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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bh00

Tryndamere the Pwnisher

Bh00 Last updated on December 9, 2010
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Hello and welcome to my Tryndamere Guide. This is my first guide on Mobafire so if you have anything that could benefit this guide please feel free to leave a comment.

Tryndamere is a hard carry, capable of destroying a team (pentakill! ^^) and single handedly controlling the outcome of the game.


-He is an awesome Melee DPS
-Has great survivability
-Deals great amounts of damage
-His right arm is bigger than his left arm
-His hair is bearable with the King Tryndamere Skin


-His hair looks horrible
-Gets taken down with consistent slows
-Has a difficult first 4 levels
-Most games don't last that long because you raped them early game.

Summoner Spells

I personally take Ghost for chasing and getting away and Exhaust for ensuring a kill and saving yourself.

Possible other choices are:

Flash for getting away if you prefer.

Cleanse to get those annoying CC effects off you.

Ignite to ensure a kill.


Battle Fury - A great passive early game, but kind of dwindles in usefulness late game. You should always have 100% critical strike chance to make Tryndamere effective

Bloodlust - Your main healing ability. Bloodlust makes it possible to have a good early game. Make sure you try and consume your stacks at 7 or 8 to increase effectiveness. This skill should be maxed first to have an easier early game.

Mocking Shout - This is your slow ability and damage reduction ability. You should use this to gank people or slow them down as you pick them off. You should max this skill second because putting levels in Spinning Slash doesn't give it a lower cooldown.

Spinning Slash - This is your chasing, initiating or running ability. This skill is great for getting you to places. You shouldn't rely on this to get you kills, just merely set them up.

Undying Rage - This is your godmode skill. For 6 seconds you cannot go below 1 health and that is when you are strongest. Use this skill to finish someone off or to run away or block finishing moves.


Deadliness is a no-brainer as most of Tryndamere's damage comes from critical strike damage. If you have more chances to critically strike then that means more damage which means more kills ^^.

Cripple makes your Exhaust last that half second longer which may mean life or death for your victim.

Sorcery. There have been many times where people have gotten away from me or my ultimate was only half a second away from being ready. These few seconds mean life or death for you.

Alacrity. Tryndamere is an auto-attack champion which means attack speed on him is good.

Sunder. Extra armour piercing. Yes please!

Brute Force gives you more damage. However small it is, it helps.

Lethality. More critical damage is brilliant on Tryndamere. It makes your critical damage deal 210% instead of 200%.

Havoc increases your base damage by 5%, which is 5.75 on Tryndamere.

Good Hands. 10% less time spent dead means more time spent killing minions and champions.

Haste improves Ghost's movement speed bonus and it's duration.

Awareness gives you that extra bit of experience you need to gain a level advantage over your opponents. More levels means more skill points which means more of a chance of killing them in a fight.

Greed. Greed was a hard one to accept but, after a bit of thinking I realised that it was exactly what Tryndamere needs. Tryndamere is good late game if he's good early game. This means that he needs to farm well or get fed. The extra gold definately helps out.


These are the items you should be striving to get, although most of the time you will end up short or having to substitute some.

Here are some other choices:

Just in case they keep running away, not that they should since you should always have the lizard buff.

Can be replaced with Avarice Blade early game if they have a Sion or Dr. Mundo.

If your targets keep running and you're in need of a bit more survivability.

This can be used against tanks or really beefy champions.

If they have a Cho'Gath or any other HP stacking tank.

If you keep getting targeted, then you should buy this.


My definitions:

-Early game = Levels 1-9
-Mid game = Levels 10-16
-Late game = Levels 16+

Early game:

Start off with a Brawler's Gloves and 2 Health Potions and wait in your lane. If you're playing on Summoner's Rift then either go top or bottom. If you're in Twisted Treeline, get the solo lane.

Your goal in the early game is to last hit as much as you can while harassing them with Spinning Slash and retreating. Make sure you try to get some kills early game as these kills will eventually carry your team to victory.

Mid game:

This point of game separates Pro Tryndamere players from n00bs. Your goal at this time is to get red buff and try and gank people. Try and coordinate ganks with your teammates and rack up the kills. At this point you should either be failing hard or steamrolling your opponents.

If you aren't getting many opportunities, then farm for a little while longer.

Late game:

At this time, you should almost always be in team fights and people will most likely be concentrating on pushing. By this time you should be fed, or decently built. All that's left to do is to win. Make sure at this point you always have red buff and try to get Baron Nashor when it respawns.


Hopefully this guide will help you play Tryndamere well and please feel free to leave comments and constructive criticism below.