide is relatively noobish or at least not a seasoned tryndamere player. I picked slash, his E ability to start off with it will keep you safe from early ganks and shorten time making bathroom trips (you can use it to get through walls and trees. you can use it to get out of your nexus area but not into) Whenever you are melee fighting you should be ready to slash backwards or through a wall when tryndameres ultimate is not ready. Often I have Spinning Slash "E'd" already and am ready to click to retreat from immediate attack distance from enemy heroes. Another thing is you can use it as a farming aoe at an extremely low cost once you have leveled up bloodlust a few times. If you are missing health and there are a few low health creeps that you can last hit with Slash even if there are enemy heroes nearby it is worth doing. Just remember to "Q" before it is too late and you should end up with more health than you started with. I noticed that timing bloodlust can be more important than it seems after I backseat loled one of my friends playing tryndamere. Just remember it procs when you crit or when you last hit a creep or hero then there are 8 seconds until you can use it again. If you have 7-8 stacks and you are missing health just use it, yes that is the time most definitely to use bloodlust. When you are low health you crit almost every time via tryndameres passive then you want to save up bloodlust until you can no longer survive without healing so that you can activate as many stacks as possible. Tryndamere relies on this ability both in combat with heroes and even killing neutral monsters. Next is his ultimate endless rage yes it keeps you from dying, yes no matter what although earlier it was not able to be activated during fear it not can so yeah. Pretty straightforward you use it right before you die keeping you at just one health. After endless rage ends most likely you want to retreat because I'll assume you don't want to die. So right before it ends be ready to "backslash" meaning to retreat with slash and then run away. It is very tempting to keep attacking until you are dead because tryndamere will have 100% critical chance at 1 health, but don't do it. It's part of the strategy to not die, it's annoying as hell. Last but certainly not least is Mocking Shout. It is the most overlooked ability and I level it up last but i spam it almost whenever cd allows. When you are laning against enemies they'll show their back to you lawl the time, whenever they turn around use mocking shout. Nobody enjoys a slow and a chicken hat and if you do it often enough it's like stirring the metaphorical cauldron of their rage. It explodes when you kill them with just one health left. (Cauldrons explode apparently) This ability is your bread and butter BECAUSE IT IS SO OVERLOOKED. Use it to catch squishy characters retreating (as well as slash to move closer)and also to reduce damage output from characters like master yi and olaf. Tryndamere can win against them in an outright exchange of blows because of this, and timing the abilities correctly.

General Strategy:
Basically all game you want to piss off the other team as much as possible, from chicken hats and low health survivals to killing the **** out of the entire team by yourself by being one man and a tower vs. 3 overconfident loserfaces. The reason why you have to piss them off is because if tryndamere is targeted first in a team fight then that team, WILL lose. Killstreaks will remind them that they have to kill tryndamere when really they should ignore you and your angry ways. The more used to tryndamere you get the bigger risks you can take, but remember your strategy and don't let it backfire on you. Don't get angry or elts you will be the one stuck with endless rage, don't pursue enemies into unknown places if you are low health and your ult isn't ready the idea is to create ******** and not experience it so let people get away. You can make up for it by trolling on /all. Don't get mad and more importantly don't sound mad. Another great thing about endless rage is that you can tank turrets more effectively than almost any character because of high damage output and no fear of death. The build I put together focuses on raw damage and survivabilty until you get infinity edge so buildings will be no problem by then.

Item Build/Guide:
Before I start this is the beginning of the game. Try to choose a good lane partner...or no lane partner that is actually an excellent choice once you know how to use tryndamere. An ideal lane partner is actually a Taric with Clarity, basically you want a melee hero that can take damage and keep up with you. Stuns are also nice... However the last thing you want is a caster like Karthus clogging up your lane. Don't get me wrong everyone is useful but sometimes it's better to just go solo and hope you can carry a win yourself. Another reason why a melee hero or at least ranged dps is starks fervor, you'll carry their survival in the lane with attack speed and lifesteal TO SHARE! There's no I in team and if you play tryndamere you must accept you may not get the most kills and the least deaths, you want them to attack you and you must give them a reason to do that.

Start off with vampiric scepter it will keep you in the lane longer and work towards becoming one of the best junglers. After you have grabbed about 900 gold if you still haven't needed to go back and buy itemz then recall (in a bush ALWAYS IN A BUSH) and get yerself sum beserkers greaves if you have more money great start working on that starks fervor although preferably the recurve bow should be purchased first. By the time you get recurve bow or starks fervor you can creep effectively. If you are going solo push to the tower a ways then head into the forest and kill some more ****. Buffs are nice arent they? By getting beserkers greaves, vamp scepter, and recurve bow at least you can now solo dragon and come out of it with health to spare. Doing all that creeping has left you with some money, did you get 1850 yet? Getting BF sword first out of infinity edge is important. It's just one of those items in your build when you come back with it you will shock enemies with your amount of damage, use that along with your ult to finally make that cauldron i rambled about explode or if they don't feel like doing any combat with you maybe ninja a tower or two? Now whenever you're ready for more buying get moar infinity edge the pickaxe or the critical strike it doesn't really matter they increase your damage about the same although at low health the pickaxe is the better choice. Once you have gotten infinity edge you are probably around level 15 or so if you've been doing slightly well, your crits will do a lot more damage too. After that buy two zeals, yes just zeal if the game becomes ridiculous then you can upgrade them later. Now there is nothing you won't catch and you'll crit more often than not at full health. Get a bloodthirster as your last item It's kind of an afterthought but it gives more raw damage...seriously with craft and a little good fortune you can singlehandedly end a 5s game with this. You can solo Baron as well. ^_^ If you seriously haven't won or lost yet turn your zeals both into phantom dancers after that there isn't a whole lot else you can do, sell beserkers greaves and turn it into a phantom dancer sell starks fervor and turn it into a bloodthirster...

Things I care slightly less about:

Runes: There are different ways to use the runes to your advantage I don't have all of these runes I'm working on it but I'm addicted to buying characters, and I now need a new mage. (decided that ryze is too team reliant)

Masteries: 8/0/22 Is well worth it if you are the type that likes to annihilate all of the jungle creatures just make sure one you grab awareness and the neutral monster buffs mastery.

Skill Sequence: I may or may not have kinda ****ed that up. I don't recommend following anything to the letter, if you do follow everything to the letter you'll never be half as good at anything as the person you learned it from anyway. Basically with the Skill Sequence get everything, get your ult first priority then bloodlust second priority. Everything else doesn't really matter all that much.

Hopefully, my spielling and grammar; didn't **** with your head and make you cringe every sentence idk I didn't proofread this cause i'm lazy and I'm to go play star wars dnd. If anyone wants to add me on lol my name is Holytoaster but I don't associate with Te Emos so make sure to mention to me that you are not a te emo.