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League of Legends Build Guide Author Howitzkrieg

Tryndamere: The Barbaric

Howitzkrieg Last updated on August 18, 2010
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Tryndamere: The Barbaric

Ok, this is my build on Tryndamere.

Specs: I run the cliche 21/9/0 spec I through points into Sorcery unlike other specs because I've found myself many times without a Spinning Slash for a quick get away through a wall. In Defense I put 3 points in Magic Resist instead of armor because you always have a higher base armor.

Skill Sequence: Try to max out blood lust right away only stopping to put a point in mocking shout at level 5 and points in Undying Rage and Spinning Slash when possible. This becomes important early game when you can heal from half health to full with 8 stacks, keeping you in lane longer early game.

Rune Build: I stack pure Critical Strike Damage, stacking Critical Strike Chance becomes worthless when you're capped mid game. However since Glyphs and Seals lack numbers you can substitute whatever you feel here. But, I find pure crit damage the best.

Item Sequence: I've seen many item sequences for Tryndamere, some I find weird like stacking health is bad lower health percent you have the higher your crit, same goes with life steal. First of all get your boots either Ninja Tabi or Berserker's Greaves will do. Then at least 1 Phantom Dancer from there you determine if you need Last Whisper if it's a heavy tank team. In end-game I find myself usually without Infinity Edge (Unless you run into an hour 5 v 5 game). This item build gives you over 50% dodge and 100% Crit Chance. And once again improvise with your item build and build to your opponents comp.

Spells: I usually run Ignite/Exhaust. Ignite for finishing long distance opponents. I've ran Flash as this build and it's decent but your Spinning Slash is the same thing and can get you through walls so not much need there. Heal is a problem once again the more health you have the less Critical Chance due to your Passive. Ghost isn't something that great to run because in end game you won't need it and will need exhaust more thanks to the normal run speed that's faster than ghost. The only other spell I've ran here was Fortify and that was because I had an arranged 5s run 5 of them.

Gameplay: Usually at the start I will start with Brawler's Gloves and a Health Potion (The Agility Consumable is a waste it's 300g and after 4 minutes you have nothing to show for it). Stack your Bloodlusts and try to stay in lane as much as possible so you can get ultimate to kill your lane and push towers. After Brawler's Gloves I get boots and then go for Zeal to build up to the Phantom Dancer. After the first either go for Last Whisper if the opposing team is heavy on tanks or another Phantom Dancer.

End Gameplay: in the end you should be, like I said, at about 50% dodge and 100% critical strike chance. If you get Baron buff and find a squishy target you will be hitting from 750-1k. My personal highest was about 1k in an hour game. And with all these items you should run faster than anyone else thanks to the 10% speed proc from spec and Phantom Dancers. If done right you should be able to out run Yi's Highlander and Rammus's Powerball.