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Tryndamere, THE GOD OF NOOBS

Last updated on September 16, 2011
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Tryndamere is a very op champion who destroys when used correctly and with the correct runes. Personally, I find that he is a mix of all the current champions and taking the good out of them. Like Tryndamere's slow (w) is almost the same as Twitch's slow. His heal (q) not only adds damage from less health, like Olaf's passive only with attack damage, and it heals him for great amounts when maxed low which helps laning early game and jungling and then surprise ganking. His e ability, spinning slash, is much like Shen's taunt in the fact that it can be a getaway, a catch up factor or a way to pick up a kill. My favorite thing is Tryndamere's ultimate ability, because it is so much like Kayle's except his is only self cast and it lasts 3 seconds longer.

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For runes I prefer to take all damage marks and seals, simply because it makes the early game soo much easier especially when combined with Doran's Blade. For glyphs I take attack speed for the little extra damage out put when combined with q, also adds a little better advantage early game solo for that reason. For quintessences, I take all critical chance runes for easier jungling and a much easier first blood. I have looked around, and I see a lot of critical damage runes on peoples guides, and I ask myself why? They are a waste in my opinion, and to make things worse they rush an Infinity Edge, which almost completely destroys the point of them. Also the attack damage adds huge benefits for kicking the other guy(s,girl) out of your lane, because generally he's not a tank and can't handle your huge damage that you are putting out at level two.

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For the first item I take a Doran's blade. This is very good if you solo, because it gives you health, life steal, and a little attack damage. If you're a 3 v 3 kinda guy (like me) then you will generally solo and the health helps a lot. For the second item it depends on how bad you are doing, if you are completely destroying, rush the Infinity Edge, however if you are breaking even, then definitely get a Phantom Dancer because you get some critical strike and some attack speed which couples nicely with the attack damage runes and Doran's blade. Then I get the alternate item because by that time you should be fed, if not uninstall. Then I get another PD and then if it's still going, which it generally isn't, get madred's bloodrazer for those ****ing tanks, sucks to play against them. And if the game is STILL going on definitely try to sneak a Bloodthirster in there.

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Skill Sequence

For the first skill I get spinning slash, for those pesky op level one champions. It's great for getting away, and setting up the perfect gank for your help. At level two, I get bloodthirst because it adds even more attack damage, then I get the slow at level three because you should have all three skills at level 3. then I get bloodthirst to level 4 , and throw a point in spinning slash because it won't let you level it at that point, after the point in spinning slash, finish maxing bloodthirst, and then max spinning slash, for those pesky narbs that run. Whenever you can get a point in the ultimate, obviously do so, and once spinning slash and q are maxed, then obviously max slow.

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Summoner Spells

Lately I've been trying all kinds of different summoner spells, but my favorites as of late are as follows, Flash, ghost, exhaust and ignite. the flash is a good thing to have when your spin glitches or is on cd. Ghost is good for getaways and for getting that kill. exhaust is mainly for picking up kills, though if u are 1 v 1 is good for burning him 1 v 1 or getting away. ignite helps those narbs that run and are low on health.