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Tryndamere- The King of Crits

Last updated on April 6, 2011
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What I love about Tryndamere is that he is really good in the 2 things that I care most about any game- farming and hero killing. With good ol' Tryn, farming's like a walk in the park. See an empty lane? Spin in and start critting the creeps to death. Smell a possible gank? Saunter into the forest and rape the neutrals for fast cash. By level 7 or so, you won't have to worry about a lack of hp, ever. Just go into any creep wave and regen your hp via bloodlust. It's a skill not only good for farming, but also hero killing.

When you're level 9, and you're not yet dripping with AD all over the place, a fully stacked bloodlust will net you obscene amounts of normal damage AND crit damage. Furthermore, at low hp, your crit chance increases, making you more dangerous as your health falls. With bloodlast, you just have to consume it and you're ready for another go. Here's a sample of how Tryn can get a double kill at lvl 9: Get 8 stacks of bloodlust from the forest, spin in, smack the **** out of the squishy hero, decapitate him, then as your friend is about to kill you, consume bloodlust, turn on undying rage, whack him to hell, and consume bloodlust if necessary. Spin and mocking shout whenever its needed, and there you go- double kill.

This build aims to capitalize on Tryn's insane critting abilities, so no survival items whatsoever. That's not how Tryn is meant to be played. He comes in, kills 3 heroes, and spins out with undying rage and a sliver of hp left. While this may piss your teammates off (TRYN STOP FARMING/KILLSTEALING/TROLLING!!!), it undeniably helps you get fat, and with that, you get a million kills, and with that, you win the entire game. By late game, you should be able to push like a Sivir on fire. Low hp? No prob, just leech life from creeps and go for the tower again. So long as you don't feed, your teammates will see your importance to the game and let you play as you wish.

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Pros / Cons

Easy to pick up
No need for pesky mana
Stay in lane/forest forever due to healing capabilities
Never die due to undying rage (unless you mess up)
One of the best farmers around (you'll always be among the top 3 for creep kill score)
One of the best killers around (you have a slow, a chase, a buff, and invulnerability)
Crits are awesome

It's really really really hard early game if they decide to aim you and deny your farming
If you start feeding, you won't stop
Undying rage can never save you against 3 disables and 4 nukes

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I tend to do HP quintessence, mainly because Tryn needs the early hp, and no way am I going to blow my cash on doran's blade (getting a crit buff is a better way to stay in lane, plus 2 hp pots allow for longer term survival- 3% lifesteal is just too little).

Since Tryn needs crits, all marks will be crit marks, and all seals will be crit seals.

As for glyphs, crit glyphs just give too little so I've changed them to CDR glyphs which Tryn needs as well. It lowers the cooldown on all spells, so you can chase more, slow more, and towerdive more (with faster undying rage cooldown).

This is of course not the best build for everyone. If you don't need the hp, feel free to add in crit quintessence. If you need more CDR, exchange that with crit seals. But trust me on this: leave the crit marks as they are, you need them.

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I'm going for 24/6/0

The first 21 masteries are obvious and straight forward. I add 3 more to CDR because a Tryn with CDR is really deadly (no mana cost, spammability). There are just way too many times when I needed 1 more spin for the kill and its on a 1 second cooldown. And of course, a shorter undying rage is always a plus.

The next 6 aims to help Tryn with his squishy problem. Yes, he is a squishy hero. If he's not hitting, he's not lifestealing, and if he's not lifestealing, he's dying, fast. This means that he's food for any ranged dps/nuker with a disable, since it will completely mess him up. With armour and MR, this should help a little, especially early game when he is the most vulnerable.

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Summoner Spells

I tend to go for exhaust and ignite- it's the most killer friendly combo ever. Need a first blood? No problem, exhaust and ignite ftw. It saves you from the agony of a 50 hp hero running away scot free, and it solves the problem of a lack of slow early game. Their effectiveness does not diminish throughout the game, unlike heal, so that is why they are preferred.

You might want to get a ghost or flash together with the exhaust for chasing and escaping abilities. Both are viable alternatives.

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You start with brawler and 2 hp pots. This is obvious- the crits heal you, and the hp pots heal you more. Do not use the hp pots when you are at the tower and you can farm creeps safely, the bloodlust heals should stack up (with low hp comes high crit), and you will be at safe hp in no time. Only use a hp pot when you are past middle mark (nearer to the enemy tower) and there are threats to you (nukers/disablers). This should ensure prolonged survival.

