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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Tryndamere - Fersome Killer

Last updated on August 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Introduction - Flexible yet Ferocious

The way in which I build Tryndamere is usually laughed at; what I don't understand is they laugh at the build whilst we are winning. Which, usually, is because I am killing every other champion (Yes, inclusive of other Tryndameres).

N.B/ Just because I mention against other Tryndameres do not think I haven't tried and tested this on ranked.

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Marks - Armour Penatration - Best for damage output middle to late game.
Seals - Critical Chance - They are vital to get Tryndamere through early to middle game.
(I have tried to reduce the amount of crit chance as late game it has little value as you near one hundred percent Crit. Chance.)
Glyphs - Cool-Down Reduction - Great for middle to late game.
(Most players that know Tryndamere always try and predict his ultimate, or kill you before you reach Cool-down. You would be surprised how often those few seconds can often save your life or give you a chance to kill another champion; this is because they think you are at your weakest. Not to mention the benefits of earlier heals, slows and slashes. Which is more useful than ever since they increased his cool-down time on his 'E' - 'Spinning Slash')
Quints - All round mix of what Trynd needs; although almost any quints here would do just as good.

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Oviously Tryndamere needs heavy damage output: In my eyes he is a do or die champion. You need to be fully commited.

The six points in defence are very useful just to get your natural armour and magic resistance to a reasonable level early game.

Some might question: Why have a point in spell penetration? Well, I will come onto this late, but surfice to say sometimes it is needed.

The skill points in the masteries amass to dealing the most damage to enemy champions whilst recieving the least (Within constraints).

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Skill Sequence

Firstly and most vitally is your 'Spinning Slash' either this will enable you to get out of early ganks or chase up on kills. Since the change in Tryndamere over the last patch it is not more important to unlock this first. As this will increase you damage output, you will still get the rage stacks increasing your damage whether you unlock it first or not. Everything from this point on is fairly straight forward. You need healing during lane phase, then slowing for ganks or assists, finally his ultimate. The skills levelled up after this don't matter as much once you have your basic skill set.

Using your slash can be important to your total damage output: Especially early game when your hits are slow and weak, you can fall back on the reliable slash to cause a fair amount of damage. If you time if correctly you should be able to strike, slash, and then strike again in the same time as striking twice (Then rinse and repeat in quick succesion). Not all Tryndameres will use his slash as during a fight, as it might leave you stranded without a get out: Though most of the time you are almost certain to get another Critical Strike (Enableing you to slash again) and could do with doing as much damage as possible.

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Here we come on to the crucial part: Which depends heavily on the enemy team. What kind of champions they pick will be crucial in identifying which items to build and in which order. Though since the last modifications to Tryndamere it is now almost vital you get 'Zeal' and 'Phantom Dancer'.

Start Items:
Bralwers Gloves and Two Health Potions - This again is pretty standard with his build: Increase Crit. Channce and as many potions as you can buy with the change. The pots are needed until level four when you can self heal from pretty much anything (The added constant availability of his 'Rage' means that you can wait ten seconds to get another small heal without hitting enemy minions; which keeps you safer, although the turret might get a bashing instead of you.)

Avarice Balde:
This item is purely for the money and the increased Crit. Chance. Incredibly useful at the start because of reduced Crit. Chance in the ruins. (Also becuase of the reduced natural Crit. Chance since the last patch). I try to keep this item as soon as possible, the eariler it is bought the earlier you see the returns, and do not build up into Youmoo's Ghostblade until it is your last item.

Depending against who you are fighting against:

Nidalee, Mundo, Kassadin, Ezreal, Olaf, etc.: Boots of Swiftness - This will enable you to match their speed enabling you to then slow them and catch up with the slash. Needed more when they would usually be able to run off at high speed into the distance.

Jarvan, Mordekaiser, Blitzcrack, Soraka, etc.: Berserker's Greaves - This will increase your attack speed, reducing the cool time of your slash to keep up the damage. Needed more often when mass stuns and CC are involved.

Without being able to 'manufacture' or rely on Crit. Chance from having low health: buying Zeal as soon after the start items is needed to sustain the critical hits.

Vampiric Secpter:
Bought at the same time as Zeal will enable Tryndamere to lane very effectively and turret dive before and/or without his ultimate: Also using 'Rage' to heal is not required as often, keeping your critical hits swift, often and always battle ready.

