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League of Legends Build Guide Author Achilliz

Tryndamere the crit king

Achilliz Last updated on August 3, 2010
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First of all, many thanks "potatopeeler", most of trynd experience is base on his build, and as you can see, the item build is somewhat similar.

Trynd is by far my most valued champ, as far as I've seen, he is the only champ that ALL his abilities are utility and not damage, which makes him fun to master.

Tryndamere is a crit oriented champ. The first reason for this is his first ability: Bloodlust, which build up to 8 stacks and adds lots of damage. Also, it allows you to consume the stacks for self heal. The second reason is that Trynd's passive make him crit more as his health goes down. Basically, at late game you will ONLY crit, which means Infinity Blade is a MUST for him. Trynd also hits insanely hard without using any of his abilities, imagine 600 dmg per hit which goes up to 700+ in seconds as bloodlust stacks to 8. Even tanks can't survive that.

A couple of good choices. I try to always have ignite but heal can be replace as we already have a heal. Ghost is nice cause if you happen to get 3+ champs on you, you pop ult and ghost, they don't have a chance to catch you.

Bloodlust - this is a passive damage increase and a healing ability, the main benefit of the heal is if you are left hurt (20%-60% hp), don't go back to base, find a creep camp, kill them and heal. You will only need to go back when you go to the store.

Mocking Shout - This is pretty easy to understand, use this to slow enemies. They have to be facing away from you so either wait until the start to run or engage by spinning behind then and pop it. The latter will force them to fight you since they running away means slowly running through you are taking massive damage.

Spinning Slash - Strictly movement utility, save this for chasing or running, don't try to use it for damage or it will be on cooldown when you need it. You can use this to clip the terrain but it's a bit risky if being chased. If you are not experienced in clipping, try to spin into brush so they have to run to target you.

Undying Rage - This is what made my fall in love with Trynd in the first place. About 90% of LoL players are frag w****s, they just can't resist seeing a low health champ and not going for it. Use that to your advantage and get those kills. Also, you can use this ability to save yourself if caught alone facing 5 champs. They will hate you for it.

I take spin first because of mobility, then I don't skill it up until I have to. After level 6 your skill order becomes very simple: Undying Rage > Bloodlust > Mocking Shout > Spinning Slash. Nothing else you need to know there.

I start with Regrowth Pedant for the high health regen. I know many will say you need to go for crit at start but this allows me to lane for as long as I want, so I level faster and hopefully get more money from last hitting.
Next item are boots, almost all boots are good for you but your main choices are the AS boots, the dodge boots or the reduced stun boots (Trynd is very bad against stunners).
Next start building your 2 phantom dancers which are Trydamere's signature (ty again potatopeeler). The order you build them is not very important, get whatever you can afford. After that build your Infinity Blade with the 25 AD last. From there, you can improvise, many choices and most are good. If there are good tanks go for 40% ArP, otherwise go for damage.

YOU ARE WEAK ... Seriously, don't think you are strong, be very careful if going for first blood since you pretty much only have auto attack and Ignite. You don't have to play very safe since you have 15 hp5 and bloodlust, and you can always spin out of trouble.

You got your Ult, congrads ! Ganking season is open. You usually want to go to base and buy what you can. You can also get an elixir for added kick. Go get the lizard buff then locate a champ to gank and approach him from his side or his back, as far away from his tower as you can. Mark him (ping) so the lane partners will know and go for it. If he has a partner it can be in your favor since he might not ran away but try to kill you. Spin, shout as you need to and always keep a finger on your Ult. Good players know how to counter Trynd (see below), so be careful.
Use your Ult when:
1. The kill is almost certain and you are close to death.
2. Things went wrong and you need to get out, ult then spin out and heal with bloodlust.
3. You dived a tower for the kill and you need to get out alive.

Oh, how much they hate you ... You got almost no deaths thanks to your Ult and they know they can't focus you in a team fight since it will only give your team time to punish them for it. Enjoy ! You are weak against towers since you can't crit them so you do low damage and can't heal.

I usually get a few deaths per game, 1-2 in early game, usually if I have a bad partner. the other 3-4 deaths are the result of not popping my Ult in time or MISCLICKING (sad face).

Bonus: How to counter Trynd
Trynd is very hard to kill, yet he can be killed. If you know he recently popped his Ult, focus him and kill him fast. Stun or Exhaust him or he will spin away and escape. If his Ult is ready, you can either make him pop it and then stun him and block his escape route or leave a dot on him (like ignite or Zilean's time bomb). The other way is to get those last 40% hp so fast that he won't be able to pop it. Cho'gath is great for it since he can feast and kill a champ with 40% hp or more.

I think my best game with Trynd is 27/6/12 in 5v5. During that game the other team caught us fighting Baron, they kills my team and I was left, killing 4 of them (lost the fifth) and I didn't even pop my Ult. BTW, we ended up losing.
I have quite a few games with 0 deaths but less kills.

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