When you go back to the fountain after 1) getting a kill (hopefully!) 2) downing the tower (awesome!) 3) running out of hp pots and hp (hopefully not!), grab a zerker's greave and a vampiric scepter. You need movement speed, attack speed, and lifesteal early game, and these items give you all that. From now onwards, you are free to jungle whenever and wherever you want- the new items give you added survivability. Oh, and by level 11, be sure to solo the dragon. But before that, assuming you farmed well and snagged a few kills, grab a zeal. It adds more crit and attack speed, what more can you ask for?

After a long bout of farming and maybe ganking (not recommended if your teammates can't help you or if the enemy are targeting you), you should head back and grab a b.f. sword. A good farming stint will snag you a bloodthirster, and you're ready for serious faceraping. Quickly kill 40 creeps to max the bloodthirster stacks, and then start ganking fulltime (and jungling parttime).

Each kill you snag will bring you closer to the ultimate Tryn item, Phantom Dancer, and the ultimate damage item, Infinity Edge. The PD should up your crit and attack speed to insane levels (with movement speed to boot!) while the IE will make each hit hurt real bad and each crit do about 500 damage (250% crits!).

Finally, get another PD. Your attack speed should be about 2 per second, if not higher, and squishies will die in 5 seconds flat. You can solo tanks, and shrug off nukes with your fast as hell bloodlust stacking.

If for some reason, the game doesn't end, consider grabbing the last b.f. sword item- Black Cleaver. This baby will max your attack speed, and help you completely obliterate enemy champions (armour destroying). The first hit may not hit much, but as the armour levels start falling, so will their hp, by increasing amounts.

With this build, you should have close to max attack speed, close to max crits, and insane damage capabilities. Just, whatever you do, don't tank. You're not one.

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Skill Sequence

Bloodlust is your first priority (it helps you survive, and it helps you farm).

Next is spinning slash, for the damage and chase (or escape), and finally mocking shout. Put 1 point in mocking shout in either level 3 or 4, depending on whether or not you can slow for the killz by that level. I max mocking shout last as you already have exhaust, and spin lets you catch up. Besides, if you can't down a hero with 1 or 2 levels of mocking shout, your damage is too low and I suggest more farming (or teaming up with a disabling hero like ashe or sion)

Take Undying Rage whenever you can get it. I haven't seen a hero yet where you pass up their ultimate for another skill, and Tryn definitely isn't an exeption.

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Early game farming is simple: snag last hits to build up bloodlust, and avoid getting hit as much as possible. At your own tower, just hit the creeps to build up bloodlust, rinse and repeat. The bloodlust should help you with healing and harassing(!) due to the damage build up. If their melee hero comes too near, you smack him and show him what an angry Tryn is like when you invade his personal bubble. If the enemy are 2 ranged nukers/dpsers, just stay back and tower farm. If one of them goes back, the game changes drastically. RUSH him (the solo ranged hero), exhaust, smack, slow, kill. They are all free frags, every single one of them.

Mid game farming is all about pushing lanes past mid, going back, and clearing the jungle. Never get ganked (don't push too far), and always steal runes (at the enemy forest). This way, you're doing your job even when you're not hero killing. And solo dragon whenever it comes out, your teammates will say thank you for the free gold.

Late game, you just farm heroes. See a solo hero? Go there and take him out. See 2 squishies together? Go there and double kill. See a team fight? Stand back and spin in only when most of them are incapitated/disabled/on cooldown. Never engage a team of 2 or more heroes with disables AND nukes. Tryn's main weakness is his inability to cast Undying Rage when stunned (duh) and nuked (hard to gauge when to press R, the nuke can fall any time). Also, try not to engage high risk targets with UR on cooldown. You don't want to kill a hero, get legendary, then die because of UR cooldown. It's just not cool. By late game, you can also tank towers, not because you have high hp/armour, but because you take them out too fast for them to smack you down. Besides, the forest is free hp regen for you by then.

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Tryn is just a really fun hero to play, unless you hate to farm, and you hate to kill. If you love spamming nukes and disables, I've no freakin' idea why you're looking at this guide in the first place. Tryn is a right-click-to-win hero. By level 18, you can just sit back and watch squishies die in 5 seconds, and tanks turn and run in fear of your megacrits. If you do not feed, farm well, play cautiously and know when to take risks, your chances of enjoying Tryn will shoot through the roof. Play well!