B.F. Sword

I know that most Tryndameres would be crying out for 'Infinity Edge' right now. I do realise that you don't get increased Crit. Chance and Crit. Damage: Although you miss out on that you are much more sustainable. Against another fight against Trynd you can keep your health and Crit. Chance up because you aren't using your rage. The other Trynd may hit harder, but you will force him to use his ultimate first.

Phantom Dancer:
Tryndamere will still need increased Crit. Chance and movement speed: Especially with "Berserker's Greaves". He is at his weakest when he is not in range to hit anything, but in range of enemy champions.

Here is where things get intresting:

Black Cleaver: or Infinity Edge:
Even in ranked as a last resort against Tryndamere the majority, or all of the enemy team will buy thormail (I have seen this happen on many 5v5 ranked). If this is one of those games then Black Cleaver is preffered over Infinity Edge. It will slice through the amour and allow you to heal yourself, otherwise you will slice your own face open before doing enough damage.

Frozen Mallet: or Madred's Bloodrazor:
This choice is heavily dependant on which enemy champions you are against and how they are built. Sometimes I have seen whole enemy teams seem strong middle game as they all have Rylai's / Rod of Ages / Frozen Mallet. In those cases usually Madred's Bloodrazor is vital, especially if some of those champions have armour, it also gives you a sly attack which is not based on AD. If you find that damage is not an issue, but their damn escape moves are then then have no hope of running away with Frozen Mallet: The other massive advantage to Frozen Mallet is the health, which means you can sustain team fights and reserve your ultimate.

Youmoo's Ghostblade:
The last item in the build usually as now you have fully taken advantage of Avarice Blade. Sometimes this item is not required and may have to be replaced with Frozen Mallet or Madred's Bloodrazor depending on which has not been previously bought.

Very specific item;

Sword of the Divine:
This is usually only required when fighting against Jax so that you can stop him from dodging your attacks and therefore him stunning you. Also any other champions that might have massively increased dodge such as Udyr, Amumu, Rammus, Morde it is useful but not vital. It does come at the cost of a slot on your inventory; though that is usually worth getting just to stop Jax dominating by stunning you amd/or your team every split second.

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Unique Skills

Sometimes Tryndamere is needed purely as a turret diver early level. This happens from normal to ranked matches. Often at level 6 few champions are willing to risk turret diving. If your team work with you, or you work with your team to turret dive, giving your team mate(s) a few seconds to freely turret dive to get the kill and get out safely is vital. Not only does this help you, your team but also will help scare the enemy.

Also his 'Mocking Shout' will only be available when enemy champions are close by. This can be used to great advantage to either hunt enemy champions down or to give you early warning to run.

Now we have to turn to the problem of facing Tanks and Off-Tanks. Most good tanks will get armour quickly, better ones will get thornmail almost instantly. With the armour penetration, reduction and life steal should keep you alive: Though it will still be hard work to kill them if you are alone, remember to use your spinning slash constantly as it will most damaging to a tank. Remember that when you Crit. the Cool-Down is reduced to slash again almost instantly (Slowley but surely it will kill them, and faster than pure damage will do late game, this is also where the use of Madred's Bloodrazor comes in handy).

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Pros / Cons

Easily catch up and kill many champions
More effective against different champions and builds
Crit. Chance that is not wasted by reach over 100%
Much more sustainable against CC, and larger groups of enemies

Not as much damage output as traditional builds
Reduced critical damage

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Ranked Play

For ranked it is much more likely that you will be forced jungle as you are not ranged. This gives you time and money to start your build off. Jungeling can be achieved by replacing Ingite with Smite: Some may want to also chance Exhaust for Flash. Both of these are acceptable for jungle.

Scaring the enemy works well in ranked as well as in normal games. Aggresion in the right places will scare any player. Just by charging in turret diving whilst my team gets the kills I have made an entire team rage quit as, Tryndamere is a nab champ, it wouldn't of been possible to tower dive that early without Tryndamere.

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Summary - Flexible, Ferocious, Furious and Sustainable Tryndamere

This guide is a very flexible and detailed guide about how I play Tryndamere. He is built a lot closer to sustainable champions such as Udyr / Renekton / Warwick and it does him justice as he can happily gank and turret dive without his ultimate. I do admit this is not the most powerful build but it will ensure the kills.

Tryndamere is also used as a scare tactic, people will be more encouraged to fight you when they think you don't have ultimate, but with this build it is easy to win or get out of fights easily. More often than not though you won't need to get out unless heavily out numbered (Which you should expect).

Hope you enjoyed my detailed guide, even it was to laugh at the